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EVAT Collaborative CPD Day, Darlington

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Thank you to Lisa M. Forkin, Assistant Headteacher: Training & Development, for getting us back & organising our involvement.

After an introduction to the day from Mike Butler, it was great to get the day off to a creative swing, with an inaginatve keynote, alongside 350+ secondary and primary staff.

Lisa says:

The Education Village Academy Trust (EVAT) is a fairly unusual organisation…

Officially, we came into being in 2006 as simply ‘The Education Village’; three schools that may not naturally be grouped together to work in the same building (a special school, a mainstream secondary and a mainstream primary), but this works for us! Since 2006 our organisation has expanded to include another mainstream primary school and a free school specialising in primary provision for children identified with SEMH conditions.

Such a diverse organisation comes with challenges but any logistical compromises are vastly outweighed by the invaluable expertise, experience and knowledge our large staff possess. Coming together to share practice and engage in collaborative working is one the hugely beneficial points of being in a collective of differing schools; the challenge is to find a time when 300+ individuals can all get together!

To this end, we designate one common CPD day in each academic year when all schools within the Trust can gather together and experience some new learning and share the practice that has taken place. This year, you will be joining colleagues from across EVAT as keynote speaker on 4th July to inspire and motivate us to connect creativity and technology together in new and exciting ways. He will explore this further with our Primary schools as the day progresses through a series of workshops designed to enhance the experience of our children in our different settings.

We are looking forward to welcoming Tim and Sarah to the EV – exciting times and opportunities for us all!

Next we join staff from Gurney Pease Academy and Springfield Academy for a workshop exploring further ideas and then an afternoon with Marchbank Free School and @Mowden Hall.

We were at The Education Village back in 2008.

A big thank you to Paul, from Marchbank, who supported everybody’s explorations today!

“Areas of focus for our children would ideally be linked to elements of writing, engagement, motivation and use of technology to help with these areas. No small feat clearly!”

But something we love to support wherever we go.

“The school is a Special School, working with children with difficulties around social, emotional and mental health issues. We are a primary school, so Year 1-6 and have 43 children. We do have some girls, but are very much boy heavy. We have Laptops, iPads and Chromebooks which are all currently used by the children across a range of lessons and subjects. I understand that in the time you have, what you are able to cover will be somewhat limited, but I’m sure that it will still be an inspirational afternoon from previous experience.”

…a fast paced exploration of many ways to inspire, and motivate, children of all ages, and abilities, with, and without, technology, alongside colleagues from across the Village.

Exploring a huge range of digital delights.

Some see the way forward as preparing for tests, where even good is not good enough. We could think that education is imparting a body of knowledge, rather than a shared journey of discovery. There are so many pressures put upon educators these days that enjoyment, inspiration, creativity, and fun can be forced out of the classroom.

It is, in fact, essential and imperative.

Today, we investigated how we need to inspire young people and nurture their imaginations; enhance their creativity and confidence so they can pick ideas up and start to juggle with them; encourage resourcefulness through challenge, but also the ability to reflect, change and benefit from the experience of others; to motivate a love of learning for life.

Fascination is a tool that can be easily lost. This digital world, when mixed with the analogue, brings such potential for communication, invention, experimentation, investigation, exploration, and so much more.

We shared, discussed, and demonstrated, the powerful effect of using games, useful Web2 tools and software (most of it free), hand-held devices and more, – thinking about a way of teaching, where quality learning is the focus rather than the latest gadget; ‘what is said, rather than what is used to say it’.

We can sometimes have a focus on the end target in a challenge for example, that we can forget how important, valuable and worthwhile the process is too.

We have our eyes fixed so firmly on the end, the destination, and where we want to go, that we can miss out on the getting there. Today was a joyous celebration of successes along the way. The journey not the destination.

And, what a fantastic journey we went on today!

We are great believers in play! As adults we simply do not play enough. And yet play offers us the opportunity to experience ‘learning’ in its purest form. Think of our youngest children in schools, who have their learning facilitated by highly skilled practitioners who provide them with ‘learning’ opportunities. The interactions, distilling, reviewing and perseverance that go into building Lego towers or the concentration, balance and reflection that occurs when walking across a wooden log are huge in any context. They are afforded time and the freedom to explore and investigate approaches; they have no fear of failure uninhibited by the social norms of wrong or right. Time to ‘play’ and explore new tools for learning, time to consider how we can adapt them and use them, safe in the knowledge that there are no rights or wrongs.

We all need time To Stand Still. Really effective teachers understand that using ICT to support learning does not mean that we use it constantly or that it is about bombarding learners to the point of sensory overload! We really understand that technology in any form is just one tool that supports teaching and learning. Throughout our time, we as teachers model the traits of highly effective education adventurers, using thoughtful questioning, think time, appropriate differentiation, modeling and scaffolding, creating intrigue and high levels of engagement all delivered with palpable passion and enthusiasm… in whatever setting, virtual or “real”.