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Mobile 2015

Mobile learning Experience 2015Delighted to be invited to present one of the Arizona’s K12 Center’s Mobile Learning Experience 2015 breakout sessions at the Westin La Paloma Resort in Tucson, Arizona, before our after dinner session this evening. The event hosts dozens of breakout sessions over the course of this three day learning experience, with topics focusing on classroom experiences, leadership, vision, and deployment.

MobileLearningExperience has been going for a while now. The first one was in April 2011. Back then there were great mobile-themed conferences in the U.K. (Handheld Learning) and in Australia (Slide2Learn), but the U.S. didn’t have a national event dedicated to mobile learning. Katherine Burdick approached Tony Vincent and thought they should host one in Arizona. They asked the Arizona K12 Center to be involved, and it went from there. This is the fourth Mobile Learning Experience in Arizona. They’ve hosted national and international speakers and attendees over the year. There is a great program, but probably the best thing is the networking. The people who gather at Mobile Learning Experience are passionate about reaching students, and are willing to use whatever technology is at hand.  Even if there were no keynotes or sessions, having this group of people gathered to share and learn from each other would be an amazing experience. For that reason, all sessions have round tables–to facilitate networking. That’s also why the event includes breakfast and lunch. It’s a great time to network, chat, and share.

Their website can be found at

Thank you to Tony Vincent, for organising our involvement in this superb event. Thanks too to Valerie Lombardi, Business Manager Cheryl Bokowski, Director of Operations, Sara Crawford, Technology Director at the Arizona K12 Center. …and so many more.

A big thank you to Katherine Burdick, co-organizer , for taking us out to explore the area and the many cacti too (yesterday).

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  1. Peter says:

    This was a great session! Thank you so much!

  2. Ryan Read says:

    Had a great time playing the pickpocket. I love when I can do storytelling and teaching.

  3. Aurora Mariani says:


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