A Brand New Paige

At school, things are not quite what they seem …A crime has been committed and everyone pulls together (apparently) to solve the mystery :

The In-Crowd lead by Mikey, the most popular, hot, happening guy in school; Dagan and his gang: The Crows; The Out-Crowd of the un-cool, shy, quiet Sean; indecisive …erm…Kevin; his mad scientist friend, Frank and … Paige, the girl who no-one notices.

Someone is about to be found out.
Someone is about to become a hero.
Things will never be the same again!

If you are interested in staging one of Tim’s musicals in your school or youth club, contact Sarah re ordering a Performance Pack.
Each pack includes:

Fully illustrated lyric sheets
A full vocal CD
A further CD containing backing tracks and sound effects
The script

Contact  to discuss terms suitable for you.

Both “A Load of Rubbish” and “A Brand New Paige” are performed around the world to great acclaim from children and adults alike. Tim’s secret? Themes and musical styles that children can relate to set to high quality musical arrangements – a powerful combination that captures the imagination from the outset. Both the CD’s and the performance rights to these musicals are available.

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