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Richmond Hill Primary, Leeds ~ Day 3

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Five groups of Y5 pupils ~ One challenge, today at Richmond Hill Primary to create wondrous wildlings, mysterious intriguing oddities, using some inventive digital, and analog tools. A huge THANK YOU to all the staff for their support and enthusiasm and, especially, to Morag Clunie, Assistant Headteacher, for coordinating all arrangements and looking after us so beautifully!! THANK YOU

We brewed up our own concoctions of combination creatures, researched about them, and presented our findings using some magical, online gems. The link to the padlet of results is here.

We enjoyed a full on and up for it Ani~smiles/animals/animules time with all the folk here today, both adults and children. Taking a journey in the digital age and the analog one, we all set out on an amazing adventure.

Reading and writing are a stimulus and model building sophistication in children’s own writing. Speaking and listening, come alive when we expose children to new opportunities, valid, interesting and real, whether that is through ICT, trips, or other experiences.

Oral rehearsal boosts quality and confidence … sometimes, making it up as we go, verbal, or written “jazz”, produces some of the most intriguing, and fascinating results. Today, we looked at how to inspire all of these elements, through the use of technology and beyond. Well done all.

We created, researched and reported on, our own magical imaginings, and, using creative technologies, we went wild and woolly with our new, remarkable creatures.

Together we explored the power of inventive technologies and visual literacy elements, and saw how they can have a huge impact on raising confidence in children across the curriculum…

A massive well done, and Thank you to all of the staff and children today at Richmond Hill who shared their animules in one form or another.

“We know this is true because we made it up ourselves”.

(definitely “Richmond Hill Ready”!)