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Swedish Educators in London for BETT Week 2015

| January 23, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Swedish Educators in London for BETT Week 2015

A hop across London, from The BETT Arena, for a Keynote presentation at the Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, alongside the Swedish teachers, who have joined Caperio, a Swedish IT company with world-class services, for a lot of visits around the city, and a trip to BETT itself.

Caperio-300x191Today, we explored a vast range of virtual worlds, stretching the concepts of travel, in to remarkable settings, & investigated the learning that flows from these flights of fantasy.

A huge thank you to all at Caperio, and Angelica Hedin, for coordinating our journey in to the real world of Scandinavian schools, and beyond. Thanks and well done all.

Amazing Space ~ a universe of learning

| January 22, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Amazing SpaceAmazing Space is a big site, with a lot of interesting learning opportunities centred on the universe, and much that lies within it.

Reveal the beauty and wonder of the cosmos to your students with this comprehensive listing of a lot of interactive activities, graphic organizers, science content reading selections, and more.

Mininininini planetA description, suggestions for using the resource in the classroom, and related materials accompany each tool.

Get the science behind the scenes with some Astronomy basics! From quick facts to tales of intriguing celestial phenomena, learn some fundamentals of astronomy … and find the answers to your students’ questions about many space-based themes.


| January 21, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

EdX offers free online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities.

Topics include business, computer science, finance, history, literature, maths, science, statistics and more. Courses are from some of the best universities in the world. Worth investigating for older students, or on a personal level.

Phrasal Verbs Machine

| January 20, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Phrasal VerbPhasal machineThe Phrasal Verbs Machine by Cambridge University Press, is helpful, as Phrasal verbs are complicated for non-native English speakers to learn and use… and for many English speakers.

The Phrasal Verb Machine is also available, for free again, for iOs machines, and also Android tablets and smartphones.

Enjoy animated illustrations of 100 phrasal verbs set in the circus world of the main character Phraso, and friends, with example sentences in English & translations into 5 languages.

Clatford CE Primary School, Clatford, Hampshire ~ Day 2

| January 20, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Clatford C of E Primary

Clatford C of E Primary SchoolOur second day working alongside the staff of Clatford CE Primary School,  (Goodworth Clatford, near Andover, in Hampshire) and their guests.

A morning with two classes of Y5/6 pupils and their teachers and visiting colleagues, and an afternoon with the Y2 children, exploring stunning landscapes and virtual worlds to extend vocabulary, confidences and writing.

It is our role, as teachers, to build skilled users of language and socially adaptable communicators. Now, more than ever, there is the need for a complex range of literacies in a constantly changing world full of a huge range of literacies, overt, and covert.

Writing, and, essentially, grammar, need to be taught in exciting, vibrant, contextualized ways. It was that inspiration for enhancing inventive use of language, that we explored today.

Writing is the way we communicate when we’re not there. When speaking, we can modify our emphasis and gesticulate. In writing we have to pick the right words, framed in a real context. Children need a real purpose in order to encourage engagement with writing ~ Teachers need, regardless of their route in to the profession, a real understanding of what grammar is. Not conjugating verbs, but understanding REAL structure for real needs.

A big thank you, to Jenny Rasbeary, a teacher at Clatford School, for initiating our visit, and looking after us today.

Vikidia ~ More simple research & in different languages

| January 19, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Vikidia250px-Animatie400vikidia-es is an encyclopedia written for 8 to 13-year-old children and anyone seeking easy-to-read content on a subject. Genuinely useful indeed.

We have talked of Simple English Wikipedia before, Vikidia does a similar job, and also in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian. Great for language lessons, or as a more understandable research tool. Keep it simple.

Clatford CE Primary School, Clatford, Hampshire ~ Day 1

| January 19, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Clatford C of E Primary

Clatford C of E Primary SchoolClatford C of E Primary SchoolToday, we took a journey in to the land of creative technology, alongside the staff of Clatford CE Primary School,  (Goodworth Clatford, near Andover, in Hampshire) and guests.

This a school who are already giving superb opportunities to their children. Together, we investigated a vast range of inventive ways of extending their curriculum even further, through the use of technology. Well done all.

Thank you to Angela Rice, Headteacher, for sharing these thoughts:

‘Learn and Grow Together’ is the motto which captures the very essence of Clatford CE Primary School. Our core values of Love, Respect and Belief provide the bedrock for our ethos whilst our Learning Friends support us in becoming good learners ready for the world around us. We aim to provide an exciting and challenging curriculum matched to the needs of the child. Through our creative hooks and exciting opportunities we try to inspire and engage

Brainy Quotes ~ “Try to be a rainbow to someone’s cloud”

| January 5, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Maya Angelou quotebrainyquote_logo_blue.jpgMaya Angelou

Visit Brainy Quote for some of the best. Search under various themes, such as Inspirational, MotivationalPositive, Life, Funny, Happiness, Wisdom, Success, Friendship, Change, Leadership, Education, Family, and life as a Teacher.

Tuition, Medical and Behaviour Support Service, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

| January 5, 2015 | Add Your Thoughts 

TMBSSWhat a great way to start the new year: working alongside the remarkable staff from The Tuition, Medical and Behaviour Support Service, (TMBSS) team, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.


TMBSS is a “small (but ever-growing!)” referral service, and work with young people with a wide range of complex needs and difficulties. They have five secondary centres, one primary centre and a team of specialist outreach workers, who work both in the homes of some of their most vulnerable pupils and in hospital with pupils with serious medical conditions. They rarely get to see other members of staff from other centres, so getting together for inset days is “a real treat”.

They are currently looking at doing some work with the staff to raise achievement in literacy levels, particularly with the new GCSEs starting next year and we would love it if you could be a part of that.

A big Thank You to Kay Redknap, Head of Service, Caroline Barton,  Senior Administrator, and  Claire Vaughan, a member of staff for the service, who invited us to join her colleagues, to kick off the New Year in style with this special group of people.

Claire shared that “I attended the ICT conference in Shrewsbury earlier this year and despite being a ‘compulsive doodler’, came away from your keynote speech brimming with ideas and enthusiasm and only ideas and websites on my notebook”.

Did you Sir? Did you miss?

| December 21, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

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| December 14, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

MyHistromy histro logo enables students to put together videos, photographs, and blog entries on Google Earth and Google Maps, right there in any browser. Show what you’ve been up to, and the results of school projects, using the chronological time line. A free version is also available, on the app store.