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The Best Dart Flights in 2022 – Reviewed by Expert Users

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You are to the point where you own a dart set and a dartboard, but you are looking to upgrade your collection. To become a better dart player, having the best dart flights can help you in the long run. When you understand the anatomy of how dart flights affect your throw, you will be able to see improvement a lot quicker.

To become a top player, getting the right flights will help change your trajectory when you throw, the weight of your dart, and more. To help you pick the right one, take advantage of the info below, starting with products. From there, you can continue to work toward mastering this exciting game.


Best Dart Flights: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying Dart Flights

When finding products for either Guinness dart flights or something else, you need to know what are buying features for what you need. Well, there are a few ways that flights are important. Check out the list below and order what you think is most essential for your dart playing.

  • 1. Symmetry Life

The main reason you need a flight is to stabilize any dart. By focusing on the horizontal axis, your flying can get better and better. If you did not have a flight to help you out, your darts would start to whirl in any direction that they choose. To have a flight with perfect symmetry, you will have a flat throw that will not be disrupted and will stay on course.

  • 2. Resistance To Air

Air resistance is something that you need to understand about dart flights. It is truly amazing how a piece of plastic can change the trajectory of a dart throw. Well, balance is one thing that flights truly change.

When you have a smaller flight, you will get a smoother, more effortless dart soaring through the air. Still, these types of flights will not be as forgiving as thicker flights. At the end of the day, you will not get great angle attacks from a light dart flight as well.

The bigger the flight, and the more textured, know that your flight will not go as fast. You will surely get a drag that will give you different variations for the angles you can throw this dart.

  • 3. Dart Weight

The weight of the dart plays a part in the flight as well. Even though the flight is one of the smaller parts of a dart, understand that they make a major difference whether you are a beginning dart player or a straight-up professional. The larger your flight, along with a longer shaft, you will see a slower flight trajectory.

Whether you have a soft tip or steel one, you will see momentum gained by the flight you have as it descends to the dartboard. On the other hand, light flights that are smaller, along with short shafts, will have the straightest shots around. Pick a flight that works best for your playing style.

  • 4. Different Shapes

When it comes to dart flights, there are a ton of unusual shapes. There are unique configurations that suit players in different situations. Whether you throw straight or angled, there is a flight for you to take advantage of.

Standard – This is the most common flight. It is also the largest of any of your options. For a stable flight that goes straight through the air, you will land shots that stick to the board. Also, you will get a better drag to push your dart tip further north.

Slim – These are smaller flights that you will need to throw faster and harder. As a lightweight option, you will probably be using short darts. If you are a high shot thrower, then slim is ideal for upward angles. Also, you will have fewer bounce-outs than any of the flights on this list.

Teardrop – This design, also called “pear-shaped,” is a unique design. You will get a better lift, even with the small size. The overall style is one of the most round options on the market. By having a round shape with the width of the overall dart, you will have an easy landing on any soft tip dartboard. You certainly will hit an area on the dartboard you were hoping for, and things will not be as tricky when you play.

Fan Tail – If you are using light darts, get the fantail. You can get hard throws from this equipment and improve your score on average. This is one of the best ways to control your dart throws.

Smooth – Looking for minimal drag? The smooth flights will have limited drag and go through the air quicker than you ever thought possible. You can get many shapes with the smooth variety that works for your playing style.

#6 – Have a #6 flight is similar to the standard section. They are just a lot smaller in comparison. When working towards the added lift and stellar stability, #6 excels with control and for beginning players. Professional dart players use the shape for added benefit as well.

Lantern – For an aerodynamic choice, go with the lantern style. This unique style keeps your tail slow in flight. If you are having trouble landing the rear of your dart instead of the nose, check out the lantern style to benefit you.

  • 5. Price Point

Here are a few things to understand about the different prices for flights. First off, cheaper does not always mean better. Just because there are cheaper flights out there does not mean they are going to stick together. Sure, you may get more flights. But, if they start to breakdown quickly, you may be buying flights quicker than you ever thought possible.

Secondly, a more expensive flight usually means one of two things. First, more expensive means that you are probably getting better quality. For a few more bucks, you can get a product that will last longer as you add them to your dart shafts. On the other hand, more expensive flights usually have a warranty of some find with the purchase. They are usually not much longer than 90-days. But, if you play darts a lot, you can bet you will see if the flights are going to last or not.

  • 6. A Wantable Warranty

Speaking of warranty, do not expect one that is close to a year Only shafts have a longer warranty, but flights usually have a warranty that is three months or less. If you do not want a warranty, there is no warranty add-on for flights, so you will be alright.


Top 10 Best Dart Flights Reviews:

Below are the top-10 flights that you can pick from to revolutionize your set. From colors to design to shape, you can get some flights that can set the tone for how you play the game. Let us start with flights from PerfectDarts.

1. PerfectDarts 10x Sets Harrows Retina Mixed Colour Dart Flights

PerfectDarts 10 x Sets Harrows Retina Mixed Colour...


To start our list for the best dart flights, it is ideal that you look at PerfectDarts. These flights have a Harrows Standard Shape that will knock your socks off. Being extra strong is an understatement with these premiere flights.

At 100 microns a piece, these flights will not wear you down when you throw your darts around. In this pack, you will get 30 flights and 10 different colors that are fashionable and fun. Also, you will love the fact that PerfectDarts is still in business. This means you will have customer service on speed dial in case you ever have any problems with the product.

Sturdiness is something else you will love about these flights. When you play using these flights, they will rarely bend or break. The durability is truly second to none, making your purchase well-worth it.


  • The colors are extra vibrant
  • Ideal as a gift for a birthday or the holidays
  • Will not break even if you drop them on the floor
  • The flight are your dart will be seamless with these darts
  • Will have a better playing experience
  • Splendid customer service


  • You may get different colors from what you see in the advertisement
  • Does not come in the color pink

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2. Cuesoul Koff AK6 Kite Dart Stem With AK4 Moulded Flights

CUESOUL Koff AK6 Kite Dart Stem with AK4 Moulded...


The Cuesoul Store is another great place to get flights for darts. In the four distinct colors of red, blue, yellow, and green, you can have flights that stand out. There are also five distinct sizes ranging from 30 mm to 50 mm varieties.

The precision molded in these grips is top-notch. This will limit dart slippage and give you more opportunities to score higher points. The carbon road that is built into the product will strengthen any screw threads. In turn, you will have more durable flights than you ever thought possible before. The spring is also built-in to tighten things from the barrel to the shaft. This way, you will not have screws getting loose when you play.

A cross sword is something else you will love about this product. The purpose is to tighten the flight to the shaft naturally, so you do not need to worry about it. When you are measuring for size, start from the screw edge to the joint of the shaft and the flight. This will give you the best chance for success.


  • Amazing customer service
  • Made from durable materials
  • The price is doable for most people
  • The colors separate from each other
  • Come in a plastic carrying case
  • Comes in a set of three


  • No warranty with this product
  • Have to buy the colors in bulks

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3. 10 Pack of Pentathlon HD150 Dart Flights

10 Pack of PENTATHLON HD150 Dart Flights: Slim 150...


Dart flights from Pentathlon are another quality brand to consider. With colors like orange, blue, yellow, and much more, you will have the design that you have always wanted with your darts. The slim-cut design is something else you will like from these darts. Your darts will fly better than ever before.

In this set, you will get 10 3-set options that diversify your options when playing darts with your friends, family, or complete competitive strangers. Due to its quality construction, you can be that the flights are a lot sturdier than any other generic choice. Whether you have soft-tip or steel-tip darts, you will get a thin profile from these flights.


  • Quick delivery
  • Very reasonable price for what you get
  • Can handle multiple collisions from other darts
  • Will not see any wear and tear
  • The colors pop when you play with them
  • Fits with any shafts


  • These are not made from nylon fabric
  • The packaging is not well-supplied

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4. GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart With 16 Dart Flights

GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights and 200...


GWHOLE products are other options that you need to keep your eye out for. With this purchase, you will receive 200 soft-tips, as well as 16 flights to use with your darts collection. This set uses 18-gram soft tips and four different types of flights.

When using these flights, you can be assured that you will get grooves and knurls that are second to none. You will receive the best gripping in the business and better control than ever before. You will win your next game of darts you play because this product is built for winners. For the best fill and perfect flights, check out this product for all your dart set needs.


  • Comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee
  • Includes soft darts with your purchase
  • Can add to a traditional core
  • The barrels have great style and balance
  • No tools needed to put these darts together
  • Will not have problems with bouncing darts


  • Only come in the color blue
  • The flights wear down over time

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5. IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories

IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories - Sets of...


IgnatGame is well-known for its cheap dart flights. With this 30-piece set, you can make your darts fancier than ever before. It is a unique design that many of its customers love.

These flights are something else in terms of durability, as well. The 38 mm shapes are cut with polyester. This allows you to add these flights to any dart shaft. Wear and tear will be a thing of the past, too. With six flight protectors, the lifespan of your flights will stay square like the first time you ever bought them.

When you purchase this product, it is mounted in a plastic case that is extra sturdy. This means a safe closure for you to use or to give as a gift. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase, know that you have a 90-day guarantee or your money back. This is the IgnatGames promise.


  • Ideal for beginners or professional dart players
  • Made of PET materials
  • Will give your accuracy that is pinpoint
  • You will get a great balance from this product
  • Drag is reduced with this product
  • The flight protectors spread out at a 90-degree angle


  • There are parts that a child three years or younger could choke on
  • Some of the flights can bend over time

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6. 30x Ruthless Dart Flights

30 x RUTHLESS Darts Flights R4X Black Xtra Strong...


The Ruthless brand is ruthless for a reason. These flights do not give in or give up ever. In this set of 10, you will get 30-piece flights to aid in your dart playing.

Since Ruthless is a premiere flight company, you can bet that they are here for you if you run into any problems at all. Ruthless has been selling this product for over seven years, and it that time, a lot of people have enjoyed what the brand has to offer. The length of these flights is stellar as well. With a wider flight, you get a lighter toss in the process.

Whether you use steel tips or soft plastic tips, these flights will work for your dart playing. At only 100 microns each, these flights are some of the lightest ones around. With these flights being identical, you can rest assured that they will stay a durable year in and year out. Also, the flights will stay connected to any shaft that you use for your darts.


  • You get great value for the money you pay
  • Super durability and sturdiness
  • Ideal for practicing darts
  • You will not have to replace flights as often as the generic ones
  • The shape holds up well over time
  • Hold tight to any shaft


  • Not for professional play
  • Will have to pry open the stems of the flight because of how thick they are

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7. Cosmo Darts 6-Pack Fit Flight

Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight - Slim Dart Flight...


Cosmo Darts has more color choices than any other product in this review. From black to yellow, there is a flight pack here for you to enjoy. With innovation with a shaft and flight system, Cosmo Darts uses a “push-in” system that allows flights to press easily into any dart shaft.

The pre-molded flights keep to 90-degree angling that holds up every time you play darts. It is a flight system that will no fall from the shaft. By not having small parts to work with, you can enjoy practice and competition like never before to elevate your dart skills to the next level.

If you are looking for the best dart flights and shafts, you do not have to look any further than the brand Cosmo Darts. They have everything you need to have a quality experience that lasts a lifetime. Few brands can live up to the same hype as Cosmo Darts.


  • Amazing durability that will hold up
  • The flights stay put where they start
  • You will be able to throw tight groups with these flights
  • Made in the country of China
  • Made with a one-piece construction
  • Very simple to change from one flight to another


  • Does not include flight savers
  • Must have fit shafts for these flights to work

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8. 5x Mixed Sets of Harrows Carbon Dart Flights

5 x Mixed Sets of Harrows Carbon Dart Flights...


The best dart flights may very well come from PerfectDarts. With various colors in black, dark green, and tan, among others, you get customization that is unparalleled in the industry. This mixed pack is a great value for a few reasons.

If you are wanting splendid customer service to go along with your product, then go with PerfectDarts. They are here to take your call or email to make sure that things go well for you now and in the future. The carbon fiber design has an eye-catching decorated plastic on the outside, but will still hold up when you throw.

For a total of 15 flights, they are thick enough to hold up every time you play with your neighbors, friends, and family members. So, if you are looking for flights that connect well with any shafts, you have the right stuff coming your way here. Check out PerfectDarts for all your darting needs.


  • Comes in a medium thickness variety
  • The construction is multiple-layered
  • Can work with 30-gram darts
  • You will become more accurate when you play darts
  • Can switch out your flights with ease
  • The tight fit will stay tight


  • More for practicing and not professional competitions
  • Can start to crack over time

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9. MAXMAU 144-piece, 48 Set Dart Flights

MAXMAU Dart Flights,144 pcs Standard Shape...


If you are looking for the coolest dart flights, then you have found them from the brand MAXMAU. You certainly will get the most bang for your buck here because you get 144-piece in this sensational set. The flights themselves are completely brand new and are as quality as they come. With 48 different patterns, you might have a hard choice of picking which flights you want.

Whether you have steel or soft tip darts, these flights will work for you. Many tops of the line dart players want better balance when they are playing the game they love. These flights will surely make that happen. So, look to buy this for yourself or give as an amazing holiday or birthday gift.


  • Amazing customer service if you ever run into problems of any kind
  • Been selling this product for over three years
  • These flights will work with any flights
  • You will get the same flight pattern every time you throw
  • This product is made of plastic
  • Super thickness and sheerness with this product


  • Can start to get flimsy as they age
  • The directions leave much to be desired

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10. Viper Assorted Poly Pro Dart Flights

Viper Assorted Poly Pro Dart Flights: 50 Sets of...


Viper will blow your mind because of the great flights they have come up with the help of the GLD Products Store. This set has 50 entire sets of flights, which means you will never run out of replacements. How great is that?

When you play darts, you will love how the deflection is limited with these flights that are “pop-off” variety. Even if they hit another dart, your dart will not bounce off. It will stick to the board until you come to dislodge it. Made with sealed polyester, the process was heated giving you the best solidity around. Check out the styles and colors that will wow you every time you play darts with those around you.


  • Each flight is 100 microns thick
  • Comes with 150 different flights
  • Perfect for male and female players
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America
  • Been sold for over six years
  • Sweet value for the price you pay


  • The small pieces are choke hazards for young children
  • Cannot be shipped outside the United States unless for the American military

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the top frequently asked questions that people ask when picking flights. After reading through these questions and answers, you will be ready to proceed in the dart world. Let us start with weight, shall we?

  • Q1: What is the difference between flight microns?

In the dart world, you can expect dart weights between 75 to 100 microns. For new players, 75 is the easiest to control, but 100 is the most common weight with darts. If you are using 150 microns, you are liking the size and durability. But, at this size, your speed will be reduced, but you can lob a lot better.

  • Q2: Is a V-wing flight a good option to use?

If you are looking for a flight with better speed, then go with the V-wing. Also, it will be in your best interest to use soft tips. You will get a limited drag with this flight as well.

  • Q3: What is a dart flight protector and is it needed?

A protector for a dart flight is a metal cap that you can add to a flight, so it does not get damaged. If you buy cheap flights, this might be a good way to go, unless you have a lot of replacements. Protectors are rounded usually, and protect other darts that are thrown at the board.

Protectors can also keep your darts flying starting and true. By having a perfect shape in flight, this might be the trajectory you are needed. Just know that a protector is truly up to you and your needs.

  • Q4: What is the best material for a flight?

There are three types of materials used for dart flights. Plastic is the most used. It is quite sturdy and flexible. Nylon is the most durable of any of the materials. Polyester is used as well. It is not as durable as nylon, but more sturdy than plastic.

  • Q5: What is a good feature to have with flights?

A feature you need to have is the “push-in” system. This feature will allow you to have flights that stay in the shaft. Then, you can keep playing without any problems.

  • Q6: How important is a warranty?

This depends on how many flights you buy. If you have a lot of flights, you probably do not need a warranty. However, if you are buying a small set, then you should get a warranty.


Final Verdict

Now that you have an idea of what the best dart flights are, it is time to take your pick. Maybe at first, you may have felt this to be a hard task. But, you now have all the information you will ever need to make an educated decision.

By sifting through the top-10 products, the buying guide, and frequently asked questions, you will be well on your way to success playing darts. This way, you can enjoy playing darts with family and friends, showing off your stylish flights, and your revolutionized game. Best of luck in the world of darts, no matter if you are playing by yourself or others!

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