Caradon Co-operative Educational Trust, Upton Cross Primary, Cornwall

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Upton Cross INSET

A full on and up for it Ani~smiles/animals Day with The Caradon Cooperative Educational Trust at Upton Cross Primary, Upton Cross, Liskeard, Cornwall

We focussed on tech, but, more on the power of picking up words an juggling them. Reading is a stimulus and models building sophistication in children’s writing. Speaking and listening, come alive when we expose children to new, valid, interesting and real, whether that is through ICT, trips, or other experiences. Oral rehearsal boosts quality and confidence … sometimes, making it up as we go, verbal, or written “jazz”, produces some of the most intriguing, and fascinating results. Today, we looked at how to inspire all of these elements, through the use of technology and beyond. Well done all.

We created, researched and reported on, our own magical imaginings, and, using creative technologies, we went wild and woolly with our new, remarkable creatures.

We explored the power of inventive technologies and visual literacy elements, and saw how they can have a huge impact on raising confidence in children across the creative curriculum.

Tim worked alongside the Upton Cross Crew, before… way back in 2007 (!) (Here and Here)

Thanks to Mark Clutsom, Executive Headteacher Upton Cross Primary and St. Kew C.P. School Federation, for sharing his thoughts on where our visit today fits in to the Caradon Trust story:

Caradon Co-operative Educational Trust

Founded on 1st January 2013 by Coads Green, Delaware, Gunnislake, Pensilva and Upton Cross – five primary schools in South East Cornwall, our aim is to provide training, support, activities and raise standards for all children in all of our schools. St. Kew joined in 2014, following federation with Upton Cross in late 2013.

We regularly meet as teachers and TAs to train together, and share great practice. In the past we have had sessions on outstanding teaching, creativity in the curriculum and questioning. This year’s focus is on writing and IT.

Why the Co-op?

We all passionately believe in the values of the Co-op movement of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity, and know that by teaching these values, we will enable all young people in our schools to be better prepared for the 21stCentury. Of course a major part of modern life revolves around IT and the ways in which we can use technology to make life easier, more creative and exciting.

Because we are spread across a wide geographical area, we have started to use a shared VLE to upload ideas, resources and examples of the children’s work. We are excited to be working with Tim and Sarah today, and will be sharing our ongoing work over the coming months.

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  1. Chris Hale says:

    An electric day, information overload, didn’t realise there is so much out there. All leaving with something we can pick up with when we go back to our schools. Thank you Tim and Sarah, truly inspirational, thought provoking and simply brilliant….

  2. Tim says:

    Wow Thank you Chris
    A dynamic comment and a suprb day.
    Everyone was so “up for it”
    Well done and Thank You

  3. Oli says:

    Really inspiring day, everybody was really buzzing when we got back to school this evening. Thanks hugely. Where to start?!

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