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Capzles is a little bit like Animoto, Powtoon & Photostory on some levels, but has different elements to explore.

Capzles has been running for a while now but YOU might find it is worth investigating. Let us know how you get on allows users to tell a story using pictures, video clips, audio tracks and text. Place this media, called “moments”, together chronologically in a timeline. The result is called a “capzle”.

This is a social site, but can be used on an individual level, to create some interesting results. Well worth an explore.

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MyNoiseMy Noise enables the chance of creating soundscapes to be used in a lot of contexts. How about building the background for a piece of descriptive narrative ~ the ambient audio of “The Sound of Rain, without the wet feet“, or “Thunder, without the fear of strikes“, “fire, without the burns” … then “stepping cautiously out in to the unknown…”.

Welcome to “the convergence of serious audio engineering, creative sound design, and the scientific understanding of human hearing. Not just another of those soundscape websites but a serious tool oriented toward the needs of hearing professionals, sound therapists, and people interested in noise machines in general.”

myNoise offers a unique collection of online noise generators shaped to your personal hearing thresholds.

The Academies Show London 2015 – ExCel, London

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Academies Show 2015

Academies show logoThe Academies Show, now into its fourth year, is a free to attend event, which attracts 3000 senior figures, many of whom are Headteachers, School Business Managers and Governors. The Show provides a platform to address the major challenges facing the sector. It features over 40 hours of presentations, case studies and a large exhibition; providing visitors with the opportunity to hear latest policy, share challenges and to build partnerships.

Academies ShowThank you to Christian Moffat, Programme Manager, for coordinating our invitiation.

A big thank you to Tim Handley, Assessment, Maths + ICT lead, Woodlands Primary Academy, Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, for enhancing our session with huge help from Reaya, Mollie and George.

As well as joining us to complete a mystery “animule challenge”, the Woodlands crew present independently. Their session entitled Technology Beyond Computing: How we use Technology to Engage, Inspire, Motivate and Improve Learning

The three stars shared their thoughts here:

Woodlands Primary AcademyWe are Reaya, Mollie and George  and we are excited to be presenting at the Academies Show in London on today alongside our teacher, Mr Handley.

We are going to be presenting a session called “Technology Beyond Computing- how we use tech to inspire, motivate and extend learning”.   We will be sharing lots and lots of ideas of how teachers can use technology in the classroom to help engage children in their learning and to make school even more fun.    The session has been written by us, talking about tools and services we like, and our aim is to give everyone something they can immediately take back to their school. We have also been asked to talk about our visions for the future.

We presented a similar presentation at BETT 15 to a packed arena, and we hope everyone at the academies show finds it interesting and useful too.

We are also excited to be taking part in a top secret challenge set by Tim and Sarah which will see us creating something using some of our favourite tools ‘live’ at the show.    Why not come and see the challenge being set in Tim and Sarah’s key note at 11:45, and the results in their second presentation at 3PM.   We are then following straight on with our presentation at 3:45pm.

We are going to be live blogging the day at  and we also keep a class website and blog at we’d love you to visit either of these and leave us a comment!

Academies Show 2015

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vn logoVideoNot.esVideonotes is an easy way to take notes synchronized with videos!

All the notes you type are automatically synchronized with the video. Later, just click on a line to jump to the relevant part.

As is integrated with Google Drive, you can create and manage your VideoNotes directly via your Google Drive and access them from everywhere.

Manage your permissions and share your with students, or make them private anytime. Potentially powerful.

Langafel CE Primary School, Longfield, Kent – The Return

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Langafel CE Primary School

Following our previous visit earlier this year, we now return to spend a twilight with colleagues from Langafel C of E Primary School, and visitors from local schools.

On March 4th our exciting Love Learning Event led by 3P learning and Tim was interrupted at 12:00 with the almighty OFSTED phone call!  We were all incredibly grateful to Tim who continued the workshops with professionalism as the school spun into preparation mode.  The following two days were intense but saw us achieve a ‘GOOD’ grading in all areas.  We are incredibly proud of all our pupils, staff and everyone who helped make this possible.  Tim kindly rescheduled the final part of staff training to a future date, we are very much looking forward to him joining us again at our good school on 28th April to be inspired once again as we journey to outstanding.

Ruth Sivarajah
Deputy Headteacher
Langafel CE Primary School

I’m in no hurry now….

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30 years after training college, Tim and Simon (Ellis) meet up for an impromptu jam in “the shed” in Somerset

The Academies Show – 29th April 2015, ExCel London

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The Academies show

Join us next Wednesday at The Academies Show London on 29th April at the ExCeL.

Registration CLOSES on Friday with FREE entry and free lunch provided don’t miss out – register today at

Now in its 4th year, it is an unmissable event for all schools – in particular Heads, SBMs and Bursars and other leaders and managers. With over 40 hours of content across our Theatres and Conference you will be able to hear from senior industry figures and gain knowledge on key education topics such as school funding and financial management, procurement, SEN, governance, recruitment, working with other schools, Pupil Premium, attainment, and much more.

This, and other countless networking and learning opportunities during the course of the day, make the Show a must-attend for anyone working for academies and maintained schools

I will be presenting twice at the event with along with Sarah

  1. ‘Out of This World ~ Tech to Inspire’

“While pressures on educators can push enjoyment, inspiration, creativity and fun out of the classroom, teachers recognise the need to inspire young people and fire their imaginations, enhance their creativity and confidence, encourage resourcefulness through challenge and motivate a love of learning for life.”

We will describe the powerful effect of using digital games, Web2 tools, software, handheld devices and more to model a way of teaching that focuses on quality learning, rather than the latest gadget.

  1. ‘Beyond a Game ~ Games Based Learning for Real’

I will present further accessible tools and ideas for raising the levels of creativity, writing, speaking and listening among children of all ages and abilities.

Participants will investigate how virtual worlds, with their stunning landscapes, peaceful characters and realistic challenges, can be used across subject areas, abilities and age ranges to deliver remarkable effects. Come prepared to be inspired and leave with many practical ideas to apply back in the classroom.

Come and join us! Register today by clicking here.

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wordmarkit inspireWith it’s is easy to see what a word looks like in all the available fonts on your computer. A quick and useful tool when doing some desk top publishing.

William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes ~ Day 2

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William Barcroft Junior School

William Barcroft Junior SchoolDream itA beautiful second day at William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes, and a day of wandering in the world of words. Today, we are using (or standing still within) some remarkable virtual worlds, and cherishing the expressive vocabulary and sentence structures that are inspired by them. Picking up words and juggling them.

These journeys are extremely hard to define or describe. They are inevitably different from what is expected. Importantly, slower in terms of distance travelled geographically, yet we journey many miles in the world of language and imagination.


RevelationSometimes, people hear of “this games based learning thing” and they have got hold of a game (often, because of some surreal misunderstanding, it is also often the wrong game!) and they are playing the game, rather than choosing a wondrous setting and standing, …marvelling, within this world that dances before us, and witnessing the incredible thoughts that flow from it.

In each of our sessions, there was one aim, to leave pupils wanting more, eager to explore further. Their imaginations suitably fired, they go on to their lessons and the rest of their day envisioning what lay beyond what they couldn’t see, but lay in the landscapes beyond the region they stood within.

William Barcroft JS Day 2 AM 11The images (although they go far beyond being “images” and become believably real) are a window, or a doorway, not into a computer game or a world created by another’s imagination, but into the creative palaces of the pupils’ minds. This is not a puzzle to solve with one right answer, or merely an entertaining experience akin to a film where one journeys through the mind of a director, …it is a tool for opening the mind, and expanding horizons. The village might be an abondoned gem of a place, or a throbbing metropolis temporarily quiet for some mysterious, yet utterly peaceful, reason. The ship may be inhabited by cannibals, it may be pirates, it may be demons; the sea may be acid, or milk, or ink; it’s whatever the class, and the individuals within that class, want it to be.

Essentially, your idea could be in complete contrast to the person alongside you, but you’re both right:

There is no “right idea”. Even better, there’s no wrong idea.

Seeing the products of such work and the boundless enthusiasm (where some pupils actually have to be asked to wait before writing down their thoughts!) is an impressive and influential experience. Well done all at William Barcroft, for being up for the challenges, and keen to explore more… …

Inanimate Alice

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logo_largeA great site we stumbled upon, nearly 10 years ago and referred to before, encourages great discussion and interaction in a range of settings:

‘Inanimate Alice’ tells the story of a young girl growing up in the first half of the 21st century, and her imaginary digital friend, Brad.

Alice umbrellaUsing high quality visuals, and sound (make SURE your sound is on) this is your chance to join the protagonist on an adventurous path. Over different episodes, each a self contained story, we see Alice grow from an eight year old, living with her parents in a remote region of Northern China, on her way towards beconing a talented older games designer.

Alice and mobileThis series of multimedia, interactive episodes uses a combination of text, audio, images, and games as Alice takes us on a journey through her life. Alice becomes an animator, & creator of characters for the “most successful games company in the world”.

She meets many along the way and one character stands out: Brad, Alice’s “only true friend in life”. The episodes of ‘Inanimate Alice’ become increasingly interactive and game-like, reflecting Alice’s own developing fascination with games. ‘Inanimate Alice’ is a study of human/computer relations in a world where having “friends” means never having to actually meet them.

Read the Education section for some background & thoughts on what might happen in this established yet still developing story… (see original logo below)

William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes ~ Day 1

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William Barcroft Junior School

William Barcroft JuniorThank you to Claire Constanopoulos, Headteacher William Barcroft Junior School for her enthusiasm and for inviting us to spend two days at her school, with her colleagues and pupils; today an INSET then tomorrow with the teaching staff and their children.

Thanks to Claire for sharing her thoughts on the William Barcroft learning adventure, with and without technology:

Claire ConstanopoulosOur current journey began in 2009 when I joined as headteacher, with falling numbers and a 3 year decline in standards and a building that left a lot to desire. The strong SLT and open minded support team, we rebuilt the schools pastoral  base and self confidence and although the road was bumpy and filled with obstacles we made it together and  we are now in a great place now to continue our journey.

The team have worked tirelessly to improve standards and have been recognized as a good school by Ofsted and recently received a congratulatory letter from the DfE for our work with pupil premium children. With an over increasing  PAN and a strong upward trajectory of achievement we continue to build on our strong ethos of putting the children first, building a strong pastoral foundation and the understanding that everyone continues learning all the time.

Quality CPD is at the top of our priorities and the Governors are supportive of our belief that change and development brings with it progress and improvement. Having heard through many of our twitter colleagues that having Tim Rylands to train was a great learning experience, we booked two days to further support our team to enrich good teaching with fresh ideas and technology to inspire!

We are, as always, confident that our forward thinking innovative team will take all that Tim and Sarah have to offer and ensure the children’s education is enriched!

Claire Constantopoulos,  Headteacher, William Barcroft Junior School

Also, thanks go to Emma Emson, Assistant Head/ Literacy lead  and Scott Berry, ICT lead for sorting out the logistics for our visit.