Out of this World – Tech to Inspire

The peaceful landscapes we explored are from the game series Myst. We use Myst III- Exile and Myst IV:Revelation from the series.

EasyPrompter, an easy online/downloadable cue prompter.

Cinemagraphics still images that are far from static.

Make your own panoramas with CleVr or Photosynth.

Stand still in these Panoramas and 360 Cities, Arounder, before moving! Google Treks for that adventure!

Turn speech into text with Dragon Dictation and text into speech with Talk Typer (a Google Chrome Extension, so you need to download Google Chrome);

With Nice Translator, you just start typing, and it automatically turns what you have written in to multiple languages, all in one go. Then turn text into speech in other languages with Ivona.

From Texecbanner-300x70t To Speech is a free online Text To Speech (TTS) service with natural sounding voices.

Epic Citadel, a peaceful medieval landscape, to wander through, on your iPad.

Thinking Dice, the thought provoking question starter cubes to extend higher order thinking skills;

Some creative iPad apps PotteryHD, Phyzios Sculptor, Geared, Brushes, iDough, Colorsplash, Puppetpals, (get the Director’s Edition for PuppetPals as it includes all the downloads).

Voicethread to add audio comments and more to images.

Try Do Ink Green Screening on an iPad.

Fun with photos using Lunapic and Photofunia, (another one is Big Huge Labs).

Get comical with: Comic Life and Chogger.

String ARTo celebrate the launch of their Augmented Reality technology, String™ have released a showcase ~: String™ Augmented Reality Showcase. Investigate Scrawl, the first world’s first 3D augmented reality drawing app.

ARdragon1Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a dragon flew out of your screen, or out of your wall? Try the AR Dragon.

Download and print the target image for the dragon from here and the target image for the alien here!