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Blog Booker

| July 19, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

We’ve mentioned a few ways to export a website, or blog, as a pdf or jpeg. Blogbooker does the job in great style. It exports everything, (except embedded flash files, for example) including images, and every hyperlink. It even produces an index page & each title links to the relevant post. The process is easy […]

EasyPrompter .com

| July 11, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Easy Prompter is a FREE, full-featured, and easy to use teleprompter, for online and offline use! Like Cue Easy Prompter is powerful because you can adjust font size, vary the speed, check the time that has elapsed, control and operate the prompter through keyboard and mouse controls (start/pause, ff/rew, etc) and run it in […]

EVAT Collaborative CPD Day, Darlington

| July 4, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

The Education Village Academy Trust, Darlington. Thank you to Lisa M. Forkin, Assistant Headteacher: Training & Development, for getting us back & organising our involvement. After an introduction to the day from Mike Butler, it was great to get the day off to a creative swing, with an inaginatve keynote, alongside 350+ secondary and primary […]

TrackClass .com

| July 1, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Could this be useful when working with students who find personal organisation a challenge? TrackClass offers free tools to coordinate things like timetables, notes (which track changes), overdue and upcoming exams and assignment reminders. You can even attach files to events …so the dog can’t eat your homework.

The West of England ICT Conference

| June 30, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

This year’s theme is unlocking and opening Digital Doorways that will takes delegates on learning journeys to make new discoveries and explore new places, exploring how technology can empower teachers and learners, as global citizens, to unlock learning and connect to new opportunities. Thank you to Jo Briscombe, Teaching and Learning Adviser and CPD Lead, Integra Schools, […]

Myst III: Exile at Park Mead Primary School

| June 28, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

A huge well done, and thank you, to Mr Driscoll, from Park Mead Primary School. We have heard from Jack before back in 2013 when he has sent us his pupils creations – Some Crazy Cranleigh Creatures. Here are some more of his celebrations, this time using Myst III:Exile.             I […]


| June 28, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Wordsmyth is a suite of dictionary-thesaurus resources, useful for many ages & abilities. There are different levels of dictionary, each with their own style and structure. The Beginners’ Dictionary, for example, has very easy-to-read entries written with a simple defining vocabulary of 2000 “starter” words. The differences between the dictionaries could be useful when looking […]

Harry Potter’s Renaissance Science, Magic & Medicine

| June 24, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Designed to accompany the Harry Potter Exhibition, organised by the US National Library of Medicine, the Online Education Resources are a touch of magic in their own right. Follow the clues, to discover similarities between Harry’s fictional world and ours. Investigate the Potions section and find answers to things such as the difference between the […]

IT16 Conference & Exhibition ~ Kent

| June 23, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

A Keynote and workshops at the IT16 Conference & Exhibition at the Ashford International Hotel in Kent. There was an other Keynote from Peter Twining. Our keynote was called Animal Magic! A Mission Improbable. We spent some fun time exploring the power of inventive technologies and see how they can have a huge impact on […]

Culture Street’s Picture Book Maker

| June 21, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Culture Street’s Picture Book Maker Whilst it is not perfect, you can, quite quickly, create some little gems. Choose your characters, some backgrounds, objects and artefacts, then get composing your tale over multiple pages. This can help break down simple stories in to distinct sections, perhaps as a plan for a more extended tales Younger […]