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Welsh Medium Go Large

| September 27, 2011 | 0 Comments 

Well done to all those involved in the speedy making of today’s film – under an hour for EVERYTHING

Welsh Medium Schools Day 2- Ysgol Iolo Morganwg, Cowbridge, Wales

| September 27, 2011 | 0 Comments 

The second day, 27th of September will be held at Ysgol Iolo Morganwg, Cowbridge with a group of  28 children and staff from each of the cluster schools. And, oh!, what experimental fun we had! More to follow on the digital and analogue inventiveness from this group of creative children and adults. Continue Reading

Welsh Medium Schools Day 1, Ysgol Pen y Garth, Penarth

| September 26, 2011 | 6 Comments 

“Bore da!!”  A great welcome to a really fun day: an INSET day with 6 “Welsh medium” schools, taking place at Ysgol Pen y Garth, Penarth, Redlands Road Penarth.

Our aim: to provide “Ysbrydoliaeth ansbaradigaethus ar gyfer ysgrifennu estynedig i bob oedran!” (Fantastic inspiration to aid extended writing for all ages!) Continue Reading

Yrrep dna Nivek (no, not Welsh)

| November 26, 2007 | 0 Comments 

Welsh Medium Schools Cluster- Bridgend

| November 26, 2007 | 13 Comments 

“Bore da!!”  Just the start of a facinating day…

Another “First” for me. I have done a lot of work now with children and adults who communicate regularly with each other in a language other than English. I have always thought, though, that one of the most fascinating, expressive and mysterious languages I have ever encountered, a language I have close to NO understanding of, is spoken, not in some far away distant land, but just over the narrow stretch of water from where I live. Welsh.

I had the great privilege of working with teachers in the Welsh speaking schools of Bridgend today.
Teachers from Ysgol Bro Ogwr, Ysgol Cynwyd Sant, Ysgol Cwm Garw, and Ysgol y Ferch o’r Sgêr.

We are going to try an experiment and Blog in both English and Welsh :::::::::::>

Wedi mwynhau a dysgu llawer mewn awyrgylch ymlaciol a llawn hwyl. Mae’r gem yn wych.

A really enjoyable experience -in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere!Loads of ideas! The game is fantastic.

John and Pete

Ffordd arbennig o ddal sylw plant y dosbarth. Nifer o syniadau gwreiddiol yn addas i bob oedran. Diolch am y cyflwyniad diddorol yma!

A unique way of grabbing the attention of the class. Many original ideas which are appropriate for every age. Thank you for this interesting presentation!

Jenny Davies
Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr.

Bydd y rhaglen yn wych ar gyfer ysbrydoli’r disgyblion i ysgrifennu’n greadigol, i ddatrys problemau, i wneud gwaith pâr, grwp a dosbarth ac i fwynhau a gwella’u sgiliau TGCh. Bydd y raglen yn arwain at waith Thesawrws fel bod y plant yn gallu disgrifio’r golygfeydd i’w llawn botensial. Gwych ar gyfer ysgolion cyfrwng Cymraeg! Cyflwyniad gwych gan Tim.

We’re quite sure that Myst will prove to be brilliant for creative writing, problem solving, paired work, group and whole class activities and opportunity to develop and enjoy ICT skills. The program will lead to Thesaurus work so that the pupils will be able to describe, to their full potential, the excellent graphics. An excellent resource for Welsh medium schools. A brilliant presentation. Thanks!

Sian Phillips

Syniadau arbennig ar gyfer ysgrifennu creadigol – yn enwedig sut i ysgogi plant i ysgrifennu yn y ddwy iaith. Ffordd gwych o ddysgu ac addysgu trwy ‘chwarae gemau’. Mae gan Tim Rylands bersonoliaeth unigryw sydd yn medru ysgogi athrawon a disgyblion fel ei gilydd. Gwych!

Excellent ideas for creative writing – especially how to inspire children to write in both languages. Fantastic way to learn through ‘game play’. Tim Rylands has a unique peronality that is able to motivate and inspire pupils and teachers alike. Brilliant!

Rhian, Dewi a Rebecca

Adnodd wych i ysbrydoli plant yn eu gwaith ysgrifenedig a llafar. Cyflwynydd bywiog a dychmygol dros ben.

Excellent resource to inspire written and oral work. A lively and enthusiastic presentation.

ysgol cwm garw

Edrychais ar y rhaglen neithiwr heb ddeall llawer amdano ac, i ddweud y gwir, wedi bod yn ‘frustrated’ iawn. Ar ôl hanner awr gyda Tim, rydw i, nawr, gweld y rhaglen trwy llygaid newydd. Y syniad o ddisgrifio golygfeydd, defnyddio synhwyrau, ac ati, yn wych! Diolch yn fawr.

I looked at the programme last night and, to tell you the truth, didn’t understand very much about it and felt very frustrated, as I am not a great fan of computer games. However, after half an hour with Tim, this morning, I now see the programme through new eyes. The ideas presented about describing scenes and using one’s senses, etc are excellent. Thank you very much.

Vicky Waters

Nifer o syniadau arbennig ar gyfer addysgu yn y dosbarth. Wrth gael fy nghyflwyno i’r gem gwelais y potesial sydd ganddo o rhan cyflwyno profiadau a syniadau newydd i fi fel athro ac i fy nosbarth. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Loads of brilliant ideas for teaching in the classroom. By being introduced to the game i saw the massive potential this game has for introducing new experiances and ideas to me as a teacher and for my class. Many, many thanks!

Aled ap Iwan
Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr

Adnodd cyffrous sydd yn addas ar gyfer pob oedran. Syniadau arbennig o dda sydd yn apelio at ddychymyg y plant. Diolch yn fawr!

Exciting resource which is suitable throughout the ages. Excellent ideas that appeal to the pupils imagination. Thank you very much!

Mari ac Ian

Cwrs defnyddiol, diddorol a unigryw. Yr amser wedi hedfan – doedden ni ddim wedi treulio’r dydd yn gwylio’r cloc!! Edrych ymlaen at yfory a gweld Tim yn gweithio gyda’r plant.

A useful, interesting and very unique course. The time has flown – we didn’t spend our time clock watching!! Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing Tim working with the children.

Anne Marie +Ruth

Fe fydd yr adnodd yn fodd gyffroes o symbylu defnydd iaith – ar lafar – yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg. Credaf y bydd yn ddefnyddiol ar gyfer hybu ysgrifennu estynedig ymhlith disgyblion sy’n gyndyn o fynegi eu syniadau a’u sylwadau ar bapur. Rwyn falch iawn i mi fynychu’r seswn yn y bore – roedd y mewnbwn yn cynnig nifer fawn o syniadau ac arddulliau i hybu ysgrifennu creadigol.
Rwy’n edrych ymlaen at weld Tim wrth ei waith yn y dosbarth yfory. Yr hyn sy’n amhrisiadwy ynglyn a’r adnodd yw’r ffaith y gellid ei ddefnyddio drwy gyfrwng unrhyw iaith. Mae hyn yn fanteisiol i ysgolion Cyfrwng Cymraeg.
Rwy’n hoffi’r syniad o’r pennaeth yn ysgrifennu llythr at y dosbarthiadau “gwarthus ein bod yn defnyddio gemau DVD – angen basio hyn”!! Bendant am wneud rhywbeth tebyg i hyn.

This resource is an exciting tool to promote the use of oral and written language in both English and Welsh. I believe the resource will be useful in developing extended writing with children that are reluctant to express themselves through writing.
I am pleased to have had the opportunity to attend this mornings session. The input outlined many ideas and techniques that could be implimented within a classroom
I’m looking forward to observing Tim at work within a classroom tomorrrow. The priceless element of this resource is that it can be used through the medium of many languages. This is advantageous to us as school in the welsh medium sector.
I like the idea of the head teacher sending a letter to the classes .
I will do something simular to this!

Ann Williams

Ysbrydoliaeth ansbaradigaethus ar gyfer ysgrifennu estynedig i bob oedran! Roedd MYST yn hawdd i’w ddefnyddio ac yn amlwg yn mynd i fod yn adnodd amhrisadwy yn ein hysgol.
Mwynhad llwyr i’r athro a’r disgyblion sydd yn cynhyrchu gwaith traws-gwricwlaidd o’r safon uchaf.
Llwyddodd Tim i drosglwyddo ei frwdfrydedd i ni am MYST ~ mae’n amlwg mae ganddo ddawn i agor meddyliau plant.

Diolch yn fawr Tim – Rwyt ti’n seren!

Fantastic inspiration to aid extended writing for all ages! MYST was easy to use and will be an invaluable resource in our school. Total enjoyment for teacher and pupil that produces work of the highest standard.
Tim succeeded in transferring his enthusiasm about MYST to us ~ it is clear that he has a gift to unlock children’s minds.

Thank you Tim – you’re a star!

Sonia a Sarah Gwen

Well done, and thank you, to Peter Price, Ian Thomas, Mari Thomas, Sian Phillips, Aled ap Iwan, Sarah Proctor, Jenny Davies, Ann Williams, Dewi Owen, Rhian Evans, Rhodri J Evans, Peter Williams, Sarah Gwen Davies Richards, Rebecca Morgan, Mike Webb, Anne Marie Roderick, Sonia Gatt, Rhian Cornish, Pam Williams, Vicky Waters, Ruth Davies,  and John Mason, for a fun, bi-lingual day.

For some more Welsh, try visiting the Welsh language site for Ngfl HERE or Cynnal or the delightful BBC Tacteg site.

We ended the day making a glorious cacophony of a soundtrack. It is definitely “more enthusiasm than accuracy” but if you are mad enough to want to watch, read on. YOU WERE WARNED!

Continue Reading

South East Wales Special Schools Consortium ~ Day 1

| May 7, 2015 | 6 Comments 

South East Wales Special Schools Consortium

A trip to The Conference Centre, Ty Dysgu near Cardiff for a day of inventive INSET for teachers and teaching assistants from The Court Special School, and colleagues from other similar special schools in the area: Greenhill School, Meadowbank School, Ysgol Bryn Castell, Greenfield School and Bryn-y-Deryn PRU.

As alterations work their way in over the next couple of years, it is a big time of change for education in Wales.

Thank you to Bev Smith and Matt Howden from The Court school for organising our visit. Matt shared:

We have been looking forward to Tim and Sarah enthusing us with their creative use of ICT to develop literacy skills across the curriculum. This project has been part funded by Welsh Government, through the national support framework in developing the national numeracy and literacy framework.

Matt Howden

Foundation Phase Training, Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School, Conwy

| November 12, 2014 | 11 Comments 

Foundation Phase Training Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School Conwy

Ysgol Glan GeleA Foundation Phase Training Day at Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School, Abergele, Conwy. A morning with children and colleagues and then an afternoon with just the adults.

Thank you to Lynne Jones Foundation Phase Training and Support Officer and Julia Buckley Jones, Headteacher of Ysgol Glan Gele Infant School for coordinating today’s event.

Thank you to Lynne Jones for sharing these thoughts:

The Welsh Government has a clear, coherent vision for education in Wales. We must give our children a solid foundation in the Foundation Phase, from aged 3 to 7.

“Giving our children the tools today to build tomorrow’s future.”

We are looking forward in Conwy for Tim Rylands to work with the Year 2 pupils at Ysgol Babanod Glan Gele to fire their imagination and inspire creativity for an exciting Literacy experience.

Currently using ‘Book Creator’ and ‘Poplets’ naming but a few of Ysgol Glan Gele’s IT tools, the staff and pupils are engaged by learning that develop, stretch and excites their imagination. Tim’s wealth of ideas will progress them further on their continued journey of learning.

‘Happy and secure as we learn together.’

In the Foundation Phase, (the statutory curriculum for all 3 to 7 year old children in Wales in both maintained and non-maintained settings) children are challenged with open-ended questions and given opportunities to explore and share their ideas for solving problems.

The curriculum has a focus on learning from experiences, active involvement and developing each child’s:

  • creative, expressive and observational skills to encourage their development as individuals
  • personal, social, emotional, physical and intellectual well being to develop the whole child
  • positive attitudes to learning so that they enjoy it and want to continue
  • self-esteem and self-confidence to experiment, investigate, learn new things and form new relationships
  • activities in the outdoors where they have first-hand experience of solving real-life problems and learn about conservation and sustainability.

So, we had some digital, and analog, fun today, looking at ways of motivating, and engaging, children through creativity, indoors, and out.

Ysgol Heol-y-Celyn, Pontypridd, South Wales ~ Day 1

| September 15, 2014 | 5 Comments 

Ysgol HeolyCelyn

Ysgol Heol-y-Celyn

Our first of two days at Ysgol Heol-y-Celyn and an INSET to boost writing across the school.

Ysgol Heol-y-Celyn is a bilingual school, with Welsh spoken in many areas. Great, to spend time with teachers, and TAs, who understand how it is the learning that flows behind the technology which is most important.

Alun Rees, Head teacher, shared these thoughts:

“I have always been a firm believer that a child needs to enjoy learning and that you can learn through enjoyment. IT and video games are a normal part of everyones life at the moment and children enjoy playing on them.We can use this technology to improve and raise standards in schools also by using todays technology to enhance provision and to stimulate the pupils creatively. This is why I have asked Tim to come to Heol-y-Celyn to do an INSET on the use of IT in writing”.

DoorsA recurring theme of today was the balance that is needed between planning what you want to achieve in lessons, and flying with ideas. Children can lead in many of the game based sessions, but you do need to have a clear idea of objectives and intended outcomes. However, it is important to take the brakes off and fly a bit as well.

It is really crucial to explore game environments in a structured, but not overly planned, way initially. e.g. to have an idea about what kind of things you can cover but not predetermine a route or how long you are going to spend in each location.

It is important to become familiar with the games yourself at first. Then, when you begin explorations with a class, to be prepared to cover less physical ground than you might expect.

You may only “move” one “pace” but the children will be able to see how a new paragraph can begin with just a turn of the head, or reaching out to move a lever. Standing outside a door is a classic example of how tension and expectation can be built within a writer’s, and reader’s mind.

Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd ~ Day 2

| April 11, 2014 | 5 Comments 

A second day at Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd, this time with the staff, looking at a vast amount of digital delights to bring learning even more alive.

What we shared today fits so well with the school’s ethos, and ways of working, already. We experienced some of the confidence, sense of humour, and imagination, of the children yesterday. Carrying out lessons, both in English, and Welsh, is a superb way to develop written, aural, and oral, dexterity. We looked at a huge range of tools that can be used in developing that word play, thought juggling, and imaginative inventiveness. Continue Reading

Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd ~ Day 1

| April 10, 2014 | 13 Comments 

Great to be back in Newport, for the first of two days alongside the children, and staff, of Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd.

Welsh really is a beautiful language, and perfect for poetic, descriptive, invention.

We carried out our lessons in that fascinating cross between two languages. As someone who grew up only a few miles across the River Severn, yet never managed more than a poor impression of spoken Welsh, it has always been intriguing to carry out lesson sessions in a mixture of tongues. Continue Reading

ICT to Inspire Event Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

| February 5, 2014 | 49 Comments 

Lovely, to be in Aberystwyth,  for a full on day with over 120 delegates from across the Ceredigion region. Continue Reading