Kellett School, The British International School, Hong Kong ~ Day 2

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Kellett School

Superb, to be back at Kellett School, Hong Kong. Today, our second of our six days with Kellett School, we were joined by secondary colleagues at the school’s Kowloon Campus.

A  day of exploration alongside three groups of teachers from across the secondary aspect of the school.

To work alongside colleagues from every department in Secondary schools, means that, at some point, somebody has to translate and assess how the resources we share can be useful in their particular subject specialism.

How powerful, therefore, to hear staff today rising to that challenge and buzz about how they could apply some of the web 2.0 technologies in their lessons. From R.E and Geography teachers and maths specialists, through to PE teachers, is a huge range of interests. Well done folks for having the vision to see how some of these things can have an impact in their classroom.

We explored the world of visual literacy and how to motivate students in the areas of speaking, listening and writing. As well as the amazing “ages” within  some of the Myst like games, there are many other ways to stimulate discussion and creativity. We whizzed past but a few of them, and saw the powerful results they can have on building confidence and so much more.

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