William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes ~ Day 2

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William Barcroft Junior School

William Barcroft Junior SchoolDream itA beautiful second day at William Barcroft Junior School, Cleethorpes, and a day of wandering in the world of words. Today, we are using (or standing still within) some remarkable virtual worlds, and cherishing the expressive vocabulary and sentence structures that are inspired by them. Picking up words and juggling them.

These journeys are extremely hard to define or describe. They are inevitably different from what is expected. Importantly, slower in terms of distance travelled geographically, yet we journey many miles in the world of language and imagination.


RevelationSometimes, people hear of “this games based learning thing” and they have got hold of a game (often, because of some surreal misunderstanding, it is also often the wrong game!) and they are playing the game, rather than choosing a wondrous setting and standing, …marvelling, within this world that dances before us, and witnessing the incredible thoughts that flow from it.

In each of our sessions, there was one aim, to leave pupils wanting more, eager to explore further. Their imaginations suitably fired, they go on to their lessons and the rest of their day envisioning what lay beyond what they couldn’t see, but lay in the landscapes beyond the region they stood within.

William Barcroft JS Day 2 AM 11The images (although they go far beyond being “images” and become believably real) are a window, or a doorway, not into a computer game or a world created by another’s imagination, but into the creative palaces of the pupils’ minds. This is not a puzzle to solve with one right answer, or merely an entertaining experience akin to a film where one journeys through the mind of a director, …it is a tool for opening the mind, and expanding horizons. The village might be an abondoned gem of a place, or a throbbing metropolis temporarily quiet for some mysterious, yet utterly peaceful, reason. The ship may be inhabited by cannibals, it may be pirates, it may be demons; the sea may be acid, or milk, or ink; it’s whatever the class, and the individuals within that class, want it to be.

Essentially, your idea could be in complete contrast to the person alongside you, but you’re both right:

There is no “right idea”. Even better, there’s no wrong idea.

Seeing the products of such work and the boundless enthusiasm (where some pupils actually have to be asked to wait before writing down their thoughts!) is an impressive and influential experience. Well done all at William Barcroft, for being up for the challenges, and keen to explore more… …

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