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Riveting Riven

| August 13, 2009 | 0 Comments 

screenshot005Hi Tim,

This is an email to thank you for your help earlier in the year with ideas for using Myst in the classroom.

I managed to get a copy of Riven from ebay here in Australia and started using it with a group of 6 special needs students.  They are Asperger’s students (with English as their second language) who have difficulty with problem-solving, expressive and receptive language, working with others and stretching the imagination, in general.

During our first session, I provided lots of interesting hands-on material from a local beach area as you suggested.  They started… Continue Reading

Myst in Gran Canaria

| June 6, 2009 | 3 Comments 

It was great to hear more from Kevin McLaughlin, teaching, at the moment in Gran Canaria, though soon to return to the Leicestershire area.

I do have to say that watching that film bought a lump to my throat: once upon a time, nine years ago, I started using the Myst games in class for exactly the same reasons as Kevin. To develop language skills in a very mixed bunch of children. Joyous. Little did I know I would be watching children in Gran Canaria enthusing about the idea. I didn’t even have internet connection then. Oh how far we have gone with all of this Myst journeying since then, and are still going…

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Captain Webb Primary School, Telford (III)

| June 5, 2009 | 13 Comments 

screenshot019The staff at Captain Webb Primary,  and the visiting colleagues from Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Cof E Primary, are equally as enthusiatic as their pupils, and very perceptive, picking up on so many ideas! All of the subliminal, “learning rather than teaching” methods (as somebody called it here today).

One group even wrote notes (below) on some of the elements they picked up, and called it “It’s NOT about the game”. I like that title, as I often think people think “Oh. You’re the games bloke!”

NO! And, how refreshing when folk become focussed on the classroom management, social etiquette, confidence and “passion to write, create and so much more” bits

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Now THIS is what it’s all about!

| May 16, 2009 | 2 Comments 


Dear Tim,

There have been a lot of people putting up blog posts and wikis about their Myst experiences. Some have gone at such a great speed that I think they have missed out on many of the stunning powerful possibilities of the process. They have also not seen the powerful way YOU work.

I wish these people had taken more time and, even, not put those plans online as it makes me worry others will run through the experience rather than sometimes wander “aimlessly” and be surprised by the amazing results.

I wanted to drop you an email, from Diocesan and Payne-Smith School, to thank you for coming to see us at school in November last year and to let you know what we have been up to in our classroom. I decided against jumping straight into using Myst in my classroom as I needed some time to think about what you had shown us. Continue Reading

Mountain Ash Comprehensive School

| May 14, 2009 | 0 Comments 

mountain-ash-y7-008A fast paced session at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School with the great setting of a HUGE screen and excellent lighting to create a really immersive atmosphere.

Thank you to Alyson Mckay and Charlotte Sage, for recording their thoughts on observing today’s sessions:

We found the workshops very valuable as they gave us a good insight into how we can inspire children to write creatively using an interactive stimulus.

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Perthcelyn Community Primary School

| May 14, 2009 | 4 Comments 

perthcelyn-y1-2A great morning at Perthcelyn Community Primary School. Wow! What a building. And, what delightful children and energetic staff. Great fun!

The school building, and the way that all the residents have taken care and delight in it, really caught the eye. Colour, imaginative displays, creative use of space, lighting, and innovative design.

Well done, to head teacher Angela Austin M.B.E. and her colleagues for maintaining a very homely, warm and welcoming environment.

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St Mark’s C.E. Junior School, Salisbury

| April 27, 2009 | 5 Comments 

screenshot054The first of two days with the staff and children of  St Mark’s C.E. Junior School, Salisbury, in Wiltshire.

We were joined by staff from Wyndham Park Infant School, St Andrew’s Primary School, Greentrees Primary School, Harnham Infants, Harnham C of E Junior, Hindon C of E Aided Primary, St Martin’s C of E Primary, Nomansland & Hamptworth C of E Primary, Pitton C of E Primary and Whiteparish All Saints C of E Primary.

Special thanks to Ruth Toms, Head of Lower School, for hosting and suberbly coordinating the event.

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Bracoden Primary School / Macduff Primary School

| March 25, 2009 | 4 Comments 

gadwin-shottie-052Today we spent the morning at Bracoden Primary School, and  then, for the afternoon and a twilight it was “Lead on (to)” Macduff Primary School, here near the northeast coast of glorious Aberdeenshire.

The views were so stunning, our first thoughts were “there’s no need for virtual landscapes with so much stimulus all around”. So beautiful in fact, we actually did have the pleasure of exploring, briefly, during lunchtime.

Games Based Learning Conference, The Brewery, London

| March 20, 2009 | 0 Comments 

A flying visit to the excellent Games Based Learning Conference at The Brewery near the Barbican, London.

gadwin-shottie-0131It was a great honour to meet Nolan Bushnell, Atari founder, a hero to a lot of people interested in gaming. I confess to being very proud of a link with the man.

In an interview with the Ode Magazine, called Reading, writing and playing The Sims: What video games can teach educators about improving our schools, Nolan Bushnell was quoted as saying he wished “his children had a teacher like Tim Rylands”. 

 I loved, and often refer to Pong. Pong  was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated (Atari), who released it in 1972.  It was created by Allan Alcorn as a training exercise assigned to him by Nolan. (Although this has been contended) *

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“Used Myst during Ofsted, shock!”

| March 3, 2009 | 0 Comments 

gadwin-shottie-001Hi Tim,
Just to let you know, I got stupidly brave and did a Myst session during our recent ofsted – a year 5 group, 50 children, using prepositions (- describe “where are we now…?” and other gems)
It went well…until the inspector told me he was a secondary English specialist and was very interested to see where I was going with prepositions with these young children!!!
He was actually very impressed!!
We have been trying out some of your other “non-Myst” ideas too…
We got “outstanding” for our ICT (and “good” overall) so thanks for that.
Michael Keenan
from St. Austin’s (Liverpool school, attended 2 day session of yours last year).
Well done indeed Michael !

Day 2: Camborne Science & Community College

| February 26, 2009 | 0 Comments 

microphoneLoving a bit of creativity in Cornwall!

Sarah and I travel with a huge amount of kit too, ready for any eventuality. Laptops, cameras, microphones, projectors, enough wires and gubbins to equip a T.V or sound recording studio… and more.

How much fun it is when we get to work with so many children who are up for challenges, and juggle technology like a professional, after a bit of creative guidance, and stretch the potential of both hardware and software.

Today, we relished putting it all in to action again, and even had the chance to work with the one, large group all day, writing, recording, creating, composing, filming… all culminating in a stylish performance, or “happening” for an audience of visitors…

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