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Create lessons in 5 minutes: Blend your classroom. Make the most of class time

Blendspace “allows educators to blend their classroom with digital content. It empowers you to collect web resources in one place and share with just one link. Measure student understanding with built-in quizzes and monitor their progress ~ adapt to student needs in real-time”. Try it & let us know.

(Formerly known as EdCanvas, so don’t be confused if you see EdCanvas branding in the videos!)


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examtime: A free online learning web-app where students and teachers can create, share and discover a large library of Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes Notes & more.

I’m Astronaut

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i_am_astronautim astronautThanks, again, to Kath Harris, Bracken Hill Special School, Nottinghamshire, for sharing the fun they have had with the free I’m Astronaut App

Here is Sarah, heading out in to space! Take photographs, and send them off to explore the stars, and a black hole, or bounce around on the moon! Fun!

(I’m Astronaut (FREE) is very different to I Am An Astronaut (69p) )

Zookazam and ZooAtlanta

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Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 17.18.37Tim n PandasThank you to Kath Harris, for the nudge towards ZooKazam, which is free, at the moment, on the App Store

This gorgeous Augmented reality app, brings wildlife to life on your desktop, even with rain or snow. Lots of amazing settings to explore.

Their partners, Atlanta Zoo, have a free extension to the idea HERE ~ Stand out. Be understood. Get results.

| November 14, 2014 | 0 Comments “Powerful “in-person” communication because email and voicemail no longer cut through the noise”. Simple, fast, hassle free recording.

Onelook ~ search multiple dictionaries in interesting ways ~ ~ ~ ~ OUR 1000TH USEFUL AND INTERESTING POST ~ ~ ~

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OneLookType a word in to OneLook, and search many dictionaries at once. Also has a reverse dictionary and translations. If this is only useful to crosswords lovers, it’s a good start…

OneLook goes beyond the basic definition search too. Their examples offer a glimpse in to some of the possibilties:

bluebird Find definitions of bluebird
blue* Find words and phrases that start with blue
*bird Find words and phrases that end with bird
bl????rd Find words that start with bl, end with rd, with 4 letters in between
bl*:snow Find words that start with bl and have a meaning related to snow
bl*:adjective Find any adjectives that start with bl
*:snow or :snow Find any words related to snow
*:winter sport Find words related to the concept winter sport
**winter** Find phrases that contain the word winter
expand:nasa Find phrases that spell out n.a.s.a.

Ptable ~ Interactive periodic table

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PTableThe detail behind the development of Ptable, is remarkable.

Ptable is a very well designed, interactive, periodic table, suitable for many platforms, with interesting links to web pages about each chemical element.

As it is HTML, has no images and isn’t created using Flash, it is truly adaptable. Write-up windows can even be torn off or docked to the edges to allow simultaneous use of the table while reading. Budding scientists will be in their element!


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Fotobabble Fotobabblecould be useful in an educational context, or a personal level.

Instantaneously share your Talking Photos in three simple steps:

1. Snap or select a photo
2. Speak into your microphone to record your voice and/or enhance your photo with visual effects
3. Share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Interesting when creating feedback at the end of a project, as a stimulus for writing, or, simply, when making virtual “greetings cards” for those with a special event.


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Titan pad in actionTitanpadThere are quite a few “pads” to collaborate on texts. TitanPad is designed for collaboration on many platforms, but is also at home on iPads. Work, with others, simultaneously, on a single document.
Get a space, on your own subdomain, & work away together, happily. A powerful tool.

Note: access to pads is possible for anyone who knows the URL, so do not keep sensitive information in pads, and be aware when working with your students.

Whatever it Takes, reading initiative conference

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Whatever it takesWhatever it Takes, the Leicester city-wide reading initiative, is hosting its 3rd annual conference year of using ICT to inspire learning and creativity, with an emphasis and reading and writing.

ICT to Inspire – will be held on 25th February 2014 at Leicester City Football Club along with Feedback and Reflective Session, 4th June, venue TBC.

Open BookThe conference will be lead by Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild and supported by a number of providers, exhibiting a range of products available to schools to support pupils learning by the use of ICT. The day will include a presentation around ‘Raising the levels of creativity of children of all abilities’, a hands on session exploring the virtual worlds of Myst III and practical tasks delegates can undertake back at schools.

The follow up day has been designed to advance schools learning by  feedback and reflective sessions along with peer review. Tim and Sarah will keep in touch with delegates online, between events.

Click here to book your places now.

Geography IQ

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GeographyIQWhich country has the smallest land mass? Which has the youngest population? The GeographyIQ rankings pages rank countries and territories by more than 50 geographic, demographic, & economic criteria.

What is the capital of Belarus? What languages are spoken in Afghanistan? What time is it in Buenos Aires? How’s the weather in Taipei in May? Find the answers to these questions and many more. The world map helps you quickly navigate through the world atlas so that you can explore our world. To get started, click on a continent and then a country. You’ll find tons of useful information including:

  • Facts and figures about each country’s geography, demographics, economy, government and political system
  • Fascinating historical, cultural and political background information
  • Country maps and flags
  • Climate and weather information for major cities
  • Up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates
  • Current time and time zone information for major cities