Kellett School, The British International School, Hong Kong ~ Day 1

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Kellett SchoolThe British International School Hong Kong

Kellett The British International School in Hong KongGreat, to make it to Kong Kong, after nearly ten years of effort on behalf of Clive Dawes, ICT Curriculum Leader, Kellett School, Hong Kong, and to spend today, the first of our six days with Kellett School, with over 120 colleagues at their Pok Fu Lam Campus.

Pok Fu Lam Campus
Pok Fu Lam Campus
Pok Fu Lam Campus

Clive has been trying to get us out to HK for nearly a decade and has finally done it!

Today, we worked alongside the staff from across the primary section of the school. Learning Technologies Leader Clive Dawes explains why our visit is “important in the development of the school”.

Kellett, the British International School in Hong Kong is delighted to welcome Tim and Sarah to work with our community over the next two weeks”.

Clive Dawes and Tim Rylands“I first met Tim in 2006 when he visited the LA where I was working to present at an end of year conference. I was immediately struck by the practical suggestions he had for increasing attainment and engagement within the classroom. I have been a fan ever since and have regularly borrowed (stolen) many of the great ideas he has shared via his blog or by social media”.

“Since I arrived in Hong Kong nine years ago I have been discussing with Tim and Sarah the idea that they might travel here to support our work. It’s been a long discussion! During that time they have both been supportive of not only our work but also the wider HK context: Tim contributed to the first Hong Kong Mobile Learning Festival alongside Derek Robertson and Dawn Hallybone.

Finally they are here!

They will find a fairly high achieving group of willing students who are lucky enough to attend a very well resourced international school. Students and teachers have a wide array of tools at their disposal and whilst many of them are already making wide use of Google Apps, games based learning, digital video, ipads, and the like, there is still an urgent need to ensure our students are taking advantage of these tools within authentic, 21st Century contexts.

We’re really looking forward to working with Tim and Sarah over the next 6 days to find out even more ways to inspire our students.

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  1. Dave Drew says:

    Incredibly useful INSET day! SO MANY useful apps and web links which I feel confident to use in the classroom.

    Thanks for a highly insightful day!

  2. Ben Dixon Head of School PF says:

    Very inspiring! The sessions are multi-layered with lots of content, opportunities and ideas for application, innovation and real excitement. So much to learn and apply. The ideas are literally flying around the room…where to start after this?
    Thank you….ready for the afternoon session!

  3. David Wu says:

    It is very interesting to know how technology has taken each one of us to different platform of learning. Your presentation was excellent and very engaging to all. How do we apply in the classroom and get the talking flowing is very much dependent on us now.

  4. Ben Keeling says:

    What an engaging start to our new academic year – a clear reminder as to how technology can drive diverse and immersive learning experiences for students.

    Thank you Tim!

  5. Luke Bromwich says:

    Amazing ideas! Really looking forward to getting into the classrooms and using the resources shared today. I think today has been a great introduction into a range of apps and websites and I am so inspired to try them out. Thanks again for today.

  6. Nick Miller says:

    A great day, lots to take in and incredibly inspiring.

  7. Amanda Durnford says:

    An extremely useful INSET delivered in a very engaging way. Great to have new practical ideas that can be utilised in the classroom immediately. The locked page is a fantastic resource to return to and use after having some time to reflect on the session. I am very much looking forward to using even more technology to inspire the children in my class.

    Thank you!

  8. Beth McNeilly says:

    What a fantastic day with so much information to take in and so many ideas to explore and tools to tinker with that my head did indeed explode, as predicted, but in a very lovely way, a bit like a colourful, dazzling firework going off. Can’t wait to start using some of these ideas in the library. Many thanks again to Tim and Sarah for all the inspiration.

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