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BETT Blitz 3

| January 16, 2007 | Add Your Thoughts 

I admit that it is now Tuesday, the week after BETT finished, …and so am I ! ! BETT is an enervating experience but so energising at the same time. Saturday’s presentation went very well indeed. It was fully booked, with people standing all around the room so, apologies to those of you who didn’t […]

BETT Buzz Too

| January 12, 2007 | Add Your Thoughts 

BETT thursday was busy but, as I sit writing this, Friday looks like it is going to be packed.As anybody who has worked BETT will confess though, the working day is great, but the after-doors-have-closed events are an event in their own rights. Steljes, 2Simple and GigaJam may be some of the most innovative companies […]

BETTer and BETTer!

| January 11, 2007 | Add Your Thoughts 

There is a great buzz abound this year in Olympia. BETT may be the world’s biggest technology in Education show, but I didn’t realise just how much of the world knew that too! It has been so motivating to meet people from all across the globe this week. Sweden, Denmark, and Holland, in particular,seem to […]


| January 8, 2007 | Add Your Thoughts 

I always look forward to BETT and this year is no exception. BETT is the world’s biggest “IT in Education” event. It takes over the whole of Olympia, and not many other trade events do that! Each year brings a batch of new ideas and launches of innovative products and projects. For me, this year […]

2007!! What happened to 2006?! In this blog’s case… literally!

| January 5, 2007 | Add Your Thoughts 

The case of the disappearing blog! Was 2006 just a dream? A blog down the drain. Due to some technical hoolamagoolas it appears that 2007 is going to be a fresh start. Hey ho. Here goes. This year started out with a great event in Huntingdon, the Huntsnet Professional Training day: Literacy group. It was […]

A blog too far…

| December 27, 2006 | Add Your Thoughts 

2006, where did you go? Perhaps it is best to wait a while and start afresh… until such time time as I can decide on the facial hair issue (my daughter wants me to do a ‘Johnny Depp’ and have it long enough so it can be ‘beaded’ 🙁 At least that will make up […]

Tearing off a strip…

| November 7, 2005 | Add Your Thoughts 


Writing off the wall…

| January 1, 1999 | Add Your Thoughts 

I WISH I HAD KEPT A BLOG SINCE JANUARY 1999 BUT… In fact, this a page where you can read some examples of work I have been sent recently. If you would like to see your own examples here, I would love to add them to the gallery. Send them via I look forward […]