Oughtibridge Primary School, Sheffield ~ Day 2

| September 16, 2015 | 6 Comments 

Oughtibridge Primary School

sclogo1Back to Oughtibridge Primary School, Oughtibridge, Sheffield for a day of lessons, joined by children from Year Six and Year Two, and visiting colleagues from across  the Locality G:  Malin Bridge Primary School, Bradfield Dungworth Primary SchoolNook Lane Junior SchoolStannington Infant School, Deep St John CE Junior School, Royd Infant School, Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School, Stocksbridge Junior School, Shooters Grove Primary School, Wharncliffe Side Primary School, Rivelin Primary School, Marlcliffe Primary School and Loxley Primary School..

Thanks to Patricia Munt Headteacher of Oughtibridge Primary School, for supporting our explorations and to Margaret Firth, her Deputy Headteacher, for spending the day with us, coordinating events and looking after us.

Oughtibridge Primary School

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  1. John Thornton says:

    A fantastic couple of days, crammed full of innovation and ideas. Delivered superbly by Tim and Sarah in both an informative and humorous way. Putting his money where his mouth his, Tim demonstrates his ideas to the children who are immediately engaged and absorbed.

    Time well spent, thank you.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments John
    Glad you found the 2 days useful and valued seeing ideas in action too
    Keep in touch
    All the best
    Tim and Sarah

  3. Laura Quinn says:

    Just wanted to say that the last two days have been a great start to my new role as computing coordinator!
    There were so many fantastic ideas shared, that I cannot wait to pass on to my colleagues at school. The use of technology to enhance learning is so valuable and now I have discovered a whole set of new methods and tools.

    Working alongside the children today was totally inspiring! The discussion and writing which came out of the sessions was fantastic and I can’t wait to get started with my children,

    Thank you to Tim and Sarah for making it such an enjoyable 2 days!

  4. Pat Munt says:

    Thank you to Tim and Sarah for superb CPD and for the stunning work the children did today. There are so many things we want to try out in school and we are looking forward to sharing these with the staff over the coming weeks. High quality and first class delivery from Tim and Sarah. We have loved having you in school.

  5. Leanne Addy says:

    WOW! Where do I begin. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last two days of training and being able to share it with schools in the locality. I took over as computing coordinator in September and was feeling rather overwhelmed by the role, but after experiencing so many wonderful, innovating and inspiring ideas, this has given me a great start in creating more opportunities to incorporate ICT into different subjects. I cannot wait to try them out and share these apps, websites and other software with other teachers too.

    I would like to personally thank both Tim and Sarah for a wonderful 2 days of training. Your sessions were fun and extremely creative for both the teachers and children. I also extremely privileged that my class were chosen to work with you and other fantastic teachers.

    I’m currently working through the endless apps and website in order to secure my own knowledge so that I can confidently train others during staff meetings.

    Thanks once again.

  6. Matt Gaughan says:

    Thank you for a very useful and interesting two days. You gave us a variety of ideas in a fun and engaging way; I can’t wait to start giving them a try back in school. I liked the fact that you focused on using (mainly free) ICT resources to support learning in other subjects, rather than ICT for ICT’s sake. As John says, you were then not afraid to demonstrate the techniques with groups of children.

    Thank you to Pat & all the staff at Oughtibridge who hosted this event; your children were a real credit to your school.

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