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PlinkPlink by Dinahmoe Labs, is a fun way to discover some fairly random music alongside total strangers (and they remain that way). A look at visual representations of sound.

Patatap ~ visual representation of sound

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Patatap ~ an animation and sound exploration. With the touch of fingers on a keyboard, create sound scapes alongside appropriate moving shapes.

A visual jamming and beat making tool.

Combine simple geometric shapes, and colours, with sounds. The visuals correspond to the sounds and create a good start to looking at visual representation of audio. Warning: includes flashing visual images.

Sound Uncovered

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su-screenshotSound Uncovered An Interactive Book for the iPad from the good folk at Exploratorium

Explore the surprising side of sound with Sound Uncovered, an award-winning interactive collection from the Exploratorium featuring auditory illusions, acoustic phenomena, and other things that go bump, beep, boom, and vroom.

Hear with your eyes, see with your ears, test your hearing, make and modify recordings—this app puts you at the center of the experiment.

Why do some noises seem louder at night? Are there secret messages in music played backward? How can Siri understand different accents? Why does the sound of gum chewing drive some people mad? Listen up and find answers to these questions and more as you take an auditory trip to the place where sound gets truly interesting: the space between your ears.

And it’s free! Download it at the iTunes App Store.

Academies Show Questions

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QuestionsPrior to the Academies Show, we shared a few ideas and some thoughts in answer to a few questions from the Academies Show team:

  1. Nowadays, children are more tech savvy than they have ever been before. Do you think that this trend is effectively reflected in the school curriculum?

Trying to keep up to date is always a challenge. Despite our assumptions, not all children are interested in tech.

In addition, we have to ensure that our curricula offer a broad range of both analog, and digital, experiences.

  1. What are your expectations for the new curriculum to integrate ICT, notably in English and Mathematics?

Programming remains just one element of computing. We have to keep our use of tech broad, fascinating and enabling.

There are some remarkable ways we can extend speaking, listening, writing, and collaboration using technology. Sharing those remarkable opportunities is what we do when working alongside schools. Developing inventive use of language could come from wandering in the world of words in some peaceful, and inspiring, virtual worlds.

  1. Technology in classrooms might be a double edged sword as kids often get distracted by playing with the tech devices. What approach should teachers use when using technology in lesson activities, so students don’t get tempted to use the tech devices for any other purposes?

Our lessons should be sufficiently engaging, challenging, and exciting to ensure that distraction is almost irrelevant. ~ involving enough to be compelling. If our use of tech is outdated, or unchallenging, then they almost have the right to use devices for another purpose!

  1. More and more schools are looking to work together on various landscapes, how do you encourage the confidence and ability for schools to collaborate and what can be gained from this?

A teacher who isn’t involved in something like Twitter, is disconnected. Collaboration is real, and achievable these days. How about making use of a Padlet to gather ideas at the start, middle, or end of a project. This could be across a classroom, schools, authorities, countries and beyond

  1. And finally, if you could share one message with visitors at The Academies Show London, what would it be?

The word teacher is too one sided. If we don’t know, there will be children who do. If we do know, maybe we should pretend we don’t, as that is when some of the best learning can take place.

Be brave and inventive; open to possibilities; unfold those metaphorical arms; use the remarkable positive potential of technology rather than focus on our worries about the negatives.

Take. ~ Your.  ~ Time. ~ ~ Don’t feel tempted to rush from the latest site, tool, or gadget, to the next. Effective use, and powerful outcomes, come from wise application of these resources. Go for it. It IS a remarkable time to be a teacher.


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Capzles is a little bit like Animoto, Powtoon & Photostory on some levels, but has different elements to explore.

Capzles has been running for a while now but YOU might find it is worth investigating. Let us know how you get on allows users to tell a story using pictures, video clips, audio tracks and text. Place this media, called “moments”, together chronologically in a timeline. The result is called a “capzle”.

This is a social site, but can be used on an individual level, to create some interesting results. Well worth an explore.

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MyNoiseMy Noise enables the chance of creating soundscapes to be used in a lot of contexts. How about building the background for a piece of descriptive narrative ~ the ambient audio of “The Sound of Rain, without the wet feet“, or “Thunder, without the fear of strikes“, “fire, without the burns” … then “stepping cautiously out in to the unknown…”.

Welcome to “the convergence of serious audio engineering, creative sound design, and the scientific understanding of human hearing. Not just another of those soundscape websites but a serious tool oriented toward the needs of hearing professionals, sound therapists, and people interested in noise machines in general.”

myNoise offers a unique collection of online noise generators shaped to your personal hearing thresholds.

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vn logoVideoNot.esVideonotes is an easy way to take notes synchronized with videos!

All the notes you type are automatically synchronized with the video. Later, just click on a line to jump to the relevant part.

As is integrated with Google Drive, you can create and manage your VideoNotes directly via your Google Drive and access them from everywhere.

Manage your permissions and share your with students, or make them private anytime. Potentially powerful.

I’m in no hurry now….

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30 years after training college, Tim and Simon (Ellis) meet up for an impromptu jam in “the shed” in Somerset

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wordmarkit inspireWith it’s is easy to see what a word looks like in all the available fonts on your computer. A quick and useful tool when doing some desk top publishing.

Inanimate Alice

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logo_largeA great site we stumbled upon, nearly 10 years ago and referred to before, encourages great discussion and interaction in a range of settings:

‘Inanimate Alice’ tells the story of a young girl growing up in the first half of the 21st century, and her imaginary digital friend, Brad.

Alice umbrellaUsing high quality visuals, and sound (make SURE your sound is on) this is your chance to join the protagonist on an adventurous path. Over different episodes, each a self contained story, we see Alice grow from an eight year old, living with her parents in a remote region of Northern China, on her way towards beconing a talented older games designer.

Alice and mobileThis series of multimedia, interactive episodes uses a combination of text, audio, images, and games as Alice takes us on a journey through her life. Alice becomes an animator, & creator of characters for the “most successful games company in the world”.

She meets many along the way and one character stands out: Brad, Alice’s “only true friend in life”. The episodes of ‘Inanimate Alice’ become increasingly interactive and game-like, reflecting Alice’s own developing fascination with games. ‘Inanimate Alice’ is a study of human/computer relations in a world where having “friends” means never having to actually meet them.

Read the Education section for some background & thoughts on what might happen in this established yet still developing story… (see original logo below)

Some down time…

| March 29, 2015

daffodilsOFFTaking time to take time…

Taking a break—even for 15 to 20 minutes—is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day.

We are taking a bit of down time, switching off for a little bit. See you back after a bit of exploring of Mexico. Hoping YOU can take a break too.