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‘tinterweb in graphical form ~ a challenge

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screenshot0621Have a look at THIS totally fascinating collection of images from the Internet Mapping Project, or go straight to Kevin Kell’s Flickr page of the maps HERE

Thought provoking images. How about trying this as an activity with your students.

The digital world is a wonderful place… What does it look like maybe?

We would be fascinated to see any iterations of this process.

Ricards Lodge High School, Wimbledon ~ Day 2

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Ricards Lodge High School

Ricards Lodge High SchoolGreat to back for a second day at Ricards Lodge High School for Girls in Wimbledon.

Well done all for setting foot confidently in the world of words.

What a joyous bunch of explorers! Laughter AND learning is a powerful mixture. This lot were up for a giggle and rising to challenges. Thanks all.

Smiles and similes.

Ricards Lodge High School

Thanks again to Paula Simmons,  Deputy Headteacher, for organising this cross between working working alongside the staff yesterday, and students with teachers today.

Paula SimmonsTo work alongside colleagues from every department in Secondary schools, means that, at some point, somebody has to translate and assess how resources can be useful in their particular subject specialism.

How powerful, therefore, to hear staff today rising to that challenge and buzz about how they could apply some of the web 2.0 technologies from yesterday in their lessons. From R.E and Geography teachers and maths specialists, through to food technology teachers is a huge range of interests. Well done folks for having the vision to see how some of these things can have an impact in their classroom.