Woking Schools Learning Partnership at Sythwood Primary ~ Day 2

| May 19, 2015 | 4 Comments 

Sythwood Primary

Following yesterday’s INSET today lessons and training at Sythwood Primary School with visiting colleageus from …

A morning with the Year 5 pupils …

… an afternoon with the Year 2 pupils …

Thank you to theĀ Sythwood Primary School team, Nicola Wilmshurst Assistant HeadĀ  (Curriculum), Bev van Rensburg (Assistant Headteacher (Organisational Support) and Sue Tresilian, Head Teacher, and to Adie Gould Administrator, Woking Schools Learning Partnership, for coordinating our days. Well done all.

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  1. Ollie May says:

    A huge thank you to all the children of Sythwood for helping inspiring us. Your writing was exceptional. Thanks to Tim for showing us so many ways of using the Myst series of games in talk 4 writing.

  2. Debbie Harrison says:

    Wow! Inspired from start to finish. So many wonderful ideas and resources. I got so much from being part of the writing process and writing alongside the children. Thank you.

  3. Emma Elliott says:

    Thank you so much Tim and Sarah, so many ideas my head is still spinning! Fantastic to see the ideas in action today. Have added lots of your website and app ideas to our medium term planning so they are not forgotten. Am also using Switcheroo Zoo with my class on Thursday for animal adaptations and I know they will love it. Really inspiring and looking forward to trying out a variety of fantastic ideas.

  4. Sue Tresilian says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah. The children and teachers were really inspired by the day. You helped them to feel confident which in turn helped them to produce some superb writing. What lucky children to work with you!

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