Crawford School, Johannesburg

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Crawford School
Logo_Preparatory_FourwaysAfter a few spectacular days exploring the realities of this remarkable country, we are blessed to head back to Johannesburg for a day of exploring in the world of words. A full day of lessons and training for Crawford School, Johannesburg. Thank you to Robyn Hardy for coordinating our visit and to Ian Rothman, Principal, for his support and to the team at Fourways for their expertise and enthusiasm.

Today, we went wandering in the world of words, yes, but also way beyond. These journeys are extremely hard to define or describe. They are, inevitably, different from what is expected. Importantly, slower in terms of distance travelled geographically, yet we journey many miles in the world of language and imagination.

Essentially, your idea could be in complete contrast to the person alongside you, but you’re both right:

There is no “right idea,” because, even better, there’s no wrong idea.

Seeing the products of such work and the boundless enthusiasm that flows from it (where some pupils actually have to be asked to wait before writing down their thoughts!) is an impressive and influential experience.

We ran a session with Grade 7 students developing speaking, listening and writing, and then an exploration of a virtual landscape with children from the foundation phase. After this, we took the staff on a whistle stop tour of the wondrous world of digital delights there are out there to extend and broaden the curriculum. Well done all!

A big Thank You to Robyn Hardy, teacher at the school, for coordinating our visit, and to Ian Rothman, Principal at Crawford, Fourways. Fourways operates  in the heart of beautiful, tranquil, surroundings, where the indigenous trees are home to the Lesser Bush Baby. ‘We believe that children attending our school have the unique opportunity of learning through exposure to nature’.

Crawford Fourways is a small primary school in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg South Africa. As you enter the school you are greeted with the sign, ‘In This Space you are Free to Dream’. With this belief in mind, we aim to motivate each child and  instil the will to reach his or her dreams. As part of this process, we provide our students with many opportunities to develop their creativity and deepen their thinking. We are therefore very excited to have Tim and Sarah working in our school with our teachers and students, helping us learn new ways to use technology to support and develop creativity.


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  1. Sharon says:

    Congratulations on such an informative and interesting training session. There are not many training sessions where I do NOT want to run off for a bathroom break for fear of missing something you were sharing. You are so forthcoming in providing free resources and I cannot wait to start exploring new technology, as well as start using some of your techniques in my classroom.
    Thank you for a wonderful day, Sharon.

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