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| June 23, 2016 | 6 Comments 

EIS 16

EIS KentA Keynote and workshops at the IT16 Conference & Exhibition at the Ashford International Hotel in Kent.

There was an other Keynote from Peter Twining.

Our keynote was called Animal Magic! A Mission Improbable.

We spent some fun time exploring the power of inventive technologies and see how they can have a huge impact on raising computing skills and creativity in children, right across the curriculum. We need to inspire young people; enhance their creativity and confidence so they can pick ideas up and start to juggle with them; encourage resourcefulness through challenge, but also the ability to reflect and benefit from the experience of others; to motivate a love of learning for life. With a focus very much on creativity, particularly engaging learners’ imaginations, we investigated ways of working that are centered on innovation with many free accessible tech tools and practical ideas.

Our workshop was called Out of this World. Tech to Inspire…. Games Based Learning for Real

Accessible tools and ideas for raising the levels of creativity, writing, speaking and listening among children of all ages. Understand the powerful effect of using digital games, Web2 tools, software, handheld devices and more, to model a way of teaching that focuses on quality learning, rather than the latest gadget. Investigate how virtual worlds, with their stunning landscapes, peaceful characters and realistic challenges, can be used across subject areas.

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  1. Iain says:

    Truly amazing! You both get better with age!

  2. Hamish says:

    Very engaging and energetic discussion. In Australia technology is integrated into every subject and I would love to see this embeded into English subjects and curriculum!!

  3. Andy Place says:

    Always inspiring. Even after seeing Tim four times always something new to inspire us all. Thanks for a great keynote.

  4. Timothy Watts says:

    When you are tired of Tim you are tired of life!

  5. Olly Farrow says:

    Thank you both for today – a great event. We have decided to use the your ideas for an ICT week next year, themed on animals. We’re at St John’s in Maidstone, so if you’re ever round our neck of the woods, drop in and say hi.

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