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Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd ~ Day 2

| April 11, 2014 | 5 Comments 

A second day at Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd, this time with the staff, looking at a vast amount of digital delights to bring learning even more alive.

What we shared today fits so well with the school’s ethos, and ways of working, already. We experienced some of the confidence, sense of humour, and imagination, of the children yesterday. Carrying out lessons, both in English, and Welsh, is a superb way to develop written, aural, and oral, dexterity. We looked at a huge range of tools that can be used in developing that word play, thought juggling, and imaginative inventiveness. Continue Reading

Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd ~ Day 1

| April 10, 2014 | 13 Comments 

Great to be back in Newport, for the first of two days alongside the children, and staff, of Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd.

Welsh really is a beautiful language, and perfect for poetic, descriptive, invention.

We carried out our lessons in that fascinating cross between two languages. As someone who grew up only a few miles across the River Severn, yet never managed more than a poor impression of spoken Welsh, it has always been intriguing to carry out lesson sessions in a mixture of tongues. Continue Reading

ICT to Inspire Event Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

| February 5, 2014 | 49 Comments 

Lovely, to be in Aberystwyth,  for a full on day with over 120 delegates from across the Ceredigion region. Continue Reading

National Digital Learning Event 2013, Cardiff

| June 20, 2013

The Welsh Government today presented the inaugural National Digital Learning Event and Awards, raising the profile of digital learning in Wales with a large scale conference, and highlighting cutting-edge digital learning taking place in classrooms all over Wales..

We were honoured to present a session at the Cardiff City Stadium, entitled “Out of This World: ICT to Inspire: raising levels of creativity in children of all ages and abilities”.*

Continue Reading

Ivona – text to speech in different languages

| June 6, 2013 | 0 Comments 

Thank you to Gwynfor Owen (on the left here) for translating this. You could try Ivona to do some word juggling for you.

Hello, my name is Tim, We are looking at some IT to inspire you. This is an on line instrument which works in a number of languages, including the Language of Heaven, which is Welsh of course

Helo, fy enw i yw Tim. ‘Rydym yn edrych ar dechnoleg gwybodaeth i’ch ysbrydoli. Mae hwn yn offeryn ar lein sydd yn gweithio mewn llawer iawn o ieithoedd yn cynnwys iaith y Nefoedd sef Y Gymraeg wrth gwrs. Continue Reading

2011- 2012 (The 499th post of this year)

| July 20, 2012 | 0 Comments 

A joyous year. The last eleven months have seen a lot of travel for @timrylands & @sarahneild including (but not just):

Hutton North Somerset, Durham, Derby, Helsingør, Denmark,  København, Denmark, Newcastle upon Tyne, Penarth, Wales, Cowbridge, Wales, Pentrepoeth Wales, Evesham, Brøndby, Denmark, Uttlesford, London Stansted, Warsaw, Poland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockport, Doncaster, Wirral, Blackpool, Doha, Qatar, Cheddar, Somerset, Wirral, Birmingham, Geneva, Berlin, Brislington Bristol, Swansea, Taunton Somerset, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Knockholt, Kent, London, Hendon, London, Chepstow, Wales, Doha, Qatar, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamMiddlesbrough, Mumbai, India, Keswick, Cumbria, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Tidworth, Wiltshire, Kirkby, Knowsley, Chorley, Exeter, Devon, Salisbury, Canterbury, Voorschoten The Netherlands, The Hague The Netherlands, Derbyshire, Brislington, Bristol, Cefn Coed, Wales, Ynysowen, Wales, Hutton, North Somerset, Clevedon School, North Somerset, Birmingham, Istanbul, Turkey, Kirkby, Plymouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Goole, North Yorkshire, and Gateshead, (& other places in between, such as Egypt, Andalucia, Tunisia &, occasionally, a little village called Biddisham, tucked away in deepest Somerset).

Thank you to all those we have spent time with, friends old and new, and to all of our readers of the blog. :-D


| June 20, 2012 | 0 Comments 

MapZone 1The MapZone website aims to present British and European Geography in a fun and eye-catching mannner which will appeal to children.

The majority of the information is accessed through interactive activities, animations, quizzes and map-based games.

There are also printable resources.

MapZone4Pupils are able to strengthen areas such as using grid references, compass directions and knowledge and understanding of map symbols.

Pupils are able to contribute to the ‘Favorite Places’ area of the site which will hopefully build up to become a useful resource.

MystIII 059The Homework Help area of the website provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of map skills.


Although this site has been designed for Key Stage 3, it is an appealing website that has the potential to be used as a useful teaching tool in Key Stage 2 as well.

The site is available in Welsh and English, and covers a wide range of Geographical skills and concepts, including map symbols, grid references and understanding scale.

Myst at Cwm Garw in BBC News report

| May 17, 2012 | 0 Comments 

A lesson at Cwm Garw School, in the worlds of Myst III:Exile, featured on BBC Wales News, today.

The report, about a new five-year plan aimed at raising poor literacy standards in Welsh schools, which has just been published, included some familiar faces for us.

We were lucky to work alongside the folk of Cwm Garw School, developing ways of bringing words alive, in Welsh and English. It was a joyous visit and one that broke new ground for us – recording some wondrous writing in both languages.

You can hear some of the children’s superb reading of their descriptive narrative, with harp accompaniment, HERE.

Assembly Education Minister, Mr Leighton Andrews, visited the school today, to launch the National Literacy Framework.

The Minister was treated to a year 5/6 lesson using the Myst computer game and follow up descriptive writing work on iPads. The BBC, ITV, S4C and Real Radio covered the event which went very well and helped to emphasise the Ministers message regarding the importance of reading and writing.

The National Literacy Programme sets out what the Welsh government will do to improve results and change the way literacy is thought about in schools.

Mr Andrews told BBC Wales: “The National Literacy Programme will introduce greater consistency and clarity into the way we track pupils’ progress while also providing the support, challenge and accountability needed in our schools.”

“What we must do is ensure that all learners benefit from excellent teaching of literacy and develop the skills that are so vital to their future success”

Well done Cym Garw, & great to see you still exploring possibilities so inventively, 5 years after our first steps together.

Ivona – text to speech in different accents

| May 7, 2012 | 0 Comments 

Ivona create some superb, paid for, text to speech software, but on their Ivona Recordings page, you get the chance to hear your words spoken by some quite convincing voices, as a free preview. What is good is that you can do so in English, Welsh, English with a Welsh (or Australian) lilt, or other languages such as Italian, Castillian Spanish, Polish & Brazillian Portuguese.

Ysgol Treganna a Than yr Eos, Cardiff – Day 2

| March 13, 2012 | 0 Comments 

A glorious second day with Ysgol Treganna a Than yr Eos.

What a cracking bunch! Staff, children, visiting colleagues, all a delight to “travel” with.

Thank you, one and all, for a thoroughly enjoyable two days. Diolch yn fawr!

We look forward to following your adventures, and journeys, in the months to come… Continue Reading

Ysgol Treganna a Than yr Eos, Cardiff – Day 1

| March 12, 2012 | 5 Comments 

A great day at Ysgol Treganna a Than yr Eos, Canton, Cardiff. It is really good to be back spending a couple of days in Wales, and at a gorgeous Welsh Language School.

This welsh medium county primary school was established in 1987 in the present buildings with only one classroom. Today, every pupil in the school is a resident of Canton. The old Victorian building has been completely refurbished. Every classroom is situated on the ground floor and the school boasts a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Every subject is taught through the medium of Welsh in the Infant Department. Both English and Welsh are accorded equal status as mediums of education in the Junior Department Continue Reading