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Chipping Norton Partnership, Oxfordshire

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Chipping Norton Partnership

A great way to start the Summer Term: Inset for The Chipping Norton Partnership of schools at Middle Barton School. Thank you to headteacher Jane Tailby for inviting us and coordinating today’s INSET.

‘Having seen Tim present at the Headteacher’s Conference in March 2015,  are now delighted to be hosting Tim Rylands for the staff of the local Chipping Norton Partnership of schools’ INSET day on Monday 11th April.

Schools participating in this training day include: Middle Barton Primary School, Enstone Primary School, Great Tew Primary School, Great Rollright Primary School, Kingham Primary School, Hook Norton Primary School, St.Mary’s C of E Primary School, Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School and Chipping Norton School.

The school have a focus on the children enjoying their writing, having a belief, and confidence to believe they can do it, understanding that creativity is possible alongside the pressures that raising standards can put on teachers, and children. Feedback marking has its place, and benefits. We explored ways of developing enthusiasm to write, to enable that feedback to be based on real writing, for purpose, and building the desire to take off and fly.

This is a group of teachers who are up for anything. A bubbling passion can make the difference between a mundane, meandering, unfulfilling session and an incredible, meaningful learning experiences.

Writing can sometimes feel like something we inflict upon children and, whilst they do it, we go off and do something else, far more mysterious, intriguing and interesting, almost as if writing is beneath us.

It is vital to join children in whatever, essentially challenging, enjoyable task we set. Modelling can be one of the best ways of scribing. Some children don’t know what enjoying working looks like. Much in the same way that if we read a newspaper in front of a toddler we might find that they are imitating us and doing the same thing (O.K. It’s upside down but it’s the idea) it can be valuable to sit, amongst our pupils and rise to challenges ourselves.