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Richmond Hill Primary, Leeds ~ Day 1

| November 7, 2016 | 7 Comments 

richmond-hill-primaryToday had a day of training with teachers from Richmond Hill Primary with their headteacher Nathan Atkinson. We first met Nathan in Doncaster back in 2011, a truly inspirational head teacher who makes a difference wherever he goes. Well worth reading up on the projects he has championed, especially Fuel for School.

richmond-hill-readyOur focus today was on the tech and how it can be used to engage and motivate, though none of this is possible unless the 4 key areas that Nathan ensures are in place in his schools working. Read more on this here

The teachers were keen to explore the digital tools, techniques and knowhow shared today, building upon the already dynamic teaching they employ.

Our digital days, working alongside teachers, all over the place, have become SO fast, and down~to~the~second FULL, that they are almost impossible to describe now. Things have grown, and developed, as elements have grown, and developed, in the world of the web, and the experiences gathered over the last few years, mean that a whole story has grown, and builds through the day.

Today, at pace, through building a progression to support the introduction of these ideas, we looked at inspiring, accessible tools and ideas, for raising the level of writing, speaking and listening, and creativity in lots of young folk.

Many aspect, had roots from a few years ago, but, oh, how it’s grown: An exploration of virtual worlds, Web2.0 and visual literacy elements, and how they have had a huge impact on raising children’s confidence and collaboration, across the creative curriculum. The games based aspects remain crucial, and powerful, but it’s what they are accompanied by that takes it in different directions.