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The Best Dartboard Stands in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re an avid darts connoisseur, then there’s a high possibility that you’ve once wondered whether there are other creative ways you can hang your dartboard other than just mounting it on the wall. For most novices, making accurate throws is a real uphill as most end up damaging the walls with stray darts. With the game of darts gaining popularity at a rapid pace, most people are beginning to think of the best dartboard stands as the perfect alternatives.

Now, the invention of the dartboard stand has brought a lot of dynamics to this majestic sport. It has unlocked a myriad of ways you can enjoy playing darts both indoors and outdoors. Unlike the traditional setup that confined the dartboard on the wall, the free-standing alternative has freed most people as you can now carry the dartboard to any location of your choice whether it’s in your backyard, a campsite, or at the beach.


Best Dartboard Stands: Editor’s Top Picks


Factors to Consider When Picking a Dartboard Stand

Now that we’ve discussed six of the leading dartboard stands in the market, our next focus will be specifically aimed at discussing those factors you need to consider when choosing any of these stands. You see, there are some situations when a dartboard stand becomes an absolute necessity. For instance, if you wish to enjoy some dynamics by playing darts in the outdoors, or maybe if you don’t have a spare wall to hang a dartboard, then you’ll have to consider adding a stand.

But, for those people that are newcomers in this arena, picking a perfect stand from myriad options can turn out to be an overwhelming endeavor. For that reason, this section has managed to discuss a few key factors you can consider when choosing your favorite stand.

1. Type of Stand:

When choosing the best dartboard stands, it’s important that you know the different variants that are available. In most cases, you’ll come across two major variants that are the free-standing and the lean-against-the-wall types.

  • Free-Standing Stands:

This type of dartboard stand is basically the most popular in the market. It consists of tripod or quadpod legs that support the stand to prevent any wobbling. Most of the models that rely on this design mechanism are lightweight and have self-adjusting features that let you raise or lower the stand by adjusting a center knob. Since they independently stand on their own, these types of stands are considered the best for outdoor use such as camping or beach partying.

  • Lean-Against-the-Wall Stands:

While free-standing dartboard stands tend to wobble a lot, the lean-against-the-wall variants are hence considered the perfect solution to such problems. Since they’re designed to lean against a solid wall, these types of stands are considered to be more steady and stable.

This advantage makes them the best option for tournaments and other professional use especially in the outdoors. A practical example of these types of dartboard stands is the Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 which’s designed to lean against a solid wall.

2. Compatibility:

Away from the type of stand, another factor you need to be very keen on is compatibility between the stand’s head brackets and the dartboard you’re planning to mount. This is one area most shoppers have really messed up. In fact, most of them end up giving bad ratings yet it was their failure to inspect the head bracket to ensure it fits their specific dartboard.

So, to avoid any last-minute disappointments, always take your time to inspect the head bracket to ensure it’s universal. Thankfully, in our review section, we managed to list a few stands that can fit both bristle and electronic boards. Also, you need to note that bristle dartboards are easy to deal with than electronic boards as the latter demand more customized mounting options.

3. Portability:

In case you’re planning to play darts in the outdoors more often, then portability is a priority you’ll need to add to your wish list. If you inspect our list just above, you’ll notice that most of the stands we’ve discussed are highly portable. This way, packing the stands in a carry bag and carrying them around is something you won’t have to worry about as they’re extremely lightweight.

Other than the size of your mobile dartboard stand, the collapsible aspect of it is something else you’d like to consider. Here, you need to ensure that the stand can collapse easily. It should also be easy to assemble all by yourself without having to call for help.

4. The Material:

Another factor you have to consider when picking a dartboard stand is the type of material used in the construction. In most cases, steel, aluminum, and wood are some of the materials most brands use to construct their stands. So, when picking a stand, you need to know which type of material is used and what are its pros and cons. To shed more light on your selection, let’s discuss each material briefly.

  • Steel:

Now, when you hear of steel, what comes to mind is a heavy-duty framework that stands the test of time. That’s the exact character of a dartboard stand made of steel. Not only that, this type of stand is heavy and thick allowing it to withstand different unfavorable conditions when used in the outdoors.

Since they don’t wobble a lot, these types of stands are preferred for holding heavy dartboards for professional use.

  • Aluminum:

When you hear of aluminum, it’s easy to predict that this material is the best for a free-standing dartboard stand. And why exactly? Well, it’s because aluminum is light hence easy to carry from one location to another. While aluminum is the best when it comes to portability, it tends to struggle when it comes to stability as it cannot withstand unfavorable weather conditions such as strong winds.

  • Wood:

Wooden dartboard stands have been around for a very long time. Apart from accommodating a dartboard, these types of stands add a sophisticated look to your interior décor making them the best when used as fixed stands.

Since carrying them around is almost impossible, these stands are usually paired with electronic boards to unlock the impressive features that come with such boards. Most of them such as the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet come with shelves to create additional storage space for your darts and other accessories such as some bottles of wine.

5. Extra Features:

last but not least, you need to be keen on any extra features that might be available. For instance, some stands come with a measuring chain that lets you measure the distance from the board to the oche. Others come with easy height adjusting frames that allow you to raise or lower the heights. Lastly, some models come with advanced carry bags that allow you to carry the stands with ease.


The Best Dartboard Stands Reviews:

But, despite being an outstanding piece of innovation, finding a decent dartboard stand is not an easy endeavor. There are lots of key factors you need to consider before you can part with your money. For that reason, this insightful guide has come to your rescue to discuss some of the top-rated dartboard stands in the market today.

Besides our detailed review, we’ve gone a step further to add a detailed buyer’s guide section while still answering some of the pressing questions that might be ringing in your mind.

1. GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand

GRANBOARD - Tripod Dartboard


At the beginning of our discussion, we’re going to review the GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dartboard Stand. In our introductory section, we discussed the various benefits of having a dartboard stand at your disposal. With the GRAN Darts Portable Dartboard Stand, most of these benefits are clearly visible as this stand is designed to offer you a lot of conveniences when mounting your dartboard.

One of those is its lightweight of just 3 ½ pounds. With such a featherweight, this stand is extremely light making it portable and easy to carry. In fact, to add to its low weight advantage, GRAN has designed this stand with an easily foldable feature that lets you fold it for easy carrying. There’s even a dedicated carry bag where you can slide the stand inside and carry it using both hands or via the available shoulder straps.

About its performance, the GRAN Darts Portable Dartboard Stand cannot be underestimated. First, the stand is made out of durable steel that’s able to stand the test of time. It also has three steel tips that offer immense stability when used both indoors and outdoors on even or uneven grounds.

When it comes to mounting your dartboards, this stand doesn’t discriminate. That’s because it’s designed with general-purpose O-type and U-shaped brackets that allow it to accommodate all types of dartboards regardless of whether they’re bristle, electronic, or grand boards.


  • Comes with a dedicated chain for marking the oche.
  • A dedicated carry bag makes it easier to carry the stand.
  • Designed from durable steel material.
  • Can be mounted using the O-type or U-shaped brackets.
  • Can be collapsed for easy carrying.


  • It wobbles a bit.

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2. Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand

Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard...


We’re all aware of Unicorn’s commitment when it comes to designing the best darts accessories. While most dart players are only aware of Unicorn’s darts and dartboards both in the bristle and electronic arena, what you don’t know is how this brand has invested its time in engineering some of the top-rated dartboard stands. One of their latest offerings is the Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Dartboard Stand.

Just like our previous GRAN Darts Portable Dartboard Stand, the Unicorn Dartboard Stand is designed with three angled legs that provide immense stability to the stainless steel stand that supports your dartboard.

In fact, most people have compared the tripod design to a professional camera stand stating that it offers the best stability when erected on any ground regardless of whether it’s in a game room, a pub, garden, or a backyard.

When it comes to compatibility, the Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Dartboard Stand has not failed to deliver. That’s because this dartboard is lenient enough to accommodate both bristle and electronic dartboards. Because of this, Unicorn has gone ahead to design this dartboard with full height adjustability to allow both kids and adults to use the stand by adjusting the height to their favorite level.

This stand is also designed to erect and fold within seconds. To prevent any accidental skidding, Unicorn has managed to fit skid-resistant rubberized legs to maintain stability when the stand is erected on slippery floors.


  • Easy to fold and assemble.
  • Has a tripod design for added stability.
  • Comes with an easy height adjusting option.
  • Has skid-resistant rubber at the legs to prevent skidding.
  • Light enough to carry around.


  • The instruction manual is less detailed.
  • The package doesn’t include the dartboard.

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3. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid...


While most of the dartboard stands we’ve discussed here are actually portable, one unique dartboard stand that acts more like a useful piece of furniture is the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet by Hathaway.

At first glance, this dartboard cabinet stand resembles a dressing table with a mirror only that the top section is designed to facilitate a mounted dartboard that happens to be an electronic variant. The luxurious touch which is facilitated by an elegant dark cherry finish has contributed a lot to this stand’s overall looks.

With a net weight amounting to 80 pounds, this dartboard stand is quite impossible to move around. For that reason, Hathaway has offered two options you can use to display this stand which is by mounting it on the wall or allowing it to stand freely on its own.

Now, despite its charming beauty, the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet has a lot to offer to its admirers. One of them is the ample storage space that comes in the form of two strong shelves.

Besides the shelves, which actually provide ample storage space, there are the wooden doors which are designed with integrated dart holders. These holders are responsible for fitting two sets of darts on each side.

This dartboard stand is also equipped with a dedicated electronic dartboard that offers you 29 different playing games with 90 scoring variations. The face of the board is also 15.5 inches making it a regulation-sized board that allows up to 8 players.


  • The dark cherry finish looks fantastic.
  • Comes with a dedicated electronic dartboard.
  • It can be mounted on the wall or left free-standing on the floor.
  • Two shelves provide extra storage space.
  • The dartboard has 29 games and 90 variations.


  • It’s quite heavy.
  • It’s susceptible to regular scratching.

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4. Gorilla Stands Unisex’s Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand

Gorilla Stands Unisex's Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand,...


In case the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet did not please your eyes, then you might like to take a look at the Gorilla Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand. Now, by looking at it, it’s easy to mistake this dartboard stand with some of the low-quality stuff we’ve been seeing in the market. But, if you happen to give it a sharper focus, you’ll be amazed to realize how detailed Gorilla was when designing this stand.

First, this stand is constructed from a combination of steel, aluminum, and plastic. It’s further coated with a black outer finish to make it look appealing while still giving it some added reinforcement against wear.

Just like the rest of the dartboard stands, this one too boasts of having a tripod design with skid-resistant rubber to give it both stability and firmness when erected. The brilliant material selection is another major plus as they’ve managed to keep the weight well under 8.8 pounds to make it easier for you to carry the stand.

The Gorilla Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand doesn’t just stop there. It comes with an easy height adjustment option that lets you raise or lower the height by adjusting a central knob. It also has a rotating bracket that swivels at an angle of 360° making it suitable for bars, pubs, and home use.

Although this stand is extremely lightweight, its bracket can handle dartboards weighing up to 44 pounds. It also comes with a carry bag that lets you transport the stand with a lot of ease.


  • Made from a combination of durable materials.
  • Strong enough to handle dartboards weighing up to 44 pounds.
  • Has an easy height adjustment option.
  • Rubberized feet prevent skidding.
  • Has a carry bag for easy mobility.


  • The bracket fasteners don’t hold the dartboard tightly.

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5. Darts Master Dartboard Stand

Darts Master Dartboard Stand - Portable Telescopic...


Following increasing popularity in dartboard stands in recent times, Darts Master has opted to try their luck by engineering a low-cost high-performance dartboard stand for their diehard customers. The results are clearly seen in the Darts Master Dartboard Stand.

This stand is an awesome piece that can be set almost anywhere. With its slim profile and light weight of just 7.7 pounds, this stand is very easy to get along with as portability is never an issue.

Similar to most of the dartboard stands we’ve discussed, the Darts Master also comes with a tripod design that allows you to erect the stand in any location of your choice. So, whether it’s in a hall room, a pub, a campsite, or in your backyard, this stand will perfectly take care of the terrains without disappointing you.

When it comes to compatibility, this stand is equipped with a universal mounting bracket that lets you mount any dartboard of your choice regardless of whether it’s a bristle or an electronic variant. The setup process is another huge plus as it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

This stand is also made of steel and polished with a black finish to protect it from any possible corrosion. The Darts Master Dartboard Stand is further designed with an easy height adjusting option that lets you raise or lower the height to suit the regulation height of normal players and those seated on wheelchairs.


  • It has an excellent height adjusting option.
  • Made from durable steel metal.
  • Light enough to carry around effortlessly.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Equipped with universal brackets.


  • Needs an extra hole to guarantee the stability of the board.

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6. Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit

WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard Stand 2


To finalize today’s discussion, we’re going to review the Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Stand. Now, for those of you that have been in and out of the darting world, then you’re well aware of Winmau’s dominance in producing some of the best darts accessories.

Today, this brand has decided to show the darting community what an excellent and reliable steel tip dartboard stand should look like by releasing the Winmau Xtreme Dartboard Unit.

This dartboard stand has managed to stand in terms of quality and functionality. While most models rely on the traditional tripod design, this one has gone way beyond this to feature a quad stand design.

With such a massive design success, this stand can stand on any ground—whether level or uneven—without wobbling or shaking. Although it seems bulky, the most amazing thing about this stand is that it collapses easily to pave way for easy folding and packaging.

About its construction, the Winmau Xtreme is made of a lightweight steel frame that’s polished with a robust black finish to give it a gorgeous look. It also comes with an advanced height adjustment option that lets you raise or lower the height effortlessly. It comes with a dedicated head bracket, a wall stabilizer, and an accessory tray that lets you place your personal stuff when playing.


  • Made of lightweight but highly durable steel metal.
  • Has a lockable height setting.
  • Portable and quite easy to move around.
  • Comes with a universal head bracket and an accessory tray.
  • It has four legs that enhance stability.


  • You have to drill an extra hole to mount an electronic board.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Do I Mount a DartBoard?

So, the first step is to remove the stand from the carry bag then undo the legs. Next, tighten up the bottom screw to make the legs steady. Stick the stand on the floor and adjust the center screw to raise the height of the stand to your desired level.

Next, pick the head bracket and stick it on top of the stand. Use the available knob to tighten it up. Lastly, pick your preferred dartboard and mount it on the head bracket using a screwdriver.

2. Are Lean-Against-the-Wall Types of Stands Adjustable?

Now, some stands such as the Unicorn Pro Dartmate 2 and the Lean2Pro don’t have a self-adjusting option. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy playing darts using the recommended regulation height.

What happens with such stands is that they’re designed to stand flush against the wall for them to give you the correct height that’s recommended. However, if you’re playing with disabled players seated on wheelchairs, then it’s better to consider an adjustable stand such as the free-standing variants.

3. Can I Mount an Electronic Dartboard on a Stand?

Well, the answer to this question will greatly depend on the situation. One thing about stands, especially the free-standing variants, is that they’re mostly compatible with bristle dartboards. Electronic dartboards, on the other hand, are highly customized making them quite difficult to mount on stands.

For that reason, mounting an electronic board on your portable dartboard stand will require you to drill a few holes on your head bracket to make it easier for you to mount your board on. Otherwise, dartboard cabinets are considered the best option as they’re largely tailored to suit such boards.

4. Are Dartboard Stands Only Meant for Professional Use?

No! These stands are not only designed for professional play. Actually, they’re designed to serve as an alternative to those players that aren’t willing to mess up their walls. This can be at your residential home or in an apartment where you’re strictly prohibited from mounting anything on the walls.

They’re also the best solution for outdoor use especially for those avid players that enjoy playing darts with friends and family in a campsite, at the beach, or in the backyard.


Final Verdict

As you can see, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to picking the right dartboard stand from a wide ocean full of infinite options. Since it’s easy to get lost on your way, this guide has discussed at least 6 top-rated models you can consider. Besides that, we’ve added a detailed buyer’s guide section that will help to shed some light when picking your favorite stand.

Since the free-standing variants are becoming more popular in recent times, we’ve discussed them, in particular, to help you enjoy some quality time with friends and family wherever and however you want. With that said, we believe that our guide of the best dartboard stands will provide both value and inspiration when making your decision.

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