More on Myst

Once upon a time in a converted garage in Washington…..
1993 – Rand Miller (below, with Tim in 2006) and his team created the first MYST game.

The vision of a ‘pure’ world in which nobody got shot or blown up flew in the face of accepted (then as now) game playing wisdom.

Instead Rand and his crew focused on creating fantastical imagery and landscapes that gave PC gamers what was far and away the most incredible and interactive experience that they had ever come across. No other PC game could compete visually.

It was, nonetheless, still a shock to Rand and his team, and their publishers it has to be said, that the original MYST game became one of the biggest PC game sellers of all time flying, as it did, in the face of perceived wisdom.

Since then subsequent sequels have continued to find a massive loyal audience – with millions sold and no character getting burned, shot, run down or maimed !

Small wonder then that Tim, a teacher on the other side of the Atlantic, and a long time fan of the games, saw the potential that these wondrous worlds had for inspiring children’s descriptive writing, speaking and listening skills.

What came as a total surprise though was the amazing amount of attention  this simple idea would receive from all across the globe –
one of the many emails Tim received was from Rand himself.

This in turn led to Rand’s visit to the UK and sitting in on Tim’s class (see left) much to the delight of Tim’s students.

Myst still only forms ONE part of what Tim does in lessons with children around the globe.

But, it is a powerful aspect and one which countless others have tried, with great success.