Summit for Transformative Learning in St. Louis, Missouri ~ Keynote

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MICDS_Olson_HallOpening Keynote at the 2nd annual Summit for Transformative Learning in St. Louis, Missouri hosted by Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School (MICDS).

The “STLinSTL@MICDS” conference is designed to bring experts and classroom practitioners together to explore ways to enhance and maximize student learning.

The event, taking place in the school’s recently completed state-of-the-art McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall STEM Building.

The summit has six strands: ‘Amplifying STEM’, ‘Best Practices in Pedagogy and Assessment’, ‘Brains on Learning’, ‘Contemporary Literacy’, ‘Excellence in Teaching, Coaching, and Athletic Development’ and ‘It’s Elementary’.

Elizabeth Helfant And TImThank you to Elizabeth Helfant for inviting us to this valuable event. We first met Elizabeth in Memphis back in 2013 at the Lausanne Learning Institute.

Enthusing and inspiring learners using ICT, was our theme, bringing together technology and learning into one space to enthuse and inspire technicians and teachers alike. The fusion has been deliberate. Technology won’t improve children’s learning without the passion and enthusiasm of those who use it.

We showed how technology can be used to deliver teaching that reaches out to all children and gives them hooks to learn from, how the tools technology delivers can fire their imagination, can entice the reticent learners and can engage the whole class so that learning becomes fun and exciting.

We took folk on a magical tour of inspirational tools to inspire the uninspired learner. Real examples of transformational education, technolgical tools that have proven impact to excite and lift the eyebrows (as well as the writing hand) of even the most reluctant writer! Using freely available tools that can be used within 2 minutes in your classroom, take your pupils onto another level of creativity and enthusiasm for writing

In this speedily changing education world, with a potentially daunting set of “new” elements to teach, we picked apart some of the possibilities to unravel the computing conundrums, but also started off what we regarded as key aspects of any teacher’s tech armoury, for bringing lessons alive across the curriculum.

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