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The Best Dart Cases in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re an enthusiast darts player, then you know it’s within your best interest to keep your darts in good condition when traveling. The best dart cases are some of the best wallets you can count on as they offer unmatched convenience when it comes to storing your arrows. In fact, these cases are believed to satisfy three major functions. The first one is protecting your darts against damage especially if you’re dealing with soft tip darts.

The second one is keeping the sharp and aggressive tips of steel darts well concealed to avoid any harm when traveling and the last one is to provide a presentable mode of storage for your darts when you’re carrying them around.

And since the game of darts has grown immensely, the appetite for this game has also increased steadily. Due to this reason, avid dart players are looking for more customized options to enjoy this game one of which is looking for unique dart cases and wallets that will keep everything well organized.

Since dart cases come in a myriad of options, this guide has managed to discuss at least 12 best-selling dart cases that are currently available in the market.


Best Dart Cases: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying Dart Cases

Now that we’ve discussed 12 of the most trending dart cases in the market today, we believe that this information will shed some light on what to pick over the other. But, before you proceed to spend your hard-earned money, we’d like to give this selection image a sharper focus by discussing a few key factors you’ll have to consider when choosing a dart case.

The reason for this is because most of the brands in recent times are manufacturing cases with a myriad of different specs such as different sizes, materials, and creative storage options. Since these features can sound overwhelming to most novices, this buyer’s guide section will try to simplify everything up by compiling some key factors that will demand your attention.


Perhaps one of the major factors you must consider when picking a darts case is the material used. In most cases, the material used usually serves two main purposes one of which is determining the lifespan of the case while the second one is taking care of the looks and the overall appearance of the case.

When it comes to the durability side of it, dart cases can either be hard or soft. Among the hard materials used are plastic, metals, and wood while the soft materials used include soft nylon and fabrics.

Metal Cases

Although metal seems to be expensive; cases made out of this material are always tough and very durable. This material offers you some peace of mind as most of the metal cases can easily be locked for security reasons.

Plastic Cases

Plastic, on the other hand, is light and very affordable. Cases made of plastic offer a lot of conveniences when traveling as they’re not bulky. The only issue with plastic cases is that they bend easily and are also far less secure.

Fabric Cases

Although fabrics and nylon cases don’t have a rigid structure like metal cases do, their portability and compactness allows them to transport your dart accessories in a safe and organized manner. They also have lots of additional compartments that let you fit a wide range of accessories.

Wooden Cases

Although we didn’t include any wooden dart case in our discussion, these types of cases are considered tough and very safe to have around. They don’t dent nor scratch easily. The only issues though are that they’re bulky, heavy, and very rare to find.

The Size

Once you’ve sorted out the material, the next factor that will demand your immediate attention is the size of the case you’ll need to have. Now, one major factor that will affect the size of your dart case is your playing style. For instance, if you’re a player that only uses a set of darts, then a compact dart case that fits a single set of darts will be okay.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional player that demands to switch the darts to meet the various playing dynamics, then a larger case that accommodates several dart sets will be a convenient pick.

If you happen to inspect most of the dart wallets we’ve discussed in our review section, you’ll notice that most of them have huge storage spaces that fit up to 4 sets of darts alongside extra flights, tips, and shafts. So, if you’re the type of player who likes to interchange the parts when playing, then the size will really matter a lot.


If you’re a frequent traveler, then there’s no doubt that weight will play a critical role in your selection. Earlier on, we discussed the different types of dart cases where we said there are hard and soft cases available. While hard cases are hailed for offering tremendous strength and protection against dents and scratches, soft cases boast of being light and highly portable.

In our discussion on the best dart cases, most of the cases we listed are made of nylon or leather fabrics. To offer a higher degree of strength, most of the models we listed are reinforced with superior resin material on the inside to offer some structural integrity.

Others are made of aluminum which again is light and very solid. So, whether you take the aluminum route or the nylon/fabric route, weight is an essential factor you can’t afford to neglect.


The last factor you have to keep in mind when choosing a dart case is your main purpose of having the case. If you’re the type of player that likes to keep his/her toolsets well organized, then you’ll need to pick a large case with multiple compartments.

To those that travel a lot, a metallic dart case can be a perfect investment as it will keep your darts well secured. In case you’re playing darts at a beginner level or for recreational purposes, then a case that holds a single set of darts will be sufficient.


Top 12 Best Dart Cases Reviews:

1. Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case for Steel and Soft Tip Darts

Casemaster by GLD Products Classic Nylon Dart...


At the top of our discussion, we have the Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case. In the introduction section, we mentioned that dart cases and wallets serve three major functions.

The first one is to protect the darts against wear and damage; the second one is to protect you from the sharp tips of the darts while the third one is to offer a presentable mode of carrying the darts. With the Casemaster Classic Nylon Carrying Case, most of these check boxes have been ticked with a bit of style of precision.

First, this case has plenty of interior space. With 12 dart slots, 15 pockets, and 4 accessory tubes, avid dart players will rest assured of ample space to organize their toolsets during practice or when getting ready for a special occasion.

For those using soft tip darts, this ample storage space will serve as a huge plus for storing your darts and other additional accessories such as the flights, the tips, the shafts, and any extra barrels.

About the construction, this dart case has not failed to impress. Here, Casemaster has used a tenacious Nylon that’s reinforced with a hard resin interior to withstand the toughest elements. With such an ingenious design success, this case can protect your darts against the elements while still allowing it to withstand heavy knocks and everyday abuse.


  • The Nylon material used is both durable and presentable.
  • There’s ample room to fit all of your dart accessories.
  • Dual snap-rings make carrying this case a breeze.
  • At 1.4 pounds, this dart case is dense and very portable.
  • The zip closures are very secure.


  • Unfortunately, the deal only includes the case and not the accessories.
  • The zipper tends to break.

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2. Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case with Leather-Like Exterior Covering

Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case with...


You might be wondering why Casemaster has been so vocal in recent times right? In fact, this brand has been so dominant in our list and that’s because it’s the leading brand in the market today.

The Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case is one of the models that has contributed massively to Casemaster’s successful run. While our previous model featured a solid Nylon construction, this one is exclusively made out of steadfast leatherette fabric reinforced with hard resin in the interior to withstand heavy knocks.

Since storage is one of the main reasons why you’ll need a dart case, this case has managed to offer ample storage space in form of 15 pockets, 4 accessory tubes, and 9 slots that will allow you to store at least 3 sets of darts regardless of whether they’re steel tips or soft tip variants.

With such ample space, you can easily organize your toolsets ranging from extra tips, flights, barrels, and shafts.

But, despite serving its obvious duty of storing your darts, the Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case has gone well beyond this tradition to top everything up with a bit of style of elegance. The case features a very reliable zipper system and a snap-ring locking mechanism that allows you to carry the case like a briefcase.


  • Solid form inserts hold the darts perfectly in place.
  • You can easily store 3 sets of fully assembled darts.
  • The zipper system is solid and very secure.
  • The leatherette material used is very solid.
  • There’s a grip handle for easy carrying of the case.


  • Larger flights don’t fit quite well.
  • Issues with the zipper.

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3. Target Darts Galaxy Aluminum Case

Target Darts Galaxy Alumimium Case, SILVER


If there’s something Target Darts has done right, then it’s to use a totally different approach to design their dart cases. One of these approaches is by trusting the alluring beauty of aluminum.

This creativity is well manifested in their flagship case, the Target Darts Galaxy Aluminum Case that has successfully managed to lure the hearts of most avid dart players who have great taste in fashion. The beauty of the laser Target logo is something you’ll truly love especially how it has been engraved on the surface.

Other than the beauty, this dart case has not failed to excel in the storage department. Although the interior space isn’t one they can boast of, it’s generously large enough to fit at least a set of fully assembled darts alongside two sets of extra shafts and 4 sets of additional flights.

Unlike our previous Casemaster dart cases that rely on zippers, this one relies heavily on hidden magnetic locks that securely lock the case to prevent it from opening up unexpectedly.

Besides, the interior foam trays and the pockets help to hold the darts and the rest of the accessories firm to prevent unnecessary shifting when traveling.


  • Made from strong aluminum material.
  • Features a stylish laser Target logo.
  • Has enough space to fit a dart set and other accessories.
  • Has a magnetic closure system.
  • Light enough to carry around.


  • Doesn’t have enough space to fit ample accessories.
  • The magnetic lock is not reliable.

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4. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case

Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case Holds 9 Steel...


There are many reasons why the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case has performed so well in the market. In fact, some of its intriguing features are the main reason why it has bulldozed its way to the top of our list today. By just looking at it, it’s easy to confuse this case with its little brother, the Ternion.

The embossed aluminum casing and the dual buckles for securing your cargo are very similar. However, the one major difference that seems to set them apart is the shape where the Legion has a rectangular shape while the Ternion boasts of having a square shape.

The rectangular shape of the Legion, however, is the one responsible for all its storage magic. The inside is generously large to accommodate at least 3 sets of fully assembled darts.

Besides, there are a few more storage spaces that include two large storage tubes, a large card pocket for keeping larger items, 12 flight pockets for extra flights, and 10 accessory sleeves to keep some of your tiny accessories such as extra tips and shafts.

Other than its spacing advantage, the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case has managed to offer its diehards a lot of conveniences when traveling.

First, Casemaster has used firm form inserts to hold the darts tightly to prevent any unnecessary shifting. Secondly, they’ve added a reliable carry handle and dual buckles to make it easier for you to carry, open and close this case with a lot of ease just like a briefcase.


  • Made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Spacious enough to store 3 sets of darts alongside other accessories.
  • Offers similar convenience to a briefcase.
  • Backed by a 90 days money back warranty.
  • Has a buckle closing system.


  • Flight pockets are quite deep.

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5. Rico Industries NFL Arizona Cardinals Leather Trifold Wallet

NFL Rico Industries Leather Trifold Wallet with...


The Rico Industries NFL Arizona Leather Trifold Wallet is one of the few accessories you can’t afford to miss out on when getting ready for a special darts event. Although this wallet is nowhere near to what we’ve discussed previously, its amazing contribution is something you can’t just neglect.

First and foremost, this wallet is a product of a brand that has been in the market for nearly 75 years. This alone gives it an unparalleled reputation coupled with trust and integrity from members of the darts community.

Now, the Rico Industries NFL Arizona Leather Trifold Wallet measures just 3.25-inches by 4-inches. This means that this wallet can only afford to hold very tiny accessories such as cash, national ID, and some credit cards when traveling.

Made from embossed man-made leather, this wallet is quite reliable as it’s capable of withstanding the test of time. It’s also decorated with an embossed team logo of any NFL football team of your choice. Available at an affordable price range, this wallet offers exceptional value without sacrificing its special features.


  • Sleek enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Made from durable leather material.
  • Designed with your favorite NFL team’s logo.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Offers ample space for all your items.


  • The NFL logo fades quickly.
  • The quality needs some upgrade.

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6. Casemaster Plazma Pro, 6 Dart Case for Soft and Steel Tip Darts

Casemaster by GLD Products Plazma Pro Dart Case...


Since the game of darts has really revolutionized, most professional players seem to have a taste in fashion besides the performance. If style is one of your major concerns, then the Casemaster Plazma Pro, 6 Dart Case might be your next companion.

By just staring at it, you can easily tell that this darts case is an attractively looking wallet. Also made from tenacious nylon woven around a hard resin shell, this case is more than determined to keep your darts safe and free from any possible damage.

Now, from the outside, the Casemaster Plazma Pro appears to be soft and compact. However, this misconception is proven wrong when you access the inside.

Here, you’ll be welcomed with ample storage space that includes 16 slots for extra flights and shafts, two plastic tubes for the tips, ample space for 3 sets of darts, and a large zippered pocket at the center for storing some of your large accessories.

For those wondering what you can or can’t store in this dart case, then you don’t have to worry as this case doesn’t discriminate. This gives you the freedom to store both soft tip and steel tip darts without worrying about anything.

Since this dart case is specifically designed for players that value style, Casemaster has designed it with a variety of inspiring colors to give you the freedom to pick your favorite color.


  • Made from durable Nylon material.
  • Ample storage space including a Smartphone pocket.
  • Each compartment is secured with a steady zipper.
  • There are a myriad of color options to choose from.
  • Great a wide range of dart options.


  • Doesn’t accommodate larger flights.

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7. COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart Case

COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart...


The COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case is one of the coolest dart wallets you’re likely to find in the market. With the brand gaining some inspiration from Japan (since it’s from Japan), it’s easy to understand why this case has a lot of dynamics as compared to the rest of the dart cases we’ve discussed here.

One of them is the luxurious faux leather fabric used in the construction. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but it’s also very tough keeping the case well protected against regular wear.

Now, when you open the outer case, you’ll be amazed to find another interior case which is an original Cosmo Darts Case-S. This interior case is the one responsible for holding your darts. In fact, it’s capable of holding at least one fully assembled set alongside 8 tips or shafts and a player’s card.

Another huge benefit of this dart case is the ability to handle both soft tip and steel tip darts. Although it isn’t an ideal choice for professionals, it’s a superb bargain for novices and intermediaries as it offers a smart way of organizing your toolset.

The COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case is designed with a carabiner clip for easy clipping on your backpack and it’s opened using Velcro closures to provide easy access to your stuff.


  • Comes with cool color combinations.
  • Can fit both soft tip and steel tip darts.
  • Compatible with a variety of dart flight setups.
  • The faux leather has the brand logo stitched on for authenticity purposes.
  • Compact and easy to carry around.


  • Quite pricey.
  • Doesn’t have enough room for more accessories.

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8. Casemaster by GLD Products Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case for Steel and Soft Tip Darts

Casemaster by GLD Products Classic Nylon Dart...


If you’re struggling to find a dart case that offers generous storage space for all your toolsets, then the Casemaster Classic Nylon Cart Case is the way to go. Now, if you’ve been keen enough, you must have noticed that Casemaster has totally suffocated our list with their dart cases.

This alone is a clear sign of brand superiority and the ability to understand customer demands. While most cases only afford to hold a set or two, this Casemaster dart case has managed to offer ample space to store a record of 4 sets of fully assembled darts.

Like it isn’t enough, this case has tons of expanded storage space that allows you to fit at least 15 flights. There are also two large storage tubes and a bonus storage area at the center compartment where you can keep some extra shafts, tips, keys, earphones, and other personal stuff.

The Casemaster Classic Nylon Cart Case doesn’t just focus on storage alone. Instead, the manufacturer has been so careful with the overall construction to safeguard the brand’s positive reputation.

Here, they’ve used tenacious nylon coupled with a hard resin interior to maintain the case’s bold shape when traveling. They’ve also added a snap-ring locking system at the top to make carrying a breeze.


  • Capable of holding a record of 12 fully assembled darts.
  • Has ample storage space for all your stuff.
  • Made from durable nylon coupled with hard interior resin.
  • Rigid foam inserts keep the darts intact during travel.
  • Has a convenient carry handle.


  • The snap-ring locking system is not tough enough.
  • The foam inserts rip off easily.

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9. LSTYLE x Cameo Dart Accessory: Krystal Colors Dart Case

LSTYLE x Cameo Dart Accessory: Krystal Colors Dart...


If you’re a darts enthusiast looking for a small wallet-like case, then you might need to take a look at the LSTYLE x Cameo Dart Case. Unlike most of the cases we’ve discussed here, this one is probably one of the sleekest as it doesn’t offer any additional space other than a small room to fit a set of fully assembled darts, a card slot, and another tiny space to fit a few of your stuff.

Similar to the COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case, the LSTYLE x Cameo Dart Case also shares the same Japanese heritage perhaps answering the question as to why the case doesn’t hold a lot of darts.

Although the brand hasn’t specified the actual material used in the construction, looking at it can easily tell it’s a tough fabric that’s highly resistant to wear.

But, despite being so sleek, the LSTYLE x Cameo Dart Case doesn’t go down without a fight. Its unique design allows it to keep your darts well concealed to protect them from any possible damage.

It has a very tough zipper system and a small clip that lets you attach the case to your belt loop or your backpack when traveling. It’s also available in a range of cool colors meaning you’ll have a chance to pick a case with your favorite color.


  • Fits a set of fully assembled darts.
  • Has a clip that lets you attach the case to your backpack.
  • The exterior casing is tough and very durable.
  • Has an extra card slot and an accessory pocket.
  • Light enough to carry almost anywhere.


  • The available space is too small.

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10. Big Skinny Card Case Slim Wallet

Big Skinny Card Case Slim Wallet, Holds Up to 16...


When playing darts professionally, traveling here and there frequently can sometimes be inevitable especially if you’re part of an ongoing tournament. For that reason, you need to have a wallet that offers you a lot of conveniences when traveling. The Big Skinny Card Case Slim Wallet is one of the latest offerings that can give you much-needed convenience.

Made from a durable and water-resistant nylon microfiber fabric, this wallet has ample interior storage space that lets you store up to 16 plastic cards. The spacing is divided into two where the first pocket fits up to 10 credit cards while the second one fits 6 cards including your identity card.

Now, one of the pockets is designed with a clear plastic window that lets you fit your driver’s license or a work badge. This wallet is also machine washable and has a quick drying time of just 20 minutes.

It’s also very skinny meaning you can easily slide it inside your pockets and even forget it’s actually there. Available in a cool purple color, the Big Skinny Card Case Slim Wallet is a smart option for professional dart players looking for additional storage space beside the one in their dart cases.


  • This case is also available in Black, Graphite, and Ocean Blue color options.
  • Roomy enough to hold a maximum of 16 plastic cards.
  • Made from durable nylon microfiber.
  • It’s highly water-resistant.
  • Sleek enough to fit in your pockets.


  • It can easily tear off if it’s mishandled.

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11. Aker Leather Products Body Alarm Case 584 Body Alarm Case

Aker Leather Products Body Alarm Case 584 Body...


Appearing late in our discussion is the Aker Leather Products Body Alarm Case. Now, I know you must be wondering why it’s necessary to add some of these products to our list, right?

You see, as a professional darts player, it’s always wise to have all your stuff well organized especially if you’re used to traveling. Since a contemporary dart case cannot fit all of your items, having a backup such as the Aker Body Alarm Case is quite necessary.

Made in the USA from the finest cowhide leather, this case is tested and certified for authenticity making it a reliable companion. In fact, its design authenticity makes it a perfect option for law enforcement and federal agencies within the USA and across the world.

Its main purpose is to hold a personal body alarm unit which is a must-have for personal protection. Its basket-weave design allows you to snap it on your belt while the brass snaps ensure that your alarm system is well protected from any possible loss.


  • Small and compact.
  • Made from vegetable-tanned cowhide leather.
  • Able to snap on your belt for added security.
  • Comes with a brass snap for added safety.
  • Has a black beautiful design.


  • The snap is susceptible to breakage.

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12. COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart Case

COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart...


The last case that has made it in our list of the best dart cases is the COSMO DARTS Fit Flight Case. Now, earlier on, we discussed a similar dart case from the same manufacturer.

Although the two have the same distinct characteristics, there are a few minor differences here and there that have set them apart. Nonetheless, both of these cases have truly impressed leaving Cosmo Darts with a positive reputation among its diehards.

Made from faux leather, this dart case serves as a secondary cover to your primary Cosmo Darts Case-S you’ll be using to hold your darts. Its small size allows it to fit a Case-S holding just one set of darts. The best thing about it though is that it’s deep enough to fit a fully assembled set of darts meaning you won’t have to disassemble them.

To those avid dart players that are keen on the looks, this dart case has interesting and distinct color options that range from Blue, Black, Purple to inspiring Fit Flight prints.

It’s also compatible with molded dart flight setups such as the Fit-Flight, L-Style, and Harrows. This case also comes with a dedicated space where you can fit at least 8 flights or shafts depending on your needs.


  • Features an innovative and unique design.
  • Fits both soft tip and steel tip darts.
  • Available in a range of cool colors.
  • Portable and very comfortable to carry along.
  • Can hold at least a set of darts.


  • The case is quite pricey.
  • Doesn’t have ample storage space.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Acceptable to Travel with Darts in an Airplane?

Well, the simple answer is YES. It’s safe to travel with darts on an airplane. However, you need to have convenient dart storage when traveling to avoid any friction with the respective authorities.

In that regard, a dart case automatically becomes a necessity as it’s well able to keep your darts secure. Also, you need to note that every state has its own set of rules regarding traveling with darts. For that reason, you need to research carefully just to be aware of each region’s demands.

Which Dart Case is the Best for Professionals?

Now, most professionals prefer to have several dart sets with several attachments at the disposal to make it easier for them to interchange the parts when playing. For this reason, a case that has enough space to house several dart sets and key attachments will be an absolute must.

Since most professionals travel a lot either by road or by air, a dart case that promises to offers protection to your darts without exposing them to any danger will be ideal. Since it will be impossible to invest in a wooden or metallic case due to weight issues, one made of high-quality nylon/fabric then reinforced with hard resin will be the best choice.

How Long Will my Dart Case Last?

In most cases, the length of time your dart case can last will highly depend on several factors. One of them is the material used in the construction. If your dart case is made of low-quality fabric, then there are higher chances that it won’t last long.

Another factor is the way you handle your case especially if you’re a frequent traveler. If you happen to expose the case to the elements and other rough conditions, then its lifespan will definitely be shortened.

Is a Dart Case a Necessity?

Although we discussed everything you’d like to know about darts, some people might be asking themselves whether it’s necessary to have a dart case as part of your darts accessories. The simple answer is yes.

A dart case is a key accessory as it helps to house your darts to protect them from possible loss or damage. It also plays a key role in concealing the sharp tips of your darts preventing them from causing any potential accidents when traveling.


Final Verdict

Despite being interesting and enjoyable, the game of darts is quite demanding as there are lots of factors you need to consider. One of those is picking the right dart case that will fit your darts and several of your key attachments and extra accessories.

Thankfully, this guide has gathered a lot of useful information that has inspired us to compile this list of the best dart cases. With such information, you’ll surely have the much-needed convenience when getting ready for a special darts occasion.

In addition to reviewing some of the trending dart cases, this guide has gone ahead to discuss some key factors you need to be keen on when picking your best darts wallet. We’ve also tried to answer some of your pressing questions leaving you with solid information you can rely on.

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