A Load of Rubbish

Prior to his winning the BECTA award, and the ensuing interest in his teaching techniques, Tim was perhaps best known outside of the classroom as a musician and writer of children’s musicals.

Both “A Load of Rubbish” and “A Brand New Paige” are performed around the world to great acclaim from children and adults alike.

Tim’s secret? Themes and musical styles that children can relate to set to high quality musical arrangements – a powerful combination that captures the imagination from the outset.

“A Load of Rubbish!” is the refreshingly uncomplicated story of a gang of children and their struggle to save the area where they play from a callous developer.

It’s a musical story of determination to make a dream come true. Of losing courage and regaining it. A team working together against all odds to make things happen.

It’s about being yourself, accepting weaknesses and going for what you believe in, even when you experience failure.

The fifteen songs are humorous, thought provoking, emotional, witty and wonderfully uplifting with powerful tunes and memorable lyrics. A glorious mixture of rock, moving ballads, swing, soul and stirring anthems that make a memorable and joyful experience for audience and performers alike.

“A unique and original concept……a musical written for children…that adults love too!”

“… even the “ultra-cool” 10 to 12 year olds were more than happy to be a part of it, feeling they could perform with their image intact …and have FUN!”

Both “A Load of Rubbish” and “A Brand New Paige” are available as CDs but, if you are interested in staging one of these childrens musicals in your school or youth club, contact re ordering a Performance Pack. Each pack includes:

  • Fully illustrated lyric sheets
  • A full vocal CD
  • A further CD containing backing tracks and sound effects
  • The script

Contact Sarah to discuss terms suitable for your group.

Both the CD’s and the performance rights to these musicals are available.
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