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Writing is the way we communicate when we’re not there

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Writing is the way we communicate when we’re not there

in Speaking we can modify our emphasis and gesticulate

in Writing we have to pick the right words, framed in a real context

Children need a real purpose in order to encourage engagement with writing

Teachers need, regardless of their route in to the profession, a real understanding of what grammar is. Not conjugating verbs, but understanding REAL structure for real needs

Skilled users of language and socially adaptable

Complex range of literacies in a constantly changing world full of a huge range of literacies

Grammar for Writing is still a useful tool but, more essentially, grammar needs to be taught in exciting vibrant contextualized ways


Emancipated autonomous users of language

Phonic development is really important but not as a standalone, every now and then subject

Needs to be taught consistently and in an exciting way, a development continuum,

Reading is an essential precursor to writing and writing is an essential precursor to reading

Teachers need to plan experiences that require an ever widening range of forms for an ever increasing range of purposes and audiences

Make it real!

Reading is a stimulus and model building sophistication in children’s writing

Speaking and listening, comes alive when we expose children to new, valid, interesting and real, whether that is through ICT, trips, or other experiences.

Oral rehearsal boosts quality and confidence

Peer revue and analysis is powerful in the “work in progress: stage not just at the end. Intervention early, helps children move forwards far more effectively than if it is just picked apart when it is complete.

A finely honed set of skills is near useless unless it can help, and be used, in real contexts and challenges.

Blogging, and other ways of publishing, planning, and preparing online, are fantastic opportunities to create authors.