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| September 23, 2015 | 1 Comment 

Now, this is an intriguing twist on music creation, and one which some of yours will find enticingly challenging, and rewarding.

To build a hamlet, village, town, conurbation, or even a rambling city, and then hear that creation come alive, in sound, as vehicles navigate its highways – delightful.

Isle of Tune is a musical sequencer with unexpected twists and turns. Construct your layout- roads, houses, trees, streetlights,and other objects. Cars trigger sounds, making music as they travel. Aurally more attractive than any true-life township tumult.

As well as objects with asigned sounds, there is also a collection of ready-built “loops” for those who would like a bit of help, or inspiration.

There are many examples, from people who have spent a lot of time, and town planning meetings, creating some remarkable, and tuneful, masterpieces, whether original, or reworkings of nursery rhymes, or classic hits.

Jim Hall, the creator of Isle of Tune and many other projects, has a website that showcases some of his remarkable imagination.

Make multitudes of magical, musical, municipalities.

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  1. Sean says:

    I found this whilst on the site last. Loved it, and have used it in ICT lessons all week from Yr 1 – 6. Instant hit, and a great progression on from coding and integration of music curricula etc.

    Thanks Tim

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