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Today an INSET day for the Kenilworth Consortium of Schools: 8 primary schools, 150+ teachers and TAs from St John’s Primary School and Nursery, Priors Field Primary, Clinton Primary School, St Augustines Primary School, St Nicholas Primary School, All Saint Primary, All Saints’ School Church of England, V.A. Primary School and Burton Green Primary School (Federated with All Saints).

Many thanks to Darren Barrow, Head Teacher, St John’s Primary School and Nursery for coordinating arrangements for today’s event. Jo, the admin lady at St Nicholas Primary School for co-ordinating the venue arrangements. Lucy, the Consortia Co-ordinator, who liaised with her regarding the venue arrangements.

Today was a day spent almost entirely digitally, with colleagues from across the consortium. We explored a vast amount of online resources, perfect for bringing learning experiences even more alive.

We looked at how technology should support the experiences children have, not replace them, – there can be no replacement for the doing – technology, combined with the sensory experiences that we help to supply, can help them on the journey to developing the basic skills of oracy and then to using their ‘scribbly sticks’, or digital tools, with increasing confidence and effectiveness.

There is a huge, and accessible, range of digital, and analogue, ways to engage, and motivate students of all ages, and abilities, These elements are not only essential for quality learning experiences to take place, but can also have a massive impact on standards, achievement… and enjoyment!

It was some of that massive amount of, freely available, tools that we explored and experimented with today. Well done all.

A huge thank you to everybody.

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  1. Mark Williams says:

    Thank you.

    The staff from Park Hill Junior School really enjoyed the day. It has promoted a lot of interesting conversations back at school, and will hopefully inspire some great thing too.

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