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Great, to spend a day leading INSET for the Partnership In Malvern Schools (The PIMS Partnership) at The Elim Conference Centre, West Malvern.

Thank you to Geoff Rutherford, Headteacher, Wyche CE School for coordinating our involvement.

Everybody here today was “Up for a challenge”! The aim was to have a look at some of the plethora of ICT ideas available, and how they can, even further, enhance the curriculum, particularly in the area of writing.

PIMS is a group established over 15 years ago with the express purpose of working together to ensure that every child in the Malvern area got the best education possible. It draws together the headteachers of 22 schools who meet each half term to share good practice and support each other in many areas of the curriculum. The group has developed into a very successful support network and the joint INSET days they hold is one expression of this.

Recognising that ICT has huge potential to in enhancing teaching and learning the PIMS group decided to invite Tim and Sarah to the town to lead and inspire us in this subject. We’ve been looking forward to exploring with him ways in which ICT can be integrated into our classroom practice. There are 13 schools attending all from the Malvern area. They are: St Josephs, Malvern Parish, Suckley, Eldersfield, Wyche, St Matthias, Rushwick, Pendock, St James, Malvern Wells, Leigh Bransford, Castlemorton and Somers Park.


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  1. Tom says:

    Incredibly useful course today delivered in a dynamic, enthusiastic style by Tim and Sarah.

    I learned a huge amount through the day and hope to implement some of the websites/apps into my teaching.

    Left feeling inspired, a perfect way to start the new year!

    Thank you.

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful comment Tom
    Glad you found it useful
    Enjoy your year and have fun
    Tim and Sarah

  3. Claire says:

    A great day – fun and inspirational at the same time. It doesn’t get any better than that! Tim and Sarah, you gave us a great many ideas to think about and I know we will be using these frequently with our children. Thank you.

  4. Jennie says:

    Thank you for the input today. There was so much to take in!

    The day has really motivated me to explore new resources and I have spent the last hour or two reading my notes and visiting some of the recommended websites!

    Thank you.

  5. Fi says:

    Fascinating and entertaining. I spent sometime in the evening investigating various avenues but encountered a few difficulties. I expected that so will continue to dip in to the wealth of resources you shared.

    The presentation was rather fast and felt time restricted. I had difficulty downloading, due to connection speed,therefore I found it slightly difficult to listen a the beginning as I tried to sort out apps. Why don’t you send list of apps and websites prior to conferences to eliminate the frustrating timewaiting bits?

    My favourite parts were the idea of “What’s behind the door?”, using Aurasma for displays and the interpreter to create a wider vocabulary usage.

    I look forward to experimenting further.

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Fi
    We did go at speed together didn’t we
    We are glad you are going to experiment further because that is the idea ~ Well done
    “Too much rather than just one thing that didn’t appeal”
    Time was of the essence as you say so take your time now
    Apps and websites beforehand could have been a good idea in that theatre
    Amazed you even tried to donloead things during that fast paced whiz through things to try at home.
    We did say “Take one” so it till be great to keep in touch and find out what you try
    Thank you for your comment

  7. Tim says:

    Thank you Claire ~ some of the folk there will have found that almost too much to take in… take your time and enjoy. Have fun with your children

  8. Ginnie says:

    A fantastic and entertaining TED day. Lots to take in and try out even for me who is computer shy! Walking around the classrooms today though I have seen some of the animations shown on the day in action this morning… our first day back!
    Thank you Tim.

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