See Tim in action

Below are some links to films of Tim in action. There is no replacement to actually “being there”, either at a training session, or seeing Tim in full flow with a class. These might give a flavour though:

Learning Without Frontiers Conference 2011

“Innovator and award-winning educator, Tim Rylands, takes his audience on a journey of digital story-telling and adventures in learning using iPads, iPods and mobile devices at the LWF Festival of Learning & Technology in London, January 10th 2011”

Game based Learning Conference – “Hold on to your seats as Tim Rylands and his erstwhile take the challenge to design and create a video game in 20 minutes.

Children! At an educational conference! What is the world coming too?!

Watch out for the big orange balls too!!

Lesson in progress: A snippet showing Tim and his class in action. This is an old film, and not typical of a real lesson, but it gives you some sense of how one way of using games can look. In this glimpse, Tim chose to sit with his pupils to promote the ‘shared’ experience. In his “demo sessions”, with up to 60 pupils, it’s all go!

Children getting verbal: A selection of Tim’s students read some of their work, describing where they have visited in the Myst worlds.

Becta Award Segment: Part of the BECTA film on the 2005 award winners.

Teachers TV: An enthusiastic endorsement of Tim’s techniques from Simon Botten of Teachers TV, not only discussing the rapt attention of pupils but, more importantly, how using Tim’s techniques has put his students a year ahead in literacy and writing techniques.

A BBC  ‘Mousemat’ interview with Adam Walton explaining how Tim has used Myst in the classroom. (Audio to follow)

Hand Held Learning Conference -Tim talks about using the Wii game ‘Wild Earth: African Safari’ (about 3 minutes in) to immerse, excite and impact on children and their learning. He goes on to use a variety of web tools and immersive elements to engage students of all ages and abilities.

(The first 2 minutes are painful but show the amazing way only Sarah can handle last minute technical difficulties)!