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| September 12, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Life fills us with stories.  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  Stories fill us with life. Legend is an online platform enabling teachers to use stories to create meaningful and engaging content for their pupils. Visual story telling is a fascinating way to cover, or introduce, new ideas and concepts. Use images, video, and text […]

UNI•C – National Agency for IT and Learning, Copenhagen

| September 12, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Following yesterday’s conference, in Odense, we made our way, by train, to Copenhagen, for a session with  the National Agency for IT and Learning in Denmark, leading an informal session for executives. We shared a vast range of online possibilities to expand the curriculum. There are so many pressures put upon educators these days that […]

Stoodle ~ Online collaboration

| September 11, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

“Someone knows what you need. Someone needs what you know”. Stoodle “makes it easy to learn from and teach fellow peers online”. For iPad and desktop browsers! Real-time collaboration on a virtual whiteboard with infinite pages.  Real-time communication through voice conferencing and text chat. Permanent storage of all classrooms for later access. Support for image […]

ICT-based learning in education, Odense, Denmark

| September 11, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

A Danish Ministry of Education Conference about ‘ICT-based learning’ in Odense, Denmark. The conference is a part of the Ministry’s five research projects collaborating with some 30 schools which, within different aspects, are focusing on how to work with digital learning in primary schools. The research projects are part of a big strategy on ICT […]

The Digital Education Show Launch Dinner, London

| September 10, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

An evening dinner at The Apartment at Kettner’s, Soho, London, to launch The Digital Education Show UK, a huge event which will take place at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, on the 30th June and 1st July 2015. The event next year will focus on empowering learning through technology and includes Sir Ken Robinson as one […]

Lego Movie Maker app ~ Stop motion movie magic

| September 10, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

With the LEGO Movie Maker app, you can “Build your own LEGO® adventure, then capture your story”! This movie creator doesn’t just have to have LEGO as its subject but you can help bring LEGO, and other characters, alive in a stop-motion movie. Simple tools and guides make it easy to shoot, edit, and even […]

edPuzzle ~ Make any video into an interactive experience

| September 9, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

A potentially very useful tool: edPuzzle enables the editing, and use of, interactive videos on on any subject Add your voice and insert audio notes or record over a video with your familiar voice. Add questions through the video to give your students immediate feedback and track their understanding. Either use ready made content, or […]

Unigine Crypt demo ~ immersive exploration

| September 9, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Unigine Crypt is a WebGL Demo. This could be used as another step to explore in an Epic Citadel, Gothic, or medieval type of experience. Useful as a stimulus for descriptive narrative, and so much more. Explore the crypt, the guttering candles, the last supper-like mural, intriguing statues and dark, mysterious atmosphere. Stand still, or […]


| September 8, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Plickers is an interesting concept: print out (free) cards, give one to each pupil (up to 40 in a class), scan with your device (5.5″x5.5″ cards are usually scannable from 20-25ft0 and record responses on an instant graph.

‘Read On. Get On.’ ~ the launch, on International Literacy Day

| September 8, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Today is International Literacy Day. One and a half million children will reach the age of 11 unable to ‘read well’ by 2025 unless urgent action is taken to tackle the reading crisis facing Britain’s pupils, according to new research. The worrying situation has prompted leading charities, teachers, parents and businesses to form a coalition […]