NAHT Aspire – Network Learning Celebrating Partnership Conference, London

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NAHT Aspire

NAHT AspireBack up to London to contribute to the Network Learning Conference: Celebrating Partnership, at The Grand Connaught Rooms.Tim Nash

Thanks to Tim Nash, Sue Sigston, of Edison Learning, and big thanks to Dr. Allan Sigston, Director of Education Services at EdisonLearning, and Amy Sage, Business Operations Manager at EdisonLearning, for coordinating our involvement in today.

The event was looking at how to “Fill the gap between higher expectations and declining levels of support”

Tony DraperRussell HobbyRussell Hobby, general secretary of NAHT , and Tony Draper, NAHT President 2015-16 will be speaking in the course of the day. We are blessed to have been invited in to Tony Draper’s school, for two full on days, at the end of August 2014, to start this school year off in style in Water Hall Primary, Milton Keynes ~ (Day 1 and 2).

NAHT Aspire is a three year partnership programme commissioned by the NAHT as an alternative and holistic approach to school improvement. The DFE provided sponsorship for a pilot of NAHT Aspire with an initial 30 schools working in four Networks across the country that had received consecutive Satisfactory or RI judgments. The pilot is now in its second year and due to its success the NAHT, working through EdisonLearning, are rolling this out to a further 50 schools over the course of this year (there is further information on the NAHT Aspire Website.

Thank you to Allan for sharing his thoughts:

Celebrating Partnership is a day conference organised by EdisonLearning and the NAHT that brings together schools from all over England that have been involved NAHT Aspire and other collaborative networks. All of them have been drawing on EdisonLearning’s school improvement tools and resources in partnerships that bring together senior and middle leaders in each term and is followed through in school with a team of dedicated advisers.  The conference is a great opportunity to celebrate the schools’ tremendous successes, both in Ofsted inspections and with their other ambitions, and for them to share the unique ways they have brought innovations into their schools.

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  1. Anita says:

    Great Input today! Very inspirational and I promise to take ONE thing back and explore/share with my colleagues. Thanks for sharing

  2. Carol says:


  3. Tim says:

    Thank you

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks. Let us know how you get on with your “one” thing and what that turns out to be

  5. Barry Read says:

    I had checked out your website and had already looked at the ‘virtual’ worlds that could be used for creative writing. It was great to hear you both and I am looking forward to finding out more. Was at the Digital Education Conference on Tuesday but had to leave at lunchtime- so today was a real bonus. Thanks for the enthusiasm, energy and passion.

  6. Barry Read says:

    I checked out your website and had seen the ‘virtual’ wolds and the link to creative writing- fascinating stuff. I was at the Digital Education Show on Tuesday but had to leave at lunchtime so today was a bonus. Thank you for the energy, enthusiasm and passion. Times are tough out there but there is still a lot of creativity and buzz going on.

  7. Barry Read says:

    Sorry technology and me- not a good mix at times!

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