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NAPE Computing & EDTECH Conference 2016, Oxford

| October 20, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Fantastic to be presenting a keynote for the NAPE Computing & EDTECH Conference 2016, at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford. NAPE is The National Association for Primary Education. It brings together everyone who has a concern for the learning of children from birth to 13 years. Members and affiliated schools work to improve education through […]

Music Theory .net

| October 17, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Music, by Ricci Adams, is a site I have referred to before but Ricci keeps adding new material and extending the range of lessons and activities. Music is often the first site you come to if you do a search for “Music Theory”, and it deserves to be there. Lessons, Trainers, and Utilities. […]

E xplore

| October 13, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

E is for EXPLORE is a superb analog/digital resource for teachers and parents. They develop fascinating learning activities, and search the internet to compile additional ideas from other sources. Well worth a rummage!


| October 11, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

iPiccy has many easy to use photo tools, enabling you to edit pictures, apply photo effects, add text or paint freehand from scratch. iPiccy is free and no registration is required. The iPiccy editor seems accessible enough that children, of loads of ages and abilities, can edit and create artistic reworkings of photographs, without too […]

Vcasmo – a handy way to record presentations

| October 3, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Vcasmo means that you can film a presentation and synchronise it with the slides a presenter is talking about Useful for recording the goings-on at a conference. But also in a classroom environment, perhaps when preparing for an interview or other presentation. We have used it with great success in a “challenging” setting, and therefore […]


| September 27, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

There are many mind mapping applications out there. However, the desktop apps are often bloated and not intuitive, and most web apps charge you for premium features.’s MindMap is free, open source and it’s full of HTML5 goodness. This is a prototype of an HTML5 based mind mapping application. It lets you create neat […]


| September 23, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Memidex is a massive collection of well sorted links for investigating the meaning and sounds of words. A free (mobile friendly) online dictionary & thesaurus with a simple interface, adult-filtering, & millions of external reference links for definitions, audio, and etymology.

Rowlatts Hill Primary School, Leicester ~ The Return

| September 21, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Great, to be invited back, to Rowlatts Hill Primary and, this time, with the children and teachers creating our composite creatures. Thank you to Jay Virk, Headteacher,  for inviting us to be with her colleagues and children for the day; special thanks to Deb Swann, Deputy Head, for coordinating arrangements wonderfully and to the staff […]

Music Theory Is Your Friend

| September 12, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Music Theory Is Your Friend friend could be helping you make extraordinary music. 34 Music Theory Hacks: contains Theory Ideas and Techniques that could spice up your music. How To Read Music is a guide to getting up and running in record time! What about 208 Songwriting Tips: Yes! : 208! Key signatures can be […]


| September 2, 2016 | Add Your Thoughts 

Thank you to Kelly Campbell for the nudge towards a few astronomy tools. She oversees a small team of retired educators and librarians who volunteer their time with EducatorLabs. The primary role of this team is to answer resource requests that come to them from educators every day, on a variety of topics. Each time […]