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The Best Dart Scoreboard in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide 

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Playing darts is fun. In fact, it’s one of the best ways of bonding with friends and family after a busy day at work or school. But, despite being a great sport, the game of darts has one major challenge which is keeping the scores. Tracking the scores for at least 2 players can be easy. However, if you throw 6, 7, or 8 players into the game, this can get quite overwhelming. For that reason, the best dart scoreboard automatically becomes a necessity if you want to keep the game fair and competitive.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers here but, allowing players to keep their own scores can be very dangerous when playing a competitive game. That’s because some people might fail to give accurate scores leading to unnecessary arguments.

Since you want to keep the scores as accurate as possible, this guide has dug deep into the world of dart scoreboards to give you some scoreboard models you’ll truly love. Here, we’ll discuss the best dart scoreboards both in the manual and digital categories to ensure that you select the best out of both worlds.



Best Dart Scoreboard: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Dart Scoreboard Reviews:


1. Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer


Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer

Product Specifications

  • Display: LED touchpad
  • Game Variation: Up to 24 Games
  • Number of Players: Up to 8
  • Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 1.25 inches
  • Warranty: 1-Year

Claiming the pole position in our discussion today is the Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer. The reason why this dart scorer came first is due to its eye-catching and useful features. In fact, this scoreboard is one of the best when paired with a bristle dartboard as it offers an intuitive way of displaying the scores. But, how does it do that?

Well, it’s pretty simple. First, there’s a tiny board that mimics a real dartboard. Secondly, there’s a tiny LED monitor that displays the scores of up to four players. So, after making a throw, you’re supposed to touch the areas that your darts hit for the Arachnid Touch Pad Scorer to automatically calculate the scores for you.

The Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer is designed to offer scoring options for up to 24 games. It also allows up to 8 players to play simultaneously making it one of the best darts scoreboards for multiplayer. When it comes to power demands, this scoreboard can be powered by 4 AA batteries or via AC.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a voice prompt option that names the next player to throw
  • Comes with 24 gaming options including 5 cricket games
  • The LED interface is clear, intuitive, and visible from the throw line
  • The available mounting hardware makes it easier to mount this scoreboard
  • It can be powered by AC or 4 AA batteries

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2. Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer


Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer Electronic...

Product Specifications

  • Display: LCD with a soft keypad
  • Game Variation: Up to 40 with 600 options
  • Multiplayer: Yes up to 8 players
  • Auto-off
  • Dimensions: 5″ L x 1.5″ W x 10.25″ H

Coming in at second is the Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer. Unlike the Arachnid that has a touchpad, the Viper ProScore is equipped with an LDC monitor and a soft keypad that allows you to enter the data for the scores when playing. The best thing about the monitor is that it’s large and very clear making it visible even when standing in the throw line.

About its game variation, the Viper ProScore offers you up to 40 games and 655 gaming options to choose from. It also allows up to 8 players to play simultaneously. To those newcomer players that are still polishing their skills, this dart scorer has a player vs. computer mode that lets you play against the AI. In addition to that, this dart scorer is equipped with an auto-off and a sleep mode that allows it to shut off automatically to save battery power.

The Viper ProScore is designed to stand upright making it easier to mount beside your bristle dartboard. In fact, its sleek dimensions of 5″ L x 1.5″ W x 10.25″ H make it very easy to mount this scoreboard inside a dartboard cabinet. Powered by 3 AA batteries, the Viper ProScore is an absolute must if you’re looking to relieve yourself from the hassle of recording scores manually.

Highlighted Features

  • The LCD monitor is bright enough to view from the throw line
  • This scoreboard offers up to 40 games with over 600 gaming options to pick from
  • Offers both multiplayer and single-player playing option
  • Comes with voice prompts, auto-off, and sleep mode options
  • The upright design allows you to mount this scoreboard neatly beside the dartboard

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3. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboards


Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Set - Soft...

Product Specifications

  • Display: Digital LED Display
  • Size: 15.5” Target Area
  • Game Variation: 28 games with over 100 variations
  • 6 additional darts

The Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard is among the few boards that have managed to combine the handy features of a scoreboard and a dartboard into one piece. So, instead of having to buy them separately, this unit allows you to combine both worlds to give you one fully functional and exceptional piece.

The scoreboard on its side is equipped with an LED monitor that displays the scores for single and multiplayer. There’s also a keypad that lets you enter the data for every shot made as well as activate the sound when playing. Besides, the scoreboard is programmed with 28 games and 100 variations meaning you won’t run out of options when playing.

When it comes to the dartboard itself, you’ll first be welcomed with a large 15.5” playing area that is the official size for tournament play. You’ll also get at least 6 soft tip darts and another 6 replacement tips that you can switch to when playing. Powered by both AC and 4 AA batteries, the Franklin Sports Dartboard is one of the best digital dart scorers that suits both kids and adults.

Highlighted Features

  • Combines a dartboard with a convenient scoreboard
  • The dartboard has a large 15.5” tournament-quality target area
  • Offers 28 games with over 100 variations to pick from
  • 6 bonus darts and extra tips let you play right after installation
  • There’s a built-in storage space for the darts

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4. Viper Illumiscore See-Through Illuminated Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard


Viper Illumiscore See-Through Illuminated Back-Lit...

Product Specifications

  • 2 grease pencils
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Weight: 1.02 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 27 x 1.42 x 15.94 inches
  • Warranty: 1-Year

The Viper Illumiscore is a very unique scoreboard that offers a modern twist when it comes to displaying the scores. In fact, this scoreboard is more like intermarriage between a digital and a manual scoreboard. Now, just to warn you, this model doesn’t offer those smart features you’ll get with a modern digital scoreboard.

On the other hand, you won’t have to deal with the messy chalks as there’s an interactive way of recording the scores. Having said that, here’s exactly how the Viper Illumiscore works. First, this scoreboard is equipped with a translucent backlit that glows to display the scores.

Secondly, it comes with two grease pencils made of wax that glow whenever the scores are recorded. Besides the pencils, the Viper Illumiscore comes with the necessary mounting hardware and an eraser making it quite easy to record and erase the scores. One thing you have to note when mounting this unit, however, is that you need a dark background to avoid messing up with the display. Other than that, the Viper Illumiscore is a modern alternative that’s powered by 4 AA batteries.

Highlighted Features

  • Installation is very easy using the necessary hardware
  • There are 2 grease pencils that record the scores
  • The upright rectangular design makes it easy to read the scores
  • The backlit is bright enough to illuminate the readings
  • It has an eraser that makes it very easy to erase the scores when updating them

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5. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard


Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, Built In...

Product Specifications

  • Size: 13.5”
  • Multiplayer: Yes up to 8
  • Game Variation: 28 games with 150 scoring options
  • Built-in cabinet
  • 6 darts

The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is very similar to the Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard in so many aspects. First, it comes as a 2-in-1 unit with both the dartboard and the scoreboard on board. Secondly, the scoreboard is digital meaning you won’t have to rely on the manual work of recording the scores with chalk.

Now, to enhance your scoring options, the Fat Cat Electronic Dartboard is equipped with a very convenient 13.5” target area that is precision engineered with concave holes. This helps to direct and lock the shots into the right holes without bouncing out. Although the size of the board is not tournament-regulated, it has a thin spider and wide catch ring that lets you play with a lot of precision.

The Fat Cat Electronic Dartboard doesn’t stop there. It has a rectangular automatic dart scorer that’s mounted just beside the board. The scoreboard has 28 games and over 150 scoring options making it the best for both single and multiplayer (up to 8). It comes with 6 darts and a built-in cabinet that has sleek doors and a convenient storage area.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows multiple players to play simultaneously
  • 28 games and 150 variations allow you to play in any of the 5 skill levels
  • The LED display is wide enough to view when playing
  • The built-in cabinet provides a convenient way of mounting the dartboard
  • Comes with the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation

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6. Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard


Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard, Cricket and 01 Dart...

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 375″ H x 7.875”
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • 1 dry erase marker

The Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard is a perfect candidate for those that hail the old school looks of their game rooms. In fact, most veteran dart players will prefer this dry-erase scoreboard over its digital counterparts as it offers a sense of legitimacy when recording the scores. It has sleek dimensions of 15.375″ H x 7.875″ W that allows it to fit on any wall or wood cabinet of your choice.

Now, the Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard doesn’t offer those automated features you’ll find in most digital scoreboards. Instead, it focuses specifically on simplicity and convenience. So, the looks aren’t anything when it comes to the Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard but rather what it’s designed to deliver.

To make scoring an easy endeavor, this scoreboard comes with a dry erase marker that has a magnetic eraser tip. This makes it easier for you to record and erase the scores when playing. When it comes to mounting, this dart scorer is easy to mount using the necessary hardware. It also includes a scoring option for Cricket and 01 games making it one of the best for both single and multiplayer.

Highlighted Features

  • This scoreboard can be mounted on the wall or inside a cabinet
  • Perfect for both Cricket and 01 game
  • The dry erase marker has a magnetic eraser tip for added convenience
  • The size is moderate and visible even when making a throw
  • The portrait orientation of the scoreboard makes it easy to mount beside the dartboard

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7. Dart World Cricketeer Mini Scoreboard


Dart World Cricketeer Mini Scoreboard, Black

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 75 X 15.5
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Games: 01 and Cricket

The Dart World Cricketeer Mini Scoreboard is very similar to the rest of the analog dart scorers we’ve discussed just above. This unit doesn’t come with the bells and whistles you’d expect to find in most digital scoreboards. But, despite being so binary, the Dart World Cricketeer is among those scoreboards that give you the authentic experience of being in a traditional pub.

First, this scoreboard has a black board that’s characterized by white markings and texts. Secondly, the scores are recorded using chalk. Although you’ll have to bear the messy work, the overall experience is just exceptional.

That said, the Dart World Cricketeer Mini Scoreboard is a smart option if you’re playing with a friend. It offers you a smart way of recording the scores when playing the 01 and Cricket dart games. It has a portrait orientation that makes it very easy to mount either on the wall or inside the dartboard cabinet. Exclusively made in the USA, this dart scorer is among the best dry erase dart scoreboard that will never disappoint your effort.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows 2 players to play simultaneously
  • The black board and white markings resemble original boards found in most pubs
  • It’s very affordable thanks to its simplicity
  • Offers an easy way of writing and erasing the scores
  • Installation is fast and very easy

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8. Viper by GLD Products Viper Illumiscore Plus+


Viper Illumiscore Plus+ See-Through Illuminated...

Product Specifications

  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Games: 01 and Cricket
  • 2 grease pencils plus an eraser
  • Power Source: AC or 4AA batteries

Imagine a digital and a manual scoreboard had a kid together? Well, the kid would most probably be the Viper Illumiscore Plus. Considered as a perfect crossover between the old and modern scoreboard, this dart scorer is a superb addition to your darting experience as it helps to reduce the messy chalk work that most people face when using an old school scoreboard.

Now, this piece is made from clear plastic and has white lettering that glows when it’s turned on. Its beauty comes when the sidelights glow as they help to illuminate the scoreboard making it easier to view even when playing in a dimly lit room.

Other than the design, the Viper Illumiscore Plus is an energy-saving scoreboard that doesn’t consume a lot of power. You can either plug it in a power outlet or use 4 AA batteries to make it cordless. It can be mounted either on a wall or inside a cabinet depending on your choice. The Viper Illumiscore Plus is a perfect scoreboard for both 01 and Cricket dart games and it comes with 2 grease pencils that allow you to record the scores with less hassle.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for both 01 and Cricket games
  • Comes with 2 dedicated grease pencils and an eraser
  • Powered by both AC and 4AA batteries
  • The built-in pencil holder offers a convenient storage option
  • The lighting is bright and very crisp

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9. BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard Chalkboard


BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard...

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15.5” x 9”
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • 2 pencils and 1 eraser
  • Games: 01 and Cricket
  • Black board

Though it appeared late in our discussion, the BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard is an old-fashioned dart scorer that suits those veteran players that prefer to take the traditional route. If you were keen enough, you’ll realize that this dart scorer is very similar to our previous Dart World Cricketeer Mini Scoreboard.

Unlike most digital scoreboards, this one comes with a black board that contains white markings. There’s a dedicated eraser and two dustless chalks in the package meaning the board will be ready to use right out of the box. Its size of 15.5 by 9 inches is large enough to offer a crisp view of the scores even when standing on the oche.

About the installation, the BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard is very easy to mount. All you need is to insert the screws inside the four screw holes on the edges of the scoreboard then mount it on any location of your choice. This scoreboard is designed for 01 and Cricket games making it one of the best dart scoreboard in the darts business.

Highlighted Features

  • This scoreboard is very simple to maintain, as it doesn’t require any source of power
  • The package comes with 2 chalks and an eraser
  • It can be mounted in any location of your choice
  • Has a large size that makes the scores visible from any position
  • The surface is smooth and very easy to work on

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10. Scoremaster Chalk Dart Scoreboard


CuteExpress Scoremaster Chalk Dart Scoreboard...

Product Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 5” high X 11.5” wide
  • Games: 01 and Cricket

To finalize our review, we’re going to discuss the Scoremaster Chalk Dart Scoreboard. Now, if you’re a darts enthusiast that fancies the old school vibe of a chalk board, then this unit will make a perfect match for you. But, despite being an old-school model, this dart scorer cannot be compared to those traditional scoreboards that were used in the 60s.

First, the surface is very smooth making it very easy to work on. Secondly, the surface doesn’t leave chalk markings after you’ve erased the scores. This makes the board very neat to work on, as the messy chalk work is reduced to almost zero.

When it comes to the size, the Scoremaster is pretty large as compared to most other scoreboards. With dimensions of 15.5” high X 11.5” wide, this scoreboard is wide enough to offer a clear view of the scores when playing. Mounting is also effortless, as you only need to screw it on the wall or your dartboard cabinet.

Highlighted Features

  • At 5” high X 11.5” wide, this scoreboard is wide enough to offer a crisp view
  • The plastic surface is very soft
  • The mounting holes make it easier to screw this board on the wall
  • There are two chalks and an eraser in the package
  • Designed for 01 and Cricket games

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dart Scoreboard


Now that we’ve listed some of the best manual and electronic dart scoreboard options that are available in the market, our next step is to discuss a few points you’ll have to consider when choosing a scoreboard. At least with these points in mind, it will be much easier for you to pick a scoreboard that will match your specific playing demands.


1. Type of Scoreboard:

The first thing you need to think of when choosing a scoreboard is whether it’s digital, dry-erase, or app-based. This way, you’ll be able to take advantage of the various benefits each category offers depending on your playing demands. So, to help you understand better, let’s break down each category for you.

  • Dry-Erase Scoreboard:

These types of scoreboards are the most popular in most pubs and dart rooms. That’s all thanks to their affordability and simple designs. The design comprises of a smooth surface with clear marking. They come with pencils to record the scores and a dedicated eraser to erase the previous scores when updating.

  • Digital Scoreboards:

Digital scoreboards, on the other hand, are cool looking and come with exclusive features that are more modern. Their expansive range of functionality makes them the best for multiplayer as there are many game variations to engage. These types of scoreboards are accurate and very easy to use as the scores are updated automatically.

  • Scoreboard Apps:

If you have a Smartphone, then perhaps you can consider downloading a dart scorer app. Since Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, having a convenient scoreboard app can really help you to record the scores accurately. But, the best dart scoreboard app isn’t free. You have to shell out a couple of bucks to download something useful.


2. Size:

Other than the type, the size of a scoreboard can have a huge impact on your buying power. So, here, you need to consider the amount of wall space you’ve got before you determine whether to get a small or a large scoreboard. Thankfully, we’ve discussed some small and large models that are available meaning you won’t have a problem when making your decision.


3. Mounting Options:

One thing about scoreboards is that they must be mounted somewhere. So, whether it’s a digital or old school scoreboard, you’ll need to screw it on the wall to make the scores visible to everyone.

Due to this reason, you need to be very keen on the mounting options to ensure that you pick an option that will be easy to work with. Most scoreboards use the screwing method where you screw all the four corners of the scoreboard on the wall. Others use brackets and mounting hardware to mount them on the wall.


4. Integrated or Not:

Some scoreboards, such as the Franklin Sports and the Fat Cat Mercury, come as a combo that includes the scoreboard and the dartboard in one package. The best thing about this strategy is that it reduces the hassle of having to buy the two pieces separately. As a result, this allows you to save some funds.

So, if you’re planning to buy a dartboard and a scoreboard at the same time, then perhaps you can consider this strategy.


5. Power Source:

The issue of power is another key parameter you can’t afford to neglect. Scoreboards can be digital, manual, or intermarriage between these two. While manual scoreboards rely on chalks and pencils, digital scoreboards require a source of power to work.

That’s the same case with some hybrid models that require a source of power to illuminate the screen to make the scores visible in dimly lit rooms. To those of you that prefer digital dart scorers, you’ll need to choose between AC and batteries or, you can pick a model that works with both power sources.


6. Material:

Although your intention is not to hit the scoreboard with the darts, there are times when the unexpected happens. Since you’ll be mounting the scoreboard close to the dartboard, you need to pick a material that can withstand the harsh abuse of your darts’ tips.


7. LED Panel:

One reason why you need the best dart scoreboard is to improve your gaming experience. One feature that will influence your decision here is the backlit screen a specific scoreboard has. So, to make the scores visible from the throw line, you need to find a scoreboard that is bright and clear.


8. Portability:

The best thing about darts is that you can play the game almost anywhere. So, whether it’s indoors or outdoors somewhere on the beach or a camping site, you need to ensure that your scoreboard is portable enough to be used anywhere.

For this reason, you need to get a dry-erase or a digital model that uses batteries as its source of power.


9. Additional Features:

Other than what we’ve discussed, there are those extra features you need to consider when choosing a dart scorer. Some of these features include;

  • Number of Players:

If you’re planning to enjoy the game with multiple players, then you need to consider the total number of players the scoreboard can accommodate at a time. If possible, find one that allows up to eight players.

  • Game Variation:

Again, the type of scoreboard you get should offer a wide range of game options and customizations. After all, what’s the need of getting a digital scoreboard if it doesn’t offer any customization options?


10. Affordability:

Now that you’ve considered all the options above, the last factor that will finalize your decision is the budget. How much you’re willing to spend will play a huge role in what you’ll be getting. In most cases, dry-erase and chalkboards tend to cost less as compared to digital scoreboards.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which are the Best Dart Scorer Apps?

When choosing the best scoreboard app, it’s easy to get lost due to the many available options. However, there are those apps that stand out from the rest. Some of these apps include the Stuart Cooper Pro, the Andy Pandy Sports App, and the Score Darts App.

  1. Can You Use a Digital Scoreboard Outside?

Yes. It’s very possible to use a digital or an electronic scoreboard outside. All you need is to ensure that the dart scorer is made from high-quality resilient materials that can tolerate inclement weather. Secondly, you need to ensure that the type of scoreboard you get is wireless. In most cases, some of the best electronic dart scoreboard options allow both AC and DC power options, which is great if you’ll be to shifting with your dartboard often.

  1. How Do You Use a Scoreboard?

Well, this depends on the type of scoreboard you’ll be using. If you’re planning to use a traditional or a dry-erase scoreboard, then you’ll have to record the scores manually by writing them using a marker pen or chalk. On the other hand, if you’ll be using a digital scoreboard, then the scores will be updated automatically.

  1. Where Do I Mount the Scoreboard?

Well, this depends on the type of scoreboard you’re using. However, most models will give you the option of mounting them on the wall using special screws. Others are designed to be mounted on cabinets while others are designed to be placed on the table.

If your model relies on AC power, then you have to find a reliable location, which is next to a power outlet. If it’s battery-powered, then you’re free to mount it anywhere provided it offers a crisp and clear view of the scores.


Final Verdict

So, here are some of the best dart scoreboard options that are available in the market. As you can see, the game of darts is very expansive and is overwhelmed with hundreds of fun games to enjoy. Since most of these games are multiplayer, tracking the scores for each player can be overwhelming if you’re doing it the manual way.

Thankfully, this guide has discussed ten high-quality scoreboards that fall both in the traditional and modern categories. So, if you’re playing darts with your spouse or your best friend, then you can pick a dry-erase model to record the scores.

However, if you’re playing with a group of friends, most probably eight, then you’ll need to pick an electronic scoreboard to take advantage of the effortless procedure of recording the scores. So, with that said, we believe that this guide has offered immense information regarding dart scoreboards.

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