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HookPad by HookTheory

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HookpadHookPad is software that simplifies songwriting by helping you choose chords that sound good together and guiding you to write a good melody. It’s a musical sketchpad with music theory “built-in”.

Hope University, Liverpool 2015 ~ The Return 3.2

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Liverpool Hope University

The second day of our return visit, again, to Liverpool Hope University, for lessons (and training) with, more fourthe year students and children from St Cecilia’s Catholic Infant School and Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School.

Over these two days, we have been intrepid explorers, investigating mysterious worlds, experimenting with different ways to pick up ideas and words, and play with them.

Liverpool Hope University


These virtual environments are an excellent blank canvas, and we can build to where we are happy to jostle words around and juggle with them, then splatter them over the page, painting pictures which, in turn, lift off the page and dance in our heads. (Hey! Mr Rylands. Those are similes and metaphors!)

Spending time wandering through, and STANDING STILL in magical, digital vistas, and the teaching techniques we can use within them, allow students of any age and ability, to take risks, in a safe environment, where they can’t make mistakes.

“There is no right idea. Even better, there is no wrong idea”.

What a superb bunch. They quickly rose to the challenges, and opportunities, we offered them, taking off and flying with descriptive imaginations of what might lie beyond where we stood.

Even though there were so many packed into each room, each of us was almost “deliciously alone”, as we took the time to write, and draw, about where we “stood”, and what we thought might exist, just out of sight, and then voyaged to discover what it actually was. The children showed remarkable, and inventive thought, as did the student teachers, and turned these in to delightful, imaginative, pieces of writing. Well done all.