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Did you Sir? Did you miss?

| December 21, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 


| December 14, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

MyHistro enables students to put together videos, photographs, and blog entries on Google Earth and Google Maps, right there in any browser. Show what you’ve been up to, and the results of school projects, using the chronological time line. A free version is also available, on the app store.

| December 14, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Found a genuine use for today, converting the wondrous .ogg files from, when making ambient sound tracks, in the retelling of stories. Create your mp3s, WAVs or even back to oggs!

Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi ~ full on feedback

| December 14, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Great, to get news, and reports on successes, from work we have done in the past, with Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates. It was lovely to get some superb feedback when we were last in Abu Dhabi, but we asked the question: “…how are we going to take this further, and how […]

Future Learn

| December 13, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Enjoy free online courses from leading UK and international universities, with FutureLearn. Get in quick, and study a vast range of regular courses, on many subjects, some of which you may not have thought of.

AllCanCode ~ Run Marco

| December 10, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Designed for 6 to 12 year old children, Run Marco, from AllCanCode, is an engaging adventure game, to teach coding. Children guide the main character, of the game, through each level, by putting together instruction using a visual programming language. The game is currently available on browsers (directly and through Chrome Web Store),  Google Play […]

The Digital Education Show Middle East, Dubai ~ Workshop Day

| December 10, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Joyous… two, half day, post event workshops titled – Learning Without Frontiers for The Digital Education Show Middle East, in Dubai. We had a practical, hands on, and hands off, time… exploring a range of digital delights, and the analog learning that flows through them. You had to be there… a group of sunshine~itself, contributive laughter, […]

Spreeder ~ “Improve Reading Speed & Comprehension”

| December 9, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts is a free online speed reading software designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension. Press S to slow things down to a realistic challenge, or press the arrow keys for word-by-word progress. Get your “reluctant readers” racing the machine maybe.

The Digital Education Show Middle East, Dubai ~ Keynote

| December 9, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

An honour to be invited to The Digital Education Show Middle East, at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. Today we shared a keynote speech entitled “Back To Their Future” – Leveraging the creative potential of technology to make learning FUN, & indomitable superheroes of everyone. “Change the […]

| December 8, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Notate, review, share and comment upon and discuss a web page, or image, with BounceApp. Take screen shots and annotate, then share. Potentially useful.