William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes ~ Day 1

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William Barcroft Junior School

William Barcroft JuniorThank you to Claire Constanopoulos, Headteacher William Barcroft Junior School for her enthusiasm and for inviting us to spend two days at her school, with her colleagues and pupils; today an INSET then tomorrow with the teaching staff and their children.

Thanks to Claire for sharing her thoughts on the William Barcroft learning adventure, with and without technology:

Claire ConstanopoulosOur current journey began in 2009 when I joined as headteacher, with falling numbers and a 3 year decline in standards and a building that left a lot to desire. The strong SLT and open minded support team, we rebuilt the schools pastoral  base and self confidence and although the road was bumpy and filled with obstacles we made it together and  we are now in a great place now to continue our journey.

The team have worked tirelessly to improve standards and have been recognized as a good school by Ofsted and recently received a congratulatory letter from the DfE for our work with pupil premium children. With an over increasing  PAN and a strong upward trajectory of achievement we continue to build on our strong ethos of putting the children first, building a strong pastoral foundation and the understanding that everyone continues learning all the time.

Quality CPD is at the top of our priorities and the Governors are supportive of our belief that change and development brings with it progress and improvement. Having heard through many of our twitter colleagues that having Tim Rylands to train was a great learning experience, we booked two days to further support our team to enrich good teaching with fresh ideas and technology to inspire!

We are, as always, confident that our forward thinking innovative team will take all that Tim and Sarah have to offer and ensure the children’s education is enriched!

Claire Constantopoulos,  Headteacher, William Barcroft Junior School

Also, thanks go to Emma Emson, Assistant Head/ Literacy lead  and Scott Berry, ICT lead for sorting out the logistics for our visit.

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  1. Emma Emson says:

    An inspirational day with lots of fresh and exciting ideas that can be taken straight into the classroom tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how you both work with the children next.

  2. Gemma says:

    Fantastic resources to encourage reluctant writers. Crazy talk will help to enable those shy performers to discuss with the class. I will have to research the locked page further.

  3. Jason Barnard says:

    Excellent day! Fantastic ideas and resources to be used throughout the whole school curriculum!

  4. Sarah Sargent says:

    A great day, packed with so many ideas to explore!

  5. Scott says:

    Amazing ideas, so much inspiration, cannot wait to use these ideas in class!

  6. Emma Emson says:

    An inspirational day with lots of thought provoking ideas to use in the classroom tomorrow. Fresh and exciting ideas for teachers and children – cannot wait to see what you do with the children tomorrow.

  7. Tarina Thompson says:

    Really enjoyed the first day of training, lots of useful resources to investigate. Looking forward to tomorrow already.

  8. Mark says:

    Lots to go at and try,loved it thankyou!

  9. Joe Bowden says:

    Some very inspirational ideas, offering different perspectives/ideas upon the use of ICT equipment within the classroom environment! Looking forward to tomorrow’s session, where the children will also be actively involved.

  10. Gemma B says:

    Some really useful information given today lots of ideas learnt to use in the classroom/sessions.

    Thankyou Tim and Sarah

  11. Sarah Hogger says:

    An interesting training day with lots of useful and engaging resources to use. I’m looking forward to using some to encourage discussion and writing opportunities in my class. I particularly liked the zookazam app – this will be inspirational for writing as well as drama.

  12. Rachael Cadey says:

    Thanks for showing me some super new resources to further inspire my children, can’t wait to get a virtual elephant in my room!

  13. Kate says:

    Great day! Lots of fantastic ideas and ways to enrich learning.

  14. Sophie says:

    There were lots of innovative ideas to share with the children. The apps and websites offer our children the chance to experience places within a first person perspective. Their imagination will be challenged through the range of digital inspirations. Lots of links to be made across the curriculum.

  15. Annie Claridge says:

    A great day, packed with lots of interesting and thought provoking ideas, delivered with fun element, which included all. Lots of food for thought, lots to try, and one or two ideas already forming and where these will be implemented, looking forward to the results.

    Many Thanks

  16. Debbie & Gav says:

    Found today incredibly inspiring, useful and professionally executed! Little tips, to full resources that can be used throughout the school in a number of areas. From lower to upper school and targeting all abilties today has been refreshing and exciting.

    Many thanks

    Debbie & Gav


  17. Alice says:

    A fantastic day with hundreds of practical ideas to use in the classroom straight away. I can’t wait to see how the children react tomorrow.

  18. Claire Constantopoulos says:

    The team have had a great couple of days and the children have been enthused today. what I’m really looking forward to is seeing the impact within our setting. we’ve mapped out team meetings to split up the pilot work and explore these ideas in the school. Team meetings will be used to discuss use in our school and the wider implementation. Where we will really move forward is having this work as the focus of lesson studies this term which will lead to outstanding practice being highlighted and shared. Well done to #teamWBJ for their commitment , as always, to moving forward and huge thanks to Tim and Sarah for visiting us @wbjjuniourschool in beautiful Cleethorpes.

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