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The Best Dart Board Cabinets in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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When it comes to dart cabinets, they are not just to impress your neighbors. There are a lot of benefits to the best dartboard cabinet. Your board can get the added protection it needs to be around longer, or it can be a scoreboard, as well. Do you need lighting options, a cabinet can do this for you as well. Are you looking for extra storage? Your cabinet can double as a closet, too.

By reviewing the best cabinets, you can find a product that suits your personal needs. Depending on your wall space, you can find a cabinet that measures out to your needs. Also, in this review, we will talk about different wood finishes for you to enjoy. Take a look at these cabinets!


Best Dart Board Cabinet: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 12 Best Dart Board Cabinets Reviews:

Below are the top-12 cabinets that you seriously need to check out. With a variety of accessories and features, you will not have to look further from this list. Let us start with this gem from Hathaway.

1. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet Solid Poplar With Dark Cherry Finish

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid...


Hathaway starts the list off right with the Cherry Finish cabinet. Measuring out at 24 by 9.25 by 81 inches, this cabinet weighs less than 80 pounds. With a leg base, you can bet this product will hold up every time you play darts.

When using this product, make sure to use soft tip darts. By upgrading and updating the game room, you can make your space an arcade of sorts. A dartboard is built into the cabinet, and it can score up to eight players to play at one time.

Additionally, you can play 29 different games, with 90 ways to win. This is a fun way to pass the time with neighbors, family, and friends. With a sound system mounted in the cabinet, you can have a party with this product. It is convenient you will like and versatility you will be astonished by.

The 180-day warranty is the last thing to know about this product. Give yourself six months to use this cabinet for all it is worth. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return with no questions asked. No damage will take place during the shipping process, or you will get replacement parts or a new product at no additional cost to you.


  • Made in the United States of America
  • Flights included with the purchase are both from America and Britain
  • Great product for the holidays or birthday
  • The cratsmanship is second to none
  • Very easy to put together
  • Comes with a whiteboard and markers


  • Only comes in a Cherry Finish
  • The wiring leaves much to be desired

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2. American Legend Charleston Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

American Legend Charleston Solid Wood Bristle...


American Legend makes the best dartboard cabinet, at least in the eyes of a few thousand customers of the years. At just 29 pounds, this cabinet is one of the lighter ones on the market. With measurements of 22.44 by 5.11 x 22.83 inches, this product can fit on most wall spaces.

The stylish design is what many like about this premium-grade product. Along with decorative trim, the ashwood veneer is something to marvel at. Along with your purchase of the cabinet, you will receive a dartboard that will hold up year after year, chalkboards for scoring, and chalk to writing out the winning scores.

When playing with this set, use steel tip darts. Six come with your purchase, and you can play immediately. The dart holders in the cabinet are special, as well. When you are not playing darts, put them away to keep them in great condition. There is even a number ring rotation to make sure that your board gets played easily over the years.


  • The cabinet comes with a door latch
  • Made in the country of China
  • Very easy installation
  • Amazing value for the money you pay
  • Comes with a nice matte finish
  • The scoreboards have a cool blue shade


  • Not ideal to use outdoors
  • Can start to mold over time if the product is not cleaned

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3. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

Barrington Billiards Company Bellevue Collection...


The Barrington Billards Store is one of the best cabinets for a few reasons. For starters, they have six different style types that few companies can compare with. The Bellevue style, in particular, is made from wood and iron. With item dimensions of 24 by 24 by 3.5 inches, you can fit this cabinet anywhere in your home.

The board in the cabinet is very impressive because it is of the self-healing variety. The bullseye comes with zero staples, allowing your board to be more resilient than ever before. With your cabinet, you will receive the dartboard, six darts, a mounting bracket, flights, and a marker, to name a few things.

The hanging cabinet uses box joints with the best hinges to fight against wear and tear. Your doors will not slam with this cabinet either. As a lightweight option, you will love this easy to install product that has a rustic design to boot. No matter if you have this product in the man cave or your pub room, it will be a great addition to any space.


  • The dartboard is the official size
  • Made with the wormhole effect
  • The dartboard is 18-inches in size
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Can move the dartboard with ease when changing up the placement
  • Comes with LED lights


  • The lights are battery powered and will need to be replaced over time
  • Takes a while to get the chemical smell away after you purchase this product

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4. Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Cabinet Set With Integrated Wood Doors

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard...


The Arachnid Store provides the next premiere dartboard. This beautiful design comes in the color black with two doors to open the cabinet. With item dimensions of 27 by 22.5 by 5.5 inches, you will love that this cabinet can be put on any wall in your house. The backlit scoring uses a colorful design that has an interactive window.

When you are playing with the product, you will have 38 different games, with 137 different ways to play them. This means you have plenty to do playing darts with anyone you want. Use the scoring displays with X/O figures to keep the competition fair. As you finish playing, the wood doors are integrated for protection against damage to your dartboard.

The dartboard system is also one you can use soft and steel tip darts. Either way, you have a dartboard that is self-healing around the 13.5-inch area. Expect this product to last for you anywhere from two years up to ten.


  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America
  • The product only weighs 11.7 pounds
  • Can play with four players
  • A great giftable option
  • Amazing thickness with the darts
  • The stellar sturdiness will keep your cabinet upright


  • The electronic can start to short out
  • The sound is not very loud

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5. Viper Stadium Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Ready-To-Play Bundle With Two Sets

Viper by GLD Products Stadium Cabinet & Shot King...


This dartboard cabinet has four cool styles to investigate from the deluxe, elite, premium, and standard sets. The product, from Viper, is made from Sisal and only weighs 20 pounds. With items dimensions from 43.31 x 19.69 x 2.99 inches, you can use a bundle cabinet and place it anywhere around your home.

In your purchase, you will receive a cabinet, steel tip darts, a scoreboard, dartboard, markets, and a bunch of extra hardware. The bullseye is free of staples, so you can have lasting durability over the years. As an official tournament size, you can use a moveable ring to make sure that your board lasts longer than ever. You will even get a toe line to keep the competition fair.

Ultimately, you will have a product that keeps your room clean or free of floor markers. With the cabinets walnut finish, you get a product that looks great and holds up well. Add in some LED pods, and you will have a product that is spectacular day and night.


  • Sensational customer service will have your back any time you need
  • The LED lights go on the top of the cabinet
  • Very easy installation
  • Made in the country of China
  • Shipped quickly and with quality packaging
  • Can upgrade the darts if you want


  • May need to get a better A/C adapter
  • Limited accessories with the product

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6. DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Sets

DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Sets -...


Whether you go with the Light Cherry or Rustic Grey cabinet, DMI Sports has all your bases covered. The light cherry color is something to marvel at. With finger framing and joint construction, your cabinet will be able to hold double the set of darts.

Inside the cabinet, you will love the official size dartboard that is 18-inches by 1.5-inches. Traditional scoring will also be available to you inside the doors of the cabinet. There is even an electronic scoreboard if you are looking to get more digital.

Another thing that is great about this cabinet is the fact that the cabinet gives your wall added protection from stray darts. When you are not using this product, you can hide the dartboard by closing the cabinet altogether. It is a product like this that any true dart player will love to pieces.


  • You can replace the scoreboard with other scoreboards
  • Can play with four people at a time
  • The cabinet is very thick
  • The beauty from this cabinet radiates
  • Perfect product for a gift
  • Ideal for any game room or garage


  • Not for outdoor use
  • No holes for mounting

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7. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise Dart Cabinet Set with Steel Tips

Imperial NFL Atlanta Falcons Dart Board Cabinet...


This next option, from Imperial Store, brings the National Football League and darts together for the most fun around. Just imagine this for a second. You are watching your favorite NFL on a Thursday, Sunday, or Monday. There is a commercial break, so what do you do? You play darts on your team’s dartboard, of course.

Imperial has teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, and the Houston Texans to enjoy. This pine dartboard measures out at 24.6 by 20 by 4-inches to cover solid wall space. As a professional option, you will proudly show off the team you love, while opening up the doors to see the dartboard, flights, and a naming scoreboard.

The construction for this board is second to none because Imperial cares deeply about the details. The design is sturdy and holds up against pressure. With the help of steel tips, you will have a dartboard that takes in every throw without any bounces off your board.

With this product being made in the United States of America, you can bet you will have a product that will last. This set includes six darts, an eraser, chalk, and two different scoreboards. Install this product with ease, and get to playing today.


  • Essential for any man cave or where you watch the big game
  • The board is the soft bristle variety
  • Can put together within minutes
  • The product is well-packaged
  • Perfect to give as a gift
  • The doors add ultimate protection


  • The corners of the cabinet can bend over time
  • You may want to buy better dart tips for this cabinet

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8. Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set WIth 13.5″ Target Area

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard...


The best dartboard cabinet may very well come from the Arachnid Store. This black cabinet is made from quality wood and measures out at 27 x 22.5 x 5.5 inches. Also, at only 14.3 pounds, this is one of the lightest cabinets on the market.

When playing with this dartboard, you can expect to play over 30 games with over 180 different ways to play. This means hours of fun for you and the people you enjoy playing darts with. Four of these games are cricket, which makes darts that much more enjoyable.

The cabinet doors for this product are extra stylish, giving you more storage than you ever thought was possible. One feature that is super unique to this product is the heckler and applaud feature. Let us say you are playing with a good friend. You want to edge up the competition, right? Use the heckler feature to mock a bad throw, and use the applaud sequence to praise a player for amazing dart playing. Sounds like fun to us!

When you do use this cabinet, you can play with eight players at one time. The LCD will keep all the scores organized for you. Also, you will see them clearly on the screen for the best playing experience around.


  • You can easily reset this board
  • Comes with soft and steel tip darts
  • The display has backlighting
  • Can play on your own or with others
  • Stellar customer service from the manufacturer
  • Perfect for any gendered individual to play


  • Can not be shipped internationally unless to United States military posts
  • One comes in one color

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9. Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products 40-0405 Viper Metropolitan...


Viper knows how to make quality products. By selling this cabinet along with GLD Products, you can choose a cabinet with or without the dartboard, if you are already covered. With four colors to choose from, you can get in line for cinnamon, espresso, mahogany, or oak finish. Since the product is made fully out of pine, you can bet that this 12-pound cabinet will hold up under the toughest of conditions.

In this bundled product, you will receive the cabinet itself, along with bronze hinges and box joint developments. Also, expect to receive a scoreboard, mounting hardware, and a board for out-charting. Without any staples in this product, you will have a self-healing board like never before. With the dartboard made from sisal fibers, everything is compressed together for limited damage throw after throw.

It is durability like this board that gets customers excited. Your purchase also comes with a toe line that works during the day or night. This means no adhesive markers for you ruining your floor.


  • Can be in five different bundle options
  • You can customize your dartboard
  • The product is made of 100% pine
  • The cabinet is self-closing
  • You can remove the dart caddy if you want
  • You can mount the laser with only two separate screws


  • Not to be used outdoors
  • The cabinet can get some noticeable scratches

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10. Hathaway Drifter Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Hathaway Drifter Solid Wood Dartboard & Cabinet...


Hathaway has done it against with this Timber Wood design. With materials of wood and pine, you get a rustic cabinet that measures out to be 25 by six by 25 inches. By using reclaimed wood, this cabinet has a stronger resolve. The expert craftsmanship allows for a look of vintage decor.

The farmhouse style is something else a lot of people love, too. With aged hardware, the iron look can be a centerpiece in any rec room, man cave, or garage. This means you can have a ton of tournaments for darts right in your home. With the help of sisal fibers, your dartboard will have no problem healing in the slightest. In turn, you will have fewer bounce-outs than ever before.

With the felt lining for the cabinet, you will enjoy added protection from any shots that go away. In this set, you will receive two separate sets of steel tips and dart flights that are made from nylon. Also, you will get two different chalkboards and holders for all your darts built into the cabinet.


  • Comes with a 180-day warranty from the manufacturer
  • Your product will arrive damage-free
  • Sweet customer service from this company
  • Very easy install with the help of wall hardware
  • The outer rings will extend the life of your dartboard
  • Limits bounce-outs with this board


  • The drilling can sometimes be poor for this cabinet
  • The chalk breaks down pretty quickly

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11. Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard

Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard...


The last Viper product you get on this list is the Hideaway Cabinet. It is a traditional black cabinet that only weighs 12.8 pounds. With measurements of 21 by 2.13 by 21.5 inches, you will blanket a lot of wall space to keep stray darts at bay. By defending your wall with this classic design, what more could you ask for?

The cabinet itself is finished with a matte black that will match anything in your man cave, pub room, or garage where you place this dartboard. You will also like the thin profile of this cabinet that will never obstruct walls or room in the slightest. With your purchase, you will receive a double-sided paper dartboard. On one side, you can play with baseball darts and the other soft or steel tips. This is a feature that few dartboards have.

With your purchase, you will receive two different sets of darts, a dartboard, a cabinet, and mounting hardware. Expect this cabinet to be an easy install into any room. The directions are amazing to have at your disposal, too.


  • Can play games like cricket or 301 with this dartboard
  • Super customer service from Viper
  • Perfect for any gendered adult
  • The installation manual can be downloaded on a computer in a PDF
  • The doors of this cabinet fully open
  • Extra sturdy craftsmanship


  • Will need better darts for accuracy
  • The doors sometimes do not go flush

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12. Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Cabinet Set With A Realistic Walnut Finish

TG Dartboard Cabinet Set with Realistic Walnut...


If you are looking for a waterproof dartboard cabinet, this is not the one. But, if you need an indoor cabinet, you have come to the right place. This product, from Trademark Games, is a premier option in the dartboard world. The brown cabinet uses engineered wood for some of the strongest materials around. Measuring out at 3.25 by 20 by 25-inches, this dartboard is a wide option that will give more coverage to any wall space.

With your purchase, you will receive six steel tips, as well as an eraser and chalk. The door closure is magnetic, so the cabinet will stay shut when you are not using it. There is a mounted chalkboard too to make scoring a breeze. It is a product like this that people drool over because of its quality and excitement.


  • This is a reversible dartboard
  • Uses triangle hooks to mount the cabinet
  • Lasts between two to ten years
  • Great giftable option if you are in need
  • Ideal as a beginner set
  • Takes a heavy beating and still looks like new


  • Not perfect for professional dart players
  • May come with some missing pieces in the bundle

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dart Board Cabinet

Now that you have all your ducks in a row for products, it is time to hit the buying guide. Any customer needs to understand what features they can get in a cabinet. This way, they can make choices that are best for them when playing darts.

  • 1. Finding Quality

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a cabinet is quality. The fabrication of any cabinet needs to have materials that will hold up well over time. Check to see if the cabinet is screwed, glued, or stapled to make things work. In terms of detail, is the cabinet coated, sanded, or polished to resolve things?

This should influence your decision greatly because this will test how long your investment will last. Many cabinets look good on the outside, but some companies use cheap materials, which decay faster over the life of the product. Some of the best quality woods include oak, walnut, and poplar.

Still, do not feel like you have to break the bank to buy a cabinet that works for you. Woods like pine can do the trick as well. This way, you will get durability at a fantastic price.

  • 2. Design & Style

Understanding the style and design of a cabinet can be something that people overlook. Ultimately, this cabinet will be a home fixture, so you want something that looks nice and feels awesome around the home. Start by figuring out where you will be placing your cabinet. Do you want it in the basement, living room, garage, or a specific game room in the house?

Next, you will have to consider how you want to hang your cabinet. The style and design will say a lot about this process. If you have a cabinet that does not fit well in a room, this could bring down the ambiance. Instead, believe in functionality over form. Then, you will have the mood you want in the room you have the cabinet placed.

Lastly, make sure that you measure out space before you get the cabinet. Nothing is worse than buying a cabinet and finding out you do not have the room to make things work.

  • 3. Extra Storage

Many cabinets you could purchase in the 21st Century have a variety of storage options. Some might only want a cabinet that protects the dartboard when people are not playing on it. However, others may have a ton of darts that they want to keep concealed in a cabinet as well.

With all the accessories like barrels, flights, and a tip sharpener to name a few, a cabinet can be a perfect way to hide things when they are not in use. Of course, know that you will pay a little more for more storage. Just determine what is best for you and your lifestyle.

  • 4. Getting Valuable

When you are purchasing your cabinet, you certainly want to get value. To get extra value, look for a manufacturer that goes above and beyond in its cabinet detail. With a bundle, you can get more convenience and savings over the life of your cabinet.

Look for package bundles that come with the dartboard (either electronic or bristle), scoreboards, markers, out-charts, and other hardware. Other things that can add value from manufacturers include metal hinges, stoppers, and linings. You may even get a throw line in your purchase. Brands like Viper are a good bet for bundles.

  • 5. Getting Pricey

A price point is essential for anything you ever buy. Of course, you have to budget what you can afford. But, try your best to afford something that gives great quality. You should expect that your cabinet lasts between ten to twenty years.

So, spend some extra money on a cabinet with that make and model that you desire. Ultimately, you deserve to have a great cabinet. Spend the money that fits things in your life.

  • 6. Warranty Wishes

The last thing on this buyer’s guide you may be interested in is a warranty. Depending on the product, some companies have no warranty up to 180-days. Of course, know that that the longer the warranty, the more you will be paying for it.

Also, there are no warranties you can add to your cabinet after you have purchased it. Ultimately, gauge how much you will be playing with your dartboard, and decide if you need a warranty or not. This way, you can rest easy at night knowing you have the product that you have always dreamed of.


Types of Dart Board Cabinets


The next thing you have to consider is the type of cabinet you are looking for. The main cabinets are either fixed or hung. Decide on what you need most, so you can have the freedom you deserve. Installing or mounting is based on the style that you want for your cabinet.

As it pertains to style, check again on the space you have to make things work in your home for a cabinet. Portability might be something else to consider. By having a fixed cabinet, you can move it around easier than one that is mounted on a wall.

If you do go with a hanged model, they should be a cinch to install, and you will not be limited to a few ways of mounting, but have a lot of options to consider. When fixing a cabinet, you may need a little extra skill to make things happen. If not, get someone who can professionally install it, so you have no problems at all.

As you mount a cabinet, bolt it to the wall, so you will not worry about it falling or getting pushed off your wall space. This way, you can have a fun-filled experience playing darts. And this is how it should be!


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the top questions that you need to answer before you can buy your cabinet. These questions are ones that many people across the Internet ask, and you can be one of the few that knows the answers. Let us start with the recommended height of a cabinet, shall we?


Q1: What should the height of my cabinet be for the dartboard?

When it comes to official regulations, from the floor to the bullseye, your cabinet should be 5’8″ off the ground. This is 1.73 meters for all your metric people. Try to get this measurement as close as humanly possible. This will help with you mounting the cabinet.

By using masking tape, you can mark the space and then work your way up to the bullseye. This way, you can do things the right way the first time. A rule of thumb should be to measure twice, so then you can only do the work once.

When creating enough space for your cabinet, you need a wall area that is only for darts. Do not have other things in the area that could be damaged by darts. Also, you need to have a throw line across the room that is no interrupted by other things in the room.

So, start by measuring the thickness of the cabinet itself. Measure 93.25-inches next to the floor to thrower’s line. Then, take your cabinet’s thickness into account with the line throw and you should be good to go. There may be some adjustments that you need to consider, like the mounting hardware adding more inches than you expected.

The last thing to consider is the drywall for your space. A wall stud can go a long way to help you mount your cabinet appropriately. Then, you can have your cabinet installed to a stud for extra strength, and nothing will rip out of the wall.


Q2: What should the throwing line distance be?

If you are using official distancing, then it is 7 feet 9.25 inches or 2.37 meters, using the metric system. With an 18-inch dartboard being 1.5-inches off the wall, take this into account when measuring. The thickness from the backing surfaces needs to be taken into account, too. Then, you will have an easier time measuring out the throw line.

Still, start with mounting the cabinet first, and then you can move onto the throw line. Electronic darts and traditional steel tip darts have different measurements as well. Once the main job is done, use a plumb line or a string to measure out the throw line.

By having zero obstacles in your way, you can have the perfect throw line. So, do not have your darts in the hallway or in between different rooms. If people pass frequently in front of the dartboard, this is not the place for your prized possession.

With a clearance area on your wall, away from cabinets, windows, and electrical boxes, you can be sure that your cabinet is placed appropriately. By giving two feet away from anything around, you will have enough room to play the game you love.


Q3: Can I use steel tip darts with an electronic dartboard?

No. Do not do this under any circumstance. Soft-tip darts would be better for this kind of dartboard.


Q4: Is using a dartboard without a cabinet a possibility?

This is a possibility. But, you will not have the protection or storage capacity without it.


Final Verdict

Now, you know what the best dartboard cabinet is all about. From quality products to the things you have to consider for the best results, you know what getting the right product is for you. But, you now have to put your money where your mouth goes out and buy what you need. This way, you can have an experience like none other.

Just think about it for a second. With a cabinet placed in your home, you can now have the fun you have always dreamed of with your family and friends. This is the life you were meant for. Go out there and take all there is for ultimate success!

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