Court Special School, Llanishen, Cardiff ~ Day 2

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Court School

A brilliant day of lessons and training for pupils, teachers and teaching assistants at The Court Special School. Well done all for going for it so well. Thank you again to Bev Smith and Matt Howden for supporting and coordinating another rewarding day.

The first session was with the Year 6 pupils; a discerning group of young lads who were a delight to spend time with. A real delight! The session was (deliberately) “slow” paced, in other words contemplative and thoughtful. This group showed what genuine thoughtfulness, considerate questioning and insightful commentry. This took courage, especially amongst a group who might find this form of communication challenging at times. They were a remarkable, and a reflection of some of the admirable teaching they have experienced at The Court School.

Our second exploration was a challenge for a younger group: to adventure in to unknown territory, on a Friday afternoon, and do so with self control and growing confidence. Well done all. You were great company to wander in the world of words with.

Further thanks to Bev for sharing her thoughts:

The Court School is a small special school in Cardiff for primary aged pupils 4 -11 years with behaviour, emotional and social difficulties.

As a school we have worked hard to develop our use of ICT and to keep up with developments in the rapidly changing digital / technological world. Our current Journey began to take on an interesting new phase in 2011 when we purchased our first set of I pads .Pupils have used these in a number of ways e.g. using a number of educational apps across the curriculum and by making their own animations and silent movies. We were keen to involve parents and carers in this development, so we held workshops with parents and carers and pupils in the spring term 2013 .This project proved to be a great success, imparting skills and knowledge on e- safety etc. , but also enabling parents to share digital experiences with their children in a classroom setting.

We were keen to further develop, our use of technology across the curriculum, particularly with regards to developing literacy and numeracy skills. In autumn 2013 The Court School was one of a small number of special schools chosen by CFBT and WG to support other schools in their development of the Literacy & Numeracy Framework. As a part of this programme we decided to look at how ICT could be used to develop Literacy skills across the curriculum. We conducted a mini    case study using Epic Citadel to engage and encourage pupils to explore what it would feel like to live in a castle. We discovered that not only were pupils more engaged and motivated to write but that their writing was far more imaginative and descriptive.

We wanted to share this good practise with other special schools and to explore how we could extend our own practise further.

So we have been looking forward to welcoming Tim and Sarah for day 1 of our training – ICT to Inspire at Ty Dysgu, where we were joined by a number of staff from other special schools . On day 2 ,Tim and Sarah lead class based sessions, where we were again be joined by staff from other special schools.

We are glad to have other schools to join us on this journey, ~ as our school motto says~ “Learning to learn together”

A special day at a special Special school. Well done, and thank you folks.


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  1. Christine says:

    Another exceptional day! Many thanks to
    Tim, Sarah and of course the pupils and staff at the Court
    School for making it extra special. What a wonderful bunch of eager learners, I have stolen, sorry, borrowed lots of ideas from them.

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