“When I was at school I don’t recall anyone moaning when the lunch bell rang. But then I don’t remember any lessons in which the pupils travelled through beautiful virtual lands, solving puzzles as they went. Welcome to the world of Tim Rylands”

“A great session! Didn’t look at my watch once! No post lunch blues for me today! Inspiring stuff!”

“Your approach has clearly demonstrated the move away from ICT being the focus of learning, where pupils have to complete major technology focused projects to develop their ICT skills, to actually embedding ICT into subject teaching and learning.”

“…preparing children for a world that we don’t have a clue about, where visual media will become accessible to all, where wikkis, blogs and Web2.0 will be normal. Children need to develop these skills… Well done indeed!”

“Examples of ICT work that genuinely go across the curriculum in exciting and innovative ways.” “This is because of  (Tim’s) adventurous, bold teaching that is willing to take risks and explore technology in a variety of situations.”

“Literacy Session was stunningly good – inspiring”

“…again inspiring from Tim Rylands. Good practice in the most positive form”

“Some incredible results. Watching Tim teach was a career changing moment for me”.

“Tim’s tips, tools and techniques have improved my confidence in teaching and added a much more creative approach to writing and literacy.”

“An amazing mix of magical digital tools, and powerful analogue teaching techniques”.

“Children enjoy writing much more – there is much less moaning & I am certainly more enthusiastic about teaching it!”

“This has encouraged me to use many more ways of generating and sharing ideas. It has made me think about my questioning techniques and how I use questioning to move children on.”

“Amazing! Vocabulary, especially descriptive, has improved considerably… Sentence construction is better and my children are more willing to have a go with punctuation. Their writing is much more interesting and they think more carefully about the content. Spelling still needs improving but then so does myne”

“During (my) teaching I have been much more animated myself, and because of this, so have the children.”

These are just a few snippets off feedback. Have a look at some of the comments on past events HERE