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With the saddest heart …

| November 3, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

It is with the saddest of hearts I write this post. Tim passed away on the 30th October 2017 at the age of 54. He had the disease called adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN). The symptoms of the disease first showed signs when Tim was in his 30’s. There is no effective treatment for the disease. If you […]

Tony-b .org

| June 9, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

Tony gives you the chance to weedle on a simple, but very enjoyable collection of retro keys. Go noodle!

A bit of word wizardry

| May 12, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

 A man with a cane leapt out and actually made us do things. Scary stuff for teachers and support staff. After all, a day in a golf club had sounded kind of relaxing. But Tim made it fun, striking a good balance between opening up his box of tricks, guiding us through some of the […]

DO try this at home

| May 11, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

DO Try This At Home. ‘Always enjoy dipping in to Tim Meek‘s fabulous blog, a glorious mix of analogue and digital ideas, to get children of all ages active and involved. Go play (experience, build, learn, and more)!


| May 11, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

Snappy Words is a bit like InstaGrok, GraphWords, WordSift and Visuwords and has the advantage that you can sometimes double click on a node to dig deeper. It’s an online interactive English dictionary and thesaurus that helps you find the meanings of words and draw connections to associated words. You can easily see the meaning […]

tips for writing

| May 8, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

We always focus on getting children to take off and fly: Above all -enjoy it! Good writing should make you feel like you are flYING some top tips for getting started…   Don’t guess at things. If there’s something factual about your story, check it. Research can be great fun. Get someone you trust to […]

Writing is the way we communicate when we’re not there

| April 29, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

Writing is the way we communicate when we’re not there in Speaking we can modify our emphasis and gesticulate in Writing we have to pick the right words, framed in a real context Children need a real purpose in order to encourage engagement with writing Teachers need, regardless of their route in to the profession, […]

| April 28, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

Sorry footie fans, Keeping Score is an interactive invitation to explore some of the greatest classical music, by reading the musical notation and investigating background information, from the grandest ideas, to the most subtle of emotions. Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony’s Keeping Score is designed to give people of all musical backgrounds […]


| April 5, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

Allowing children to explore the world of “creativity” guides them to places in which imagination can grow, aspirations can be raised and self-confidence enables them to explore the potential of the world around them.`

iPiccy Great online photo editing

| March 8, 2017 | Add Your Thoughts 

A fave: iPiccy has many easy to use photo tools, enabling you to edit pictures, apply photo effects, add text or paint freehand from scratch. iPiccy is free and no registration is required. The iPiccy editor seems accessible enough that children, of many ages and abilities, can edit and create artistic reworkings of photographs, without […]