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The Best Dart Boards of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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The English man was right when he said; “Work without play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Due to the limited spacing in most work areas, indoor games such as darts are one sure-fire way of refreshing your mind to get ready for that upcoming task. But, which is the best dart board out there that will help you hit the bullseye with a bit of style and enthusiasm?

You see, in recent years, the popularity of darts has grown immensely forcing the number of those playing the game to increase as well. While some are avid dart connoisseurs, others play it for recreational purposes as a way to pass time with friends, family, and colleagues.

But, even if you’re are creational or a professional darts player, how well are you acquitted with these boards if you were to pick the best from a store?

Well, in this guide, we’ve done the homework for you by examining hundreds of dart boards to give you ten of the best that will meet your daily darting needs. In addition to that, we’ll offer you some simple tips and tricks on what to look out for when purchasing the best dart board, how to set the board properly, and the different types of dart boards that are available in the market.

With that and more, let’s first review ten of the best professional dart boards that are currently available in the market.



Best Dart Boards: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Dart Boards Reviews:

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with...


While most of us are great fans of traditional dart boards, their electronic counterparts such as the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 are cementing their spot in the industry and are not disappointing at all. Hailed by the most enthusiast dart players, this dart board has impressed both professional and beginner players due to a myriad of reasons.

One of those is the large 15.5” target area that’s large enough for tournament-style play. To give it a unique classic trademark, Arachnid has designed the target area with a combination of Black, Yellow, and Red colors.

On the game side, super-thin segment dividers have been used to increase a player’s scoring potential while reducing bounce-outs to the minimum. To boost longevity, NylonTough segments have been used on the surface of the target area to improve playability and allow the board to stand the test of time.

To cement its title as one of the best electronic dart board in the business, Arachnid has added an interactive heckler feature that scolds or congratulates players whenever they make a bad or an impressive throw. Although this feature is optional (can be turned on/off), it has 3 levels of difficulty that can be adjusted at will.

Last but not least, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 has 40 games with 179 variations. It allows a maximum of 8 players who can conveniently play while viewing the scores on the LED-powered Jumbo score display.

Key Features:

  • LED Jumbo score display for easy selection of the menu
  • Maximum of 40 games with 179 variations (including 7 dedicated cricket games)
  • On/Off heckler feature with 3 levels of difficulty
  • NylonTough segments offer exceptional playability with outstanding durability
  • Thin segment dividers reduce bounce-outs while improving performance

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2. Winmau DWIN500-5 Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard


With an endorsement from the British Darts Organization, the Winmau DWIN500-5 Blade 5 dart board has shut the critics with a blistering performance that has left everyone talking. With over 7 decades in the business, Winmau has done their homework well offering customers what exactly they’ve been waiting for.

One of the features that have made this dart board so popular in the market is the design. Unlike its previous predecessor (the Blade-4), this one has a much thinner spider wire that increases your scoring chances by decreasing cases of deflection when a dart hits it.

The razor wiring (segment dividers) too have been reduced in size making them much thinner with a curved angle of about 60° rather than the previous 90°. At least with such an angle, your darts will be guided more easily without being deflected.

When it comes to mounting, the Winmau DWIN500-5 Blade 5 is equipped with a triple wheel lock-and-lever system that makes it possible to be mounted on a variety of walls. It has a lightweight of just 10.7 pounds and sleek dimensions of 17.8 x 17.8 x 1.5 inches making it easier to hang on the wall without breaking a sweat.

Other than the features mentioned above, one reason that has allowed this dart board to feature in competitive dart tournaments is the quality of the board itself. The board is actually made of two layers of sisal fiber with an additional layer of high compression fibers.

With such a construction, cases of bounce-outs are drastically reduced increasing efficiency while still preventing rapid wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Diffusion Technology has been used on the bullseye ring to make it stronger
  • 14% thinner spider wire reduces deflection
  • Double layer of sisal fiber improves efficiency and overall durability of the board
  • Thin segment dividers have an angle of 60°plus to reduce bounce-outs when you hit the wire
  • Triple wheel lock and level system provides easy setup on a variety of walls

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3. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board with Ultra Slim...


Just like the Winmau DWIN500-5 Blade 5, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro has also been endorsed by the PDC as an exclusive dart board capable of competing in major televised tournaments around the globe. What really makes it the best dart board in the market is its exclusive design which is quite different from its closest rivals.

One of the impressive features most shoppers have identified is the ultra-thin wires that divide the segments. The wires are thin and angled thus increasing the playing area by about 14%. With such an ingenious construction, bounce-outs are generally reduced making it easier for you to score.

Another feature that’s quite impressive about this dart board is the large 2 x 18.1 x 18.1 inches playing area. Not only is it large, but this board is also designed with ultra-high visibility that improves clarity when playing.

Casual and occasional players will also note that this board has a high density that allows the darts to stick instead of falling or bouncing out. Last but not least, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro is a high-quality affordable board that’s available at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • High-density board
  • Ultra-thin segmentation wiring
  • Staple-free construction
  • Three rubber bumpers for easy installation
  • Ultra-high visibility spider and numbering

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4. Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set

Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle...


The Viper by GLD Products is an affordable choice that has served as people’s choice for quite a while now. Regardless of its low price range, this dart board has not traded quality for off-shore workmanship whatsoever.

The 18” diameter board is made of sisal fiber that has been compressed to boost durability. As a bonus, a staple-free bullseye has been included to make it easier for you to score without experiencing any bounce-outs.

Since the bullseye is staple-free, the spider is not attached to it but rather on the sides allowing the number ring to move freely. This is brilliant engineering that prevents concentrated damage by giving the board enough time to heal by spinning it around.

Whether it’s for professional or recreational playing purposes, the Viper by GLD Products utilizes thin radial spider wires that are rounded to direct the darts to specific spots without deflecting or bouncing out.

Last but not least, this dart board comes with six steel tip darts and a brightly colored board that improves visibility if you’re aiming at a distance.

Key Features:

  • An extended dart catching area
  • Large 18” playing area with 1.5” depth
  • Compressed sisal fibers
  • A staple-free bullseye
  • Thin galvanized wiring
  • 2 sets of steel tip darts
  • Movable number ring

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5. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard...


The WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board may perhaps not suit professional players but it will certainly entertain beginners, kids, and people looking to entertain their friends during a party. Just like the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800, the WIN.MAX too provides an electronic alternative breaking the monopoly of having to stick on traditional dart boards.

By default, this dart board has 21 exciting games with 65 variations that range from 301, cricket, killer, football to Nine dart century.

The LCD-display on its side is bright enough to illuminate the scores though it’s a bit small meaning you’ll have to walk closer if you need to keep track of the scores. One interesting feature though is the automatic voice announcer that makes the game practical and exciting by making an announcement whenever you hit the score.

Another feature most players, especially beginners, will love about the WIN.MAX is the large catch area that prevents the darts from sticking on the wall. Just like the Cricket Pro, this dart board also allows 4 individual players at a time except when structuring the game where it allows a maximum of 8 players.

When you make your order, the WIN.MAX will arrive as a package with the dart board itself, an adapter, the manual, 6 soft tip darts, and 40 extra tips exclusively manufactured by WIN.MAX.

Key Features:

  • 21 games with 65 variations
  • LCD-display
  • Maximum of 4 players except when structuring where it allows 8
  • Wide catch area
  • Automatic voice announcer

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6. IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set

IgnatGames Dart Board Professional Set -...


The IgnatGames Professional Dart Board has managed to bulldoze its way into this exclusive list due to its impressive performance. Whether you’re an occasional or casual darts player, this dartboard will give you a high-quality gaming experience that you’ll rarely forget.

What makes it the best dartboard in the market is the superior construction which has, by the way, paved the way for its endorsement by the WDF allowing it to compete in major tournaments.

The board itself is made of compressed premium quality Kenyan sisal that has self-healing abilities to boost longevity. The segmentation wire is ultra-thin and staple-free reducing bounce-outs to increase a player’s scoring ability.

The segmentation wires are 65% thinner than ordinary wires reducing the chances of darts falling and instead diverting the dart’s tips towards the right spots. The optimal density of the board has further made it the best soft tip dart board in the business as soft and hard dart tips can penetrate deeper avoiding unnecessary bounce-outs.

The IgnatGames Professional Dart Board comes with 6 steel tip darts with aluminum shafts for improved accuracy. It comes with a free guide to suit players of all skill levels alongside a 30% off discount whenever you make a purchase.

Key Features:

  • 6 multicolored darts with aluminum shafts
  • Premium quality Kenyan sisal with self-healing capability
  • A dart measuring tape for setting up the game
  • Staple-free and ultra-thin wire spider for improved performance
  • Large 18” playing diameter

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7. GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board Kids - Magnetic...


The GIGGLE N GO Reversible Dart Board is a 16” dart board that has been endorsed by most parents as the best magnetic dart board in the market. With a weight of just 3.5 pounds, this dartboard is light enough to carry around during trips to enjoy yourselves with friends and family while having some beer.

Unlike ordinary dart boards, this one has gone against the tradition of using tipped darts to use magnetic darts instead that stick on a very strong magnetic board.

This technology is quite rare but it has been developed to give kids who are avid dart players a chance to shore case their talents in the safest means possible. The game comes with two sets of colored darts to allow multi-playing up to 5 players.

As a bonus, GIGGLE N GO has included another multiplayer game at the back to spice up your gaming experience while having fun with friends and family. This dart board can easily be mounted on any wall as you only need to hang it like a picture frame.

Since this game is exclusively designed for kids, GIGGLE N GO has managed to include three exclusive themes to spice up the game such as the Bullseye Theme,Dinosaur Theme and the Shoot ‘EM Theme.

Key Features:

  • Offers 3 themes to choose from
  • 2 magnetic games on one board
  • Offers 2 sets of strong neodymium magnets
  • One year warranty
  • Large 16” play area

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8. Doinkit Darts – Kids Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Dart Magnetic Dartboards - Large Premium...


If the GIGGLE N GO Reversible Dart Board doesn’t appeal to you or your kids, why not try out the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board? In a nutshell, these two kids dart boards are pretty the same. However, some shoppers feel the GIGGLE N GO is much better as it offers two dart games on either side of the board which is not the case with the Doinkit Darts.

However, if that doesn’t concern you, then this dart board is a brilliant choice for your kids as it offers 2 sets of colored darts with balanced neodymium magnetic tips to improve efficiency. The board has a diameter of 16” which is large enough to suit kids and beginners looking to improve their hand-eye coordination.

In addition to that,Marky Sparky has used the right segmentation on the board to allow your kids to learn how to play darts professionally. The darts are designed with a flexible curving material that is virtually indestructible allowing this game to stand the test of time.

Key Features:

  • Powerful magnetic board reduces annoying bounce-outs
  • Magnetic darts for safety purposes
  • 16” diameter dart board
  • Balanced freights for improved accuracy
  • 2 sets of magnetic darts

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9. Magnetic Dart Board Game

Magnetic Dart Board Game – 12pcs – Best Kids...


The Fansparks Magnetic Dart Board Game is another magnetic dart board that has taken a modern twist on this classic game. Other than utilizing the traditional steel tip darts, this game has gone beyond this culture to use magnetic darts that are safe for kids.

So, for those Fansparks fans in the “house”, this magnetic dart board is the perfect choice for beginners and kids alike as you won’t have to worry about accidents caused by the sharp heavy steel tips. Its 14.5” diameter board is, however, its major downside as its way smaller than the recommended size used by all professional dart boards.

However, since it’s intended for kids and other recreational purposes, Fansparks has opted to calibrate the board with small markings on the Treble, Double, Inner, and Outer Bull areas to give you the scoring of each spot in case you’re a beginner.

This dart board comes with 12 magnetic darts and a keyhole slot at the back for easy mounting. The game is very easy to master and has a very clear play area that helps to improve hand-eye coordination and concentration when playing.

Key Features:

  • 12 sets of magnetic darts
  • Bright play area for improved clarity
  • Keyhole slot at the back for easy mounting
  • Calibrated slots
  • Sleek design for easy mobility

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10. Nodor SupaMatch Bristle Dartboard

Nodor SupaMatch 3 Bristle Dartboard with...


The Nodor SupaMatch Bristle Dart Board is the last dart board that has managed to book a spot on our list. The third of the SupaMatch series, this dart board offers exclusive features that are not present in the previous version.

With a diameter of 18.1” and a depth of 2”, this dart board has been endorsed by the American Dart Organization for its compliance allowing it to complete in major tournaments around the globe. Other than its size, this dart board utilizes the new staple-free wiring system that is 20% thinner than that of its predecessor to increase the size of the scoring zone and reducing bounce-outs.

Like it’s not enough, Nodor has used compressed high-grade sisal fibers on the surface to improve performance and the self-healing ability of the board. The number ring is surprisingly movable allowing the board to wear evenly thus prolonging its life span.

Key Features:

  • Movable number ring
  • Staple-free surface
  • Compressed sisal fibers
  • Ultra-thin segmentation wiring
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dart Board


Now that we’ve reviewed ten of the best dart boards in the market, the next step is to offer you some useful tips that will guide you through when making your selection. You see, darting has been a classic and social game for a very long time.

It’s one of the best recreational games that bind friends, families, and colleagues together. But, regardless of whether you’re playing it for recreational (as a hobby) or professional (sporting) purposes, you will need the right dart board to play substantially.

With that said, here are eight key pointers that will help you select the best dart board that will reduce those annoying bounce-outs by improving quality and boosting longevity.

  • Size:

The size of the dart board is one of the most critical factors you need to consider when making your selection. Dart boards come in varying sizes depending on the manufacturer and the purpose by which you’re planning to use it. For instance, professional dart boards such as electronic and bristle varieties have sizes that range from 15.5” to 17.5”.

If you’re not planning to use it for professional purposes such as tournaments, a smaller size will be ideal as it can suit regular use within the house or working area. In case you’re planning to use the dart board for partying purposes, a bigger one can be suitable as it can allow at least 15 players to play at a time.

  • Positioning:

When it comes to positioning your dart board, you need to ensure that the throw line is positioned at least 7 feet and 9 inches from the board. The bullseye should be exactly 5 feet and 8 inches from the ground to ensure that visual experience is not compromised with when playing.

  • Depth and Density:

Two critical factors that can dictate the quality of your darting experience are the depth and density of the dart board. In fact, most dart boards are rated depending on the quality of these two factors.

The density is basically the level of hardness of the board while the depth is how deep the dart’s tip penetrates on the board. If the density of the dart board is poor, then it means that the darts will create small holes on the surface which will become larger over time thus reducing the holding capacity which results in bounce-outs.

On the other hand, if the depth is shallow, then a dart’s tip won’t be able to hold firmly also leading to bounce-outs. To prevent these, it’s recommended that you choose a dart board that has a high-density (especially bristle dartboards) and a depth of at least 1.5”.

  • Material:

The material to which a dart board is made of can also directly influence its performance. To enjoy your game, your selected board should have a material that has an improved healing power. In this case, a bristle dart board is the best choice as it has a high healing power that boosts its longevity.

Materials such as coiled papers should be avoided at all cost unless you’re buying the game for your kids or for recreational purposes. These boards are so soft that the dart tip penetrates straight through them creating holes that seldom heal.

  • The Ink:

Dartboards consist of three colors which are Red, Black, and Green. When choosing a dart board, you need to ensure that these colors are a bit pale and not too bright to cause a distraction to your eyes when darting.

So, to improve visibility, you need to invest on a board that’s painted with food-grade eco inks (such as the ones on bristle dartboards) as they’re not only environmentally friendly, but they also provide a low glare that doesn’t blind your eyes.

  • Wiring:

Dartboards contain special wires that divide the segments. This wiring plays a very critical role in making the central section of the board visible. Since they’re in the area of play, they can also influence your game as they either deflect and direct the dart to the right spot or obstruct the dart by bouncing it away in case you hit it.

So, to improve your game and avoid such rare obstructions, you need to examine the wiring very carefully to ensure that its thin and triangular edged to avoid bounce-outs.

  • Removable Number Ring:

Although it’s not a critical factor, a removable number ring coupled with a high-grade sisal fiber can improve the healing power of your dartboard immensely. With this feature, you can easily switch the numbers by unclipping the number ring then clipping it back when you’re done.

When the numbers are rotated, the sections that have been hit the most will have enough time to heal thus improving the overall durability of the board.

  • Price:

Last but not least, you need to consider the cost. In most cases, the brand, the series, and the purpose of buying the dartboard will most likely influence the price. Brands such as Winmau are generally pricier than their fewer premium counterparts while newer series will generally cost more than older models.

Finally, dartboards intended for professional tournament purposes will also cost more than their recreational counterparts as they come with improved features such as compressed sisal fibers and ultra-thin segmentation wires.


Different Types of Dart Boards


Now that we’ve discussed some of the key factors that need to be examined when choosing a dartboard, the next step is to peruse through the various types of boards to determine which one between them will suit your intended purpose.

Depending on your intentions, choosing the wrong dartboard can ruin your game as it can either cause annoying bouncing of the dart or rapid wear and tear of the board. To avoid such inconveniences, here are some of the most prominent dartboards in the market alongside their upside and downsides.

  • Bristle Dartboards:

If you’re an avid darts player, then I assume you know this type of dartboard is ultimately the best. For those with limited knowledge about darts, then I believe you’ve seen one in your local bar or club. After their invention in the 1930s, these dartboards have become very popular especially due to their environmentally-friendly advantage.

These dartboards are made of highly compressed premium-grade sisal fibers that have been imported from Africa. The sisal fibers are then stuffed into a cylindrical shape that’s then cut, cured, and sanded to create a smooth playing area.

One good thing about these dartboards is that their tedious manufacturing process doesn’t go without a price. They’re amazingly cheap to maintain as they don’t require daily cleanup or curing like it’s the case with wooden boards.

Another huge advantage of bristle dartboards is that they’re long-lasting. Since they’re manufactured by compressing millions of tiny sisal fibers together, the tiny fibers tend to move aside when a dart’s tip penetrates through them then fill the hole immediately when it’s removed.

However, though, one major downside with these dartboards is that they’re easily damaged by moisture so you need to mount them on drywalls away from water points.

Another downside with bristle dartboards is that they vary greatly in quality. If you’re not aware of this, you might end up purchasing a low-quality dartboard with low-density sisal fiber stuffing. What this means is that the board will start chipping off faster than anticipated.

  • Electronic Dartboards:

Just as their name implies, electronic dartboards are operated electronically either by connecting them to an electrical outlet or by using batteries. As the newest additions in the darting business, these dartboards have become increasingly popular in most clubs, bars, and sporting centers due to their fancy and amusing characteristics.

Most companies today are manufacturing electronic dartboards due to their high demand. Although they’re not approved to be used in professional darting tournaments and competitions, their popularity in the recreational sector has advanced immensely.

These dartboards are made of nylon material with a square mesh on the surface to capture the dart’s tip when playing.

One huge advantage of these boards is the automated scoring that creates something like an interactive interface when you’re playing. Using their wide LCD displays, these dartboards keep track of your playing performance by displaying average scores, top scores and congratulating you whenever you hit a score.

Players can play alone versus the computer or play against each other during parties. Due to their simplicity and ability to analyze your performance, they’re the best for kids and serious dart beginners who are looking to excel in this indoor sport.

On the negative side, the tiny square mesh holes on the surface of the board have raised a lot of concern in professional circles. Accuracy is usually very poor as darts seem to deflect failing to hit the target spots properly. Bounce-out issues are also very common as this board does not hold the darts properly.

Another reason why these boards cannot be used in professional tournaments is the fact that they use soft tip darts rather than the recommended steel tip darts. They’re also relatively pricey and must be mounted near electrical outlets (in case its electric powered).

  • Wooden Dartboards:

In the days of yore, there were no bristles or electronic dartboards. This only meant that wooden boards were the most prevalent and were often made from elm or poplar wood. As years passed, especially during the 1970s, dartboards made of elm tree fell out of favor paving way for the dominance of bristle and electronic boards.

Today, most dartboard manufacturers have lost interest in manufacturing wooden boards though there are a few of them who still produce them for purposes of playing American-style dart competitions.

Wooden dartboards are very interesting in many ways. First, they’re long-lasting due to the nature of the wood, and second, they can be decorated in so many ways. Although they tend to dry out fast, these boards require regular moisturizing to keep them in good shape and prevent cracking.

Another interesting feature about wooden boards is that the scoring area can easily be rotated reducing damage to key spots. These boards can also be used with wooden darts to take your darting experience to another level though the experience here can vary from person to person.

Although it’s largely speculation, it was assumed that the modern clock-style layout of most dartboards today was coined from the age rings and radical cracks that naturally developed from the cross-section of the trees.

However, though, one major drawback with wooden boards is their susceptibility to cracking. This makes maintenance a costly affair as you have to regularly moisturize them to prevent damage. Due to this regular moisturizing, the treated wood releases an unpleasant scent which can be disturbing.

In a nutshell, wooden boards are long-lasting especially if regular maintenance is observed. They’re unique and very classy though they’re quite expensive making them the best option for traditionalists and enthusiasts.

  • Cork Dartboards:

Another type of board that lies at the halfway point between bristle and paper boards is the cork dartboard. Although they’re less prevalent and quite difficult to find, these boards are durable and cost-effective making them the best for beginners and serious players looking to advance their darting skills.

Although most people confuse them with bristle dartboards, they have some minor differences that keep them apart. Unlike paper coil boards, cork boards tend to hold darts well though they lack the self-healing advantage that’s present in wooden and bristle boards.

Since they don’t self-heal, these boards only allow soft tip darts to be used on them as they’re gentler on the board. The soft tip darts are not as aggressive as their steel tip counterparts making this board the best for kids and beginners.

The only downside with these boards is that they’re not self-healing meaning they don’t last long.

  • Magnetic Dartboards:

During your childhood, you probably might have played with one of these dartboards with your siblings, friends, or cousins during the festive season. Although they seem to offer a fun casual alternative, they’re probably not the best for beginners looking to compete competitively as they’re nowhere near to professional boards used in major tournaments.

These boards offer a completely different type of play. Instead of using steel tip darts, they use flat tipped magnetic darts instead which stick to the magnetic board when you throw them. Since they don’t pierce through the board, longevity is generally enhanced making them among the longest-lasting boards in the market.

Magnetic boards are less expensive and the best for kids who cannot handle real darts with sharp tips. Although these boards have immense benefits, one huge concern is that they can lose their magnetic power over time rendering them useless.

  • Coil Paper Dartboards:

If you have kids around or maybe if you’re looking to advance your darting skills to become the next pro, then this dartboard is a cheap alternative that will make the job done as compared to purchasing a magnetic dartboard.

This board is made by wounding paper coil on a plastic or steel frame to make it firm. Although their low price means that you can buy ten for the price of one bristle board, they have one huge issue with durability which is very low.

When it comes to penetration, darts generally go through them creating holes that don’t heal. This forces you to dispose of them after some time as continued use will make them useless. So, to allow these dartboards to stand the test of time, players are recommended to use darts with thin and very sharp tips that will not create huge holes on the board.


How to Set Up Your Dart Board Properly

The game of darts requires two things: the darts and the board. When selecting the board, there are several types available with the most popular being a bristle dartboard with a set of steel tip darts. If you have already done this, the next step is setting up your game by setting aside some space where you can mount the board.

In this section, we’ll cover important points on how to set up your dartboard using the official measurements.

  • The Official Hanging Measurements:

Whether you’re playing darts for professional or recreational purposes, hanging the board on the officially recognized height is very critical. The correct measurement of the board from the floor to the center of the board (which is the bullseye) should be 5 feet 8 inches.

Once you’ve mounted the dartboard, the next step is to measure the throw distance. Note that, this distance is not measured from the wall but rather from the face of the board. To do this, simply drop a plumb line from the bullseye to the floor then measure the distance from there. The official distance of the throw line from the board should be 7 feet 9.5 inches.

Finding the correct space for hanging your dartboard is very critical. Even after following these steps carefully, if the space you’re planning to hang your board is slopped, then the measurements will definitely be incorrect.

Now, to confirm that the measurements have been taken correctly, you can try taking horizontal measurements from the bullseye to the throwing line. To do this, simply have a friend hold the tape measure at the bullseye then extend diagonally to the throwing line. If the distance is 9 feet 7 3/8 inches, then the vertical and horizontal measurements of the board are correct.

  • Mounting Your Dartboard:

After you’re through with the measurements, the next step you need to think of is where and how you’re going to mount the board. One general rule you need to adhere to before you even begin is to ensure that the board flushes against the wall without wobbling.

A basic high-quality board such as a bristle dartboard weighs approximately 10 pounds. If you combine this weight with the force of pulling the darts off the board, then it means the anchors should be very strong, or else your dartboard will fall off the wall. So, to prevent this, heavy-duty metal anchors should be used to secure the board firmly against the wall.

  • Backing Surface:

The backing surface is another key consideration when setting up your dartboard. Traditionally, darts enthusiasts preferred dartboard cabinets made of quality wood such as rosewood and solid oak wood.

Although these options are still available in most high-standard dartboards, players today are looking for cheaper backing options such as using plywood, carpets, cork, pallets, or reclaimed wood to decorate their cabinets.

However, when selecting a backing surface, don’t forget to leave at least 3 square feet of space from the board to create some space for the scoreboard and wayward darts. Finally, don’t forget to consider the thickness of the backing surface as this is what will ensure the dartboard is secured firmly to avoid wobbling.

  • Consider the Floor Surface: 

If you’re playing darts at the comfort of your home, the floor beneath the dartboard area can really take a beating from the steel darts when they fall. So, to protect your floor and the tip of your darts from regular damage, consider adding a rubber or vinyl dart mat between the throwing line and the dartboard.

Dart mats typically measure ¼ inch depth, 30 inches wide, and 10 feet long making them the best for protecting your floors. However, in case your floor is carpeted or maybe you’re playing the darts outdoors, then there’s no need for adding anything.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: Why Should I Consider a Dart Board Cabinet?

Although we didn’t review any dartboard cabinet in our roundup, investing in one can really save you a lot. First off, these dartboards can be mounted anywhere in the house as you only need to lock them behind cabinet doors if no darting activities are going on.

When the cabinet doors are open, these types of boards create a large backing surface that holds the darts to prevent them from damaging the floor around. This is a great option for kids and beginners who are still sharpening their aiming skills.

Finally, dartboard cabinets are open to decorations in case you need them to match with your interior décor. They also offer ample storage space for your dart sets meaning you won’t worry about any misplacement.

Q-2: Why Do My Darts Keep Falling from the Board?

If you’re experiencing frequent bounce-outs when playing darts, then it means there are three things involved. First, is the board, second the darts, and third, it’s you the player. If the darts are sharp and you’re certain they’re not the main cause, then you should examine your board carefully.

If the board is made of sisal fiber (such as bristle boards), then there’s a high possibility it’s wearing out or the high target spot areas are chipping off fast. To address this condition, you simply need to order a new board or rotate it to ensure that it wears off uniformly.

On the other hand, if the board is a low-quality type of dartboard, then there’s a high possibility that the segmentation wires and the staple holdings are thicker than normal. Also, the type of material used to design the board may be of a low quality such as coiled paper.

If you suspect the problem is caused by the darts, then you can try sharpening them thoroughly using a sharpening stone. If the problem persists, you can try purchasing heavier darts as they can penetrate the board more deeply than lighter darts.

Finally, if you’re a light thrower, the darts are likely to fall as compared to a player that throws the darts harder. Also, avoid throwing the darts at an angle as this too can cause bounce-outs especially if the dart hits the segmentation wire at an angle.

Q-3: How Long Do Dartboards Last?

How long your dartboard can last will greatly depend on the quality and how frequently you play the darts. If you’re a casual player, your dartboard is likely to wear off much faster as compared to if you’re an occasional player.

If you’re using a bristle board, the life expectancy of the board is somewhere between 3 to 4 years. However, this age can be increased by rotating the board regularly, using sharp darts and by avoiding throwing the darts at an angle.


Final Verdict


Overall, darts is a highly rated fun sport with hundreds of fantastic games you can play with friends, family, and colleagues. To enjoy the best out of this sport, players should invest in the right darting accessories such as the board and the darts.

Although there are hundreds if not thousands of dartboard models available in the market, choosing a board made of sisal fiber, such as a bristle dartboard, is the best option though you have to lay your priorities right before making your move.

Last but not least, if you have any questions, or maybe you’d like to add a point or two to what we’ve already mentioned, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section just below.

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