The AT Ed Tech Conference ~ Worcester

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AT ED Tech Conference

The AT Ed Tech Conference, in Worcester, AT Edtechexplored how Creativity and technology get on pretty well together~ a free-to-attend conference celebrating the innovative, the bold, and the creative uses of iPad Mac and more, in education.

Technology has made it easier than ever to be creative – to make “things”… …

Whether it’s jotting down an idea, a sketch, or a schematic. But it’s more than just a tool – innovation has always grown from using technology in a creative way; from asking “why not?”, from not reading the instruction manual. From improvising.

This conference aimed to capture both of these ideas. Through keynote and workshop, we saw some of the fantastic ways that technology can help students to be creative, and also how easy it is to share these with other students and us, the educator. We also got to see some creative ways that technology is being used right now in classrooms around the UK, and picked up a few interesting things up along the way. We also challenged everyone you to share some of their own ‘eureka!’ moments around technology in education.

With 7 workshops to choose from, our keynote to warm the day up, this was a fascinating and useful event open to all education professionals in England & Wales, with content relevant to both Primary & Secondary levels.

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  1. Gareth Owen says:

    A truly inspirational session this morning. Lots of new Apps to try out and integrate into the school.

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