Best Darts for Beginners

The 10 Best Darts for Beginners in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Darts is a great game to practice. It’s so thrilling and fun whether you’re a championship grade player or someone looking to get one over a friend or family. But with darts, your game is only as good as the tools you pack. A set of overly cheap darts almost certainly means you’ll end up losing.

This is particularly the case when you’re involved in some form of competition. So, if you’re just starting, you’ll need the best darts for beginners. This way, you’re not caught unawares or have to settle for an unusual piece of steel or plastic.

As a beginner, the darts you choose greatly impact the skills you pick up, and how you eventually play. Even if you intend to stop at the hobby level, ditching the game for other ones shouldn’t be because of bad equipment. Thankfully, you’ll get to pick quality darts from the guide that follows. Read on!



Best Darts for Beginners and Pros: Editor’s Top Picks



Things to Consider When Buying Darts for Beginners

Darts Buying Guide

Getting a new set of darts takes some considerations. Keep in mind that as a beginner, it’s never an easy choice to make. This is why information is vital. Armed with the products reviewed, here are things you ultimately have to look out for so that you get what fits the style you want to develop.

  • 1. Know Your Dart Holding Pattern

How do you hold on to your dart? Sure, material, weight, and other considerations are essential, but if you’re going to get ahead with noticeable improvements, know your dart holding pattern. Many beginners use the pencil holding pattern with two or more fingers.

This way, their grip is slightly higher up the barrel. This isn’t entirely bad, but you should really aim for a relaxed grip with three fingers right at the center of the barrel.

Whenever you want to buy a dart, pick one and hold it. Check if it fits nicely. But if you have a preference for front-weighted darts, it’s all good, although center-weighted darts are great for different levels of players, including beginners.

  • 2. Steel Tipped or Soft Tipped

Do you prefer steel tip darts or soft ones? With your holding pattern set, figure out what choice of dart tips suit you to a tee. In the product review section, there’re quite many darts to choose from. The most important thing with any variety you pick is being comfortable with your choice.

Having a dartboard is already an advantage and makes your decision as per darts tips easy. Steel tips are mainly used for bristle or sisal fiber dartboards.

On the flip side, soft-tipped darts go well with electronic dartboards. But don’t imagine for a second that soft tips are ‘soft.’ They are rigid plastics at the tip of the dart.

If you’re looking to avoid a great deal of damage to the surrounding area of your dartboard, soft tips make sense. Yet, a steel tip is better suited to boards with enough protection around them. What’s more, if protection doesn’t matter to you, a steel tip is ideal.

  • 3. Barrel and Shaft Material

With barrel materials, most players are open to two options – tungsten and brass materials. Also, your choice depends on other factors like how much you’re willing to part with, and the level of expertise you want to reach. So, as a beginner or someone casual about the game, brass is ideal. Brass is also cheaper.

Tungsten is mainly for semi and full pro dart players. Depending on what you want, the percentages of tungsten on the barrel varies from 70 to 95%. High levels of tungsten are great for stable throws.

Further, the shaft comes in different materials such as carbon fibers, aluminum, nylon or plastic, etc. Check the weight and durability of the shafts before making a choice

  • 4. Number of Darts You Need

In your bid to get the best darts for beginners, consider the number of darts in any given set. This is important if you want to hold mini-leagues with friends and family. So, you’d want enough to go around with several players lined up.

The products reviewed do come with sets that boast a huge number of darts so that other rookies can get involved.

Playing darts at a casual or pub level calls for more sets. But if you’re a semi or full pro, it makes sense to have only three darts.

  • 5. Weight and Balance

As with most things dart, it boils down to what you want and what works for you. There’s no hard and fast rule concerning weight and balance. So, if you’re comfortable with one set, go ahead! But consider that steel darts often have weight ranges between 12 and 50 grams even if players rarely go above 30 grams.

Soft tips are usually lighter than steel. On the whole, weight distribution is essential. Front-loaded and mid-loaded darts are usually recommended for rookies.

  • 6. Consider Your Budget

The darts above look stunning, right? No matter your preferences, style, and needs, you do have to pay for them. This is because the budget is a huge factor, particularly if you’re caught up in two minds about which to go for.

Further, prices for steel or soft tip darts vary from high to low. Remember, though; expensive darts don’t automatically guarantee you’d be up there along with the best players. So, as a beginner, functionality is the word you want to keep in mind.

Check out the products listed and reviewed here. There’s definitely one or more that will match your pocket, and reason for playing the game.

  • 7. Size and Style

Darts have wings on them referred to as flights. The flights impact the way your darts perform, and you’ll notice you have a difficult decision to make with many styles and sizes available. But there are two popular options – standard and slim.

Standard flights give your darts stability mainly because of their large surface. From the moment it leaves your hand on its path to the dartboard, you’ll notice it does so with more stability.

This is particularly the case with players who have a curved throw. As a beginner, if you throw curves, standard flights are your thing.

For slim flights, the name does justice to the dart. This is because they are smaller in size, and definitely lighter than standard darts.

They are suited to players who have a fast-straight throw. If you find yourself in this category, choose a slim flight dart. Also, many soft-tipped darts have slimmer flights.


Top 10 Best Darts for Beginners Reviews:

1. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case

Viper by GLD Products unisex adult Viper Blitz 95...



  • Weight – 22/24/26/28 grams
  • aluminum rotating shaft
  • Texture – knurled bands, deep grooves, and rings

This dart is not designed with the highest quality tungsten for nothing. This is because, with the game, you want a lot of stability before and when you make a move. The tungsten gives this stability thanks to its properties, which include a mixture of 5% nickel.

This means any other dart that doesn’t contain this metal is most certainly inferior to this product. As a beginner, the slim profile barrel with the mixture of nickel will help you hit the target much better. Further, the small profile means you can group your darts closer, thereby scoring more points.

Whether you prefer a sisal or bristle dartboard, having this dart in your kit will help your development as a beginner. What’s more, you’ll notice a coarse or knobby band and hollow grooves that help you grip on tightly.

As a beginner, your hand placements have to be spot on after a while. The Viper Blitz does just that with your game improving all the time. Also, locking holes exist on the shaft of the dart so that players can have a closer fit to the barrel and much-needed balance.

This way, you can play for a long time without firming things up at short intervals. Speed, arc, and accuracy make this dart a must-have for beginners.


  • 95% alloy barrel tungsten
  • Has a long-lasting dart frame
  • Strong grip
  • Locking holes for closer and secure fit
  • Rotating shafts


  • Slightly expensive

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2. Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip 95% Tungsten Devastators

Bottelsen Hammer Head 95% Tungsten Devastators...



  • Weights:23/25/27 grams
  • Knurled barrel
  • Hammerhead point
  • Aluminum

These darts are wonderful and have a structure many professionals would admire. For instance, it is relatively heavy and does come with great balance. But its high quality means it can help you develop your skills faster.

They also have a durability that only a few others can match, coupled with a 95% tungsten barrel. There’s also the aluminum shaft, which means stability is an issue you won’t face.

Furthermore, Bottelsen HammerHead has a knurled grip to enhance your throwing pattern. No one wants to continually chop and change their darts because they can’t get a good grip.

More so, you’ll definitely lose points without being able to develop a winning throw. Then there’s the moveable points aspect of these darts pack. When they make contact with the board, there’ll be a very slow push in points.

This way, you have minimal bounce backs during a game, and keep your darts from going the other way when it hits the wire at the edge of the board. As a beginner, it’s effective to use, but professionals will ultimately have a better feel for it.


  • Aluminum shaft
  • Deluxe Croco case that ensures durability
  • 95 % tungsten alloy barrel
  • Fits the bill for professional players
  • Moveable points.


  • Tends to be expensive

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3. CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten

CUESOUL 30 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95%...



  • Weight – 26/28/30g (extra-heavy)
  • Material – Tungsten material
  • Texture – 11 grooved rings for a tight grip
  • Three lantern flights

As far as brands go, this is one famous name you want to remember. Well, the dart stands out, and the 95 percent tungsten more than makes it an excellent tool for beginners. Add the barrel and 11 hand-painted rings with grooved features, and you’re set to play.

The knurled grips numbering four will give you the utmost consistency in hand placements when you throw darts. Another thing that could be of immense help is anodized aluminum. It generates more strength to the dart and ensures it lasts twice as long.

Furthermore, these darts weigh a bit on the high side at 30 grams. You’ll achieve more control, though, because they are center-weighted. Also, accuracy counts in darts. So, as a beginner, this product does more to enhance your throwing ability.

What’s more, when you step into the arena, you’re doing so in style. Thanks to the deluxe case that accompanies the darts. The case also adds to its durability. Add a point sharpener, alloy flights (3), and you have a game-changer in your hands. But first, they’ll make learning a joy, and increase your level almost immediately.


  • The set is customizable
  • Anodized aluminum shaft
  • 95% tungsten barrel
  • Center-weighted
  • Luxury deluxe case
  • Knurled grips for perfect handling


  • Front-heavy

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4. Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Fat Cat by GLD Products Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel...



  • Weight – 23 grams
  • Material – Tungsten barrel
  • Texture – 3 knurled for extra grip

This particular dart does not compromise its comfort, grip, and balance for anything. Add a design that completely stands out, and you have a keeper on your hands. The knurls present an extra grip, thereby allowing you massive control, pointing the darts in the right direction.

One of the features that determine how well you perform in the game is a consistent grip. This dart allows for that with the ease with which to load up and fire away! As a beginner, you stand to win more with a dart that meets you halfway.

This is what the Fat Cat Bulletz represents coupled with a convex nylon shaft, which means your O-rings remain tight during play.

As always, for most products, the price can be a sticking point. However, these darts are relatively cheap, even for beginners. The 90% tungsten means it’s never far from its contemporaries.

So, at that price, it’s a great choice to kick-off your darts career. In the same vein, at 23 grams, you have just the ideal tool to hit the right spots. It’s neither too light nor too heavy for a beginner.


  • Lightweight convex nylon shafts
  • Superb hard-shell travel case
  • Additional equipment for replacement
  • Good price
  • Knurled handle for a stronger grip


  • One set of flights

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5. KO Steel Tip Darts 90% Tungsten Darts

KO Steel Tip Darts, 24 Gram 90% Tungsten Darts...



  • Weights – 23/25/27 grams
  • Barrel material – 95% tungsten
  • Knurled texture
  • Aluminum shaft

The perfect grip or lack of any could potentially ruin your throw during a darts game. This is because balance is not a feature to be taken lightly. These darts offer the balance which every beginner needs, coupled with the fact that you can use them for the long term.

Forget about the pro aspect for a minute, and feel how ideal it is to enhance your game. With a convenient 90% tungsten, the steel helps players hit their set mark. Also, hollow grooves mean players can easily find their grip.

This way, they don’t have to sweat it out every moment or constantly check if they’ve got the grip right. A good grip often leads to consistent performances laden with accurate throws.

As with most of the best darts out there, these come with a case for storage. It’s durable so that you arrive at games with a bit of style and prestige. Also, your steel darts won’t bend or break while in the case.


  • 90% tungsten dart fit for pros and beginners
  • Hollow grooves for optimum hand placement and consistency
  • Lifetime warranty for shafts
  • Weighted darts to fit industry-leading standards
  • Durable case for class and storage
  • Relatively cheap


  • Not the best value for money dart available

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6. Viper Pitbull 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper by GLD Products unisex adult Full Knurling...



  • Barrel material – 90% tungsten
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Knurled grips

The name says it all. As a beginner, you still want a bit of toughness to express yourself during a game. So, what do you do? Get the Viper Pitbull Soft tip and get going! Whether that’s on a sisal dartboard or using an electronic dartboard, you’ll have a great time.

The barrel comes with 90% tungsten and 10% nickel. This means more control even though the darts have a slimmer look. However, they are very effective at hitting the right places. What’s more, their slim design could help you group them on the board without giving up control. On this note, you’ll have high scores.

Parting with some money for this dart shouldn’t be a problem because it represents real value. Take note of the knurled bands, hand-painted rings, deep grooves, and much more. These awesome features allow you to improve your game with more consistent throws.

The lightweight aluminum spinster shafts rotate easily and reduce bounce-outs. Then there’s the locking holes that guarantee a secure fit to your barrel; no need to have them retightened at very short intervals.

Furthermore, the design says a lot with the Pitbull contributing a ferocious look on each slim flight. Additionally, a case with a hard outer shell will help you secure your darts. This way, there’s no bending or breaking them.


  • Protective case with a hard outer shell
  • 90% tungsten barrels
  • Aluminum spinster shafts with locking hold for a better fit
  • Multiple flights with lined up replacements
  • Knurled barrels for consistent throws
  • High-speed slim barrels


  • Rather difficult to assemble

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7. Ignat Games Steel Tip Professional Darts Set

IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set - Professional...



  • Weight – 18, 20, 22, or 24 grams
  • Texture – Knurled, electro copper finish
  • Brass barrel material
  • 4-5cm aluminum shafts

You can’t put together a list of quality darts and not give the Ignat Games dart a mention. It’s that good for beginners, especially because of its thick barrels. The barrels are made with brass, so you can imagine bow strong and durable they are.

This makes for easy throws, particularly with the set numbering 12, and when you needing more time to perfect your throws. Also, when you’re done practicing, you can simply pack your darts into an awesome case for easy storage.

What’s more, unlike others, it does come with sharpening tools so that beginners can keep the tips in prime shape.

Your game can significantly improve when you play with others. This is why this set packs enough darts. Control, balance, and stability are essential characteristics that help rookie players.

So, with a great O-ring, there’s no need to retighten always. In the same vein, knurled handles present a classic grip that players will find convenient for repeat throws.


  • High-class case to store and protect darts
  • Awesome value for money dart
  • The set comes with a sharpener
  • The set comes with two extra flights
  • Knurled brass handle for supreme grip


  • Hard to assemble

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8. RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steel tip Darts Set

RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten Steeltip Darts Set - 28g...



  • Weight – 22-28 grams
  • Material – Tungsten barrel
  • Texture – Slim knurling
  • 1.9″ plastic shaft

Spectacular looks are part of the darts game. Whether that involves colors, quality designs, or something on the hippy side, they add stardust to the game.

This is why the winter camouflage design of the Red Dragon Evos is not just eye-catching but also effective when you need to perform. They’re budget-friendly, which helps beginners settle for them to improve their game.

Further, they provide enough balance and accuracy along with a grip that’s all the more solid. On the whole, it helps you generate a good trajectory when you throw the darts.

The 90% tungsten is what many other quality darts have. The material gives this dart that desired weight, but you still have a lot to decide, including switching between 22 and 28 grams of dart weight.

Whatever your choice, you’ll probably notice their supreme grip along slim barrels that almost always guarantees you hit the right mark.


  • On the affordable side
  • Superb quality tungsten steel darts
  • Different weight categories for comfortable throws
  • Excellent grip for consistent throws
  • Cool case with three sets of flights
  • Quality slip-resistant design


  • Shafts have a hard time staying put

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9. CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

CC-Exquisite Premium Steel Tip Darts Set -...



  • Weight – 22 grams
  • Brass barrel material
  • Texture – Strategically placed knurls
  • 12 flights

Saving money on any product is great, especially when you’re just getting to learn about it. That’s the feeling you get with the CC-Exquisite Professional Steel tip darts with the set it packs.

You can adjust the steel tips just the way you like them with eight different dart setups. Also, you get to pick from a pool of barrels. However, they are not made up of tungsten but brass and aluminum.

This is why they are light, and with a bit of improvement, you’ll figure out how to throw them to score more points.

You can have a lot of fun trying to discover the perfect set up for your style. This way, you’re not far from getting a flight pattern as well as a game plan to outscore your opponents. Many intermediate players, professionals, and experts started with this kind of darts.

But a great deal of them moved on to something weightier. Also, should the tips get blunt, you can simply make use of the sharpener along with other accessories that come with the set. You’d do well to preserve your CC-Exquisite steel tip darts in a case provided for that purpose.


  • They are very affordable
  • The set is easy to customize
  • Knurled spots for better grips and throw consistency
  • Extra aluminum shafts
  • Darts multi-use tool and sharpener
  • Protective casing


  • Brass barrel material

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10. Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Arachnid Professional Series 90% Tungsten 18-Gram...



  • Weight – 18 grams
  • Barrel – 90% allow tungsten

With your superb case in hand, unveil these great darts and begin your journey to a level of mastery. It’s well-suited to beginners who want to pick up the game faster.

What’s more, they are slimmer and lighter than most, coupled with grips that make things easy. As always, balance and stability rule the roost, especially for those just starting.

Price is important, and the Arachnid Tungsten doesn’t disappoint here since it’s affordable than other options. Further, the dense tungsten allows you to throw with ease, and its thinner frame ultimately leads to better scores for you.

This is because the slimmer the dart, the easier the placement and control.


  • A super case for storage, portability, and darts protection
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy-grip
  • 90% tungsten barrel to add balance and stability
  • 1-year warranty to protect against defects
  • Spare flights and shafts for easy replacement


  • Lightweight

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Types of Darts

Types of Darts

From the information provided here, it’s pretty clear that there are several types of darts. But the steel and soft tip varieties are the main ones on the market. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but what you want to know is how to identify them by the tips they carry.

  • Steel-tip dart – this dart type is made out of sharpened steel for smooth penetration on various board surfaces. However, they are mainly designed for bristle dartboards. Most brands include sharpeners in their sets so you can easily keep any dull edges sharp. After a while, you can totally replace the dart. Most steel tips are professional darts in the making.
  • Soft tip dart – Soft tips are not jelly-like or as soft as the name implies. It simply means materials like nylon and plastic other than steel. They are great for electronic boards because of their lightweight make. They measure as low as 12 grams in some cases, but their tips are durable.

With darts, there are very few differences because the designs are somewhat uniform, but for the materials used for the barrels. This is what makes them different. There’s the brass material that features heavily in non-competitive games.

Nickel silver darts are generally more expensive and are mostly for the long-term. In fact, they are great for low budgets.

For tungsten darts, they are highly dense and long-lasting and don’t wear off anytime soon. What’s more, they are usually found in the possession of professionals. If you want value for money, darts with high levels of tungsten are necessary.


How to Throw Darts

How to Throw Darts

Darts is a fun game, especially if you get the steps of throwing one right. But you can’t become a professional overnight or an excellent player without knowing the basics, and following them up with a bit of practice. With time, you’ll win a few games! The human arm is the propeller throwing the dart, which goes along a parabolic curve.

The power behind each throw determines whether you achieve a low or high curve.

Take note of these steps to help you throw well: The aim, backward move, acceleration, release, and follow-through.

  • The Aim. This involves a good number of your body parts. If you want to hit the right spot, your eyes, arm, darts, and the target must be in a single line.
  • The Backward Move. When you’ve got the right focus, aim, and move backward a little. Draw your arm back gently. As a beginner, you might be a tad too fast but slow down a bit. Practice some more to get it right.
  • Acceleration. Try to be natural here without being too slow or too fast. As a first-timer, it’s reasonable to be overly eager to throw your first dart, which can miss the entire target.
  • The Release. With all your movement in sync, it’s time to let the dart go. It’s the easy part after aiming, stepping backward, and accelerating.
  • The Follow-Through. After throwing a dart, most beginners tend to drop their arm immediately. Don’t do that. Instead, try to get your follow-through right where your arm ends up aiming at the target. Keep it straight, and a little upward after you release your dart.

And that’s how you throw a dart! As a beginner, don’t get hard on yourself for getting your throws wrong or misplacing a few shots. You’ll get bolder with more practice.


How to Sharpen Steel Tip Darts

Sharpen Steel Tip Darts

Some of the best steel tip darts for beginners come with a sharpening tool. But not everyone knows how to use one. If you have one, you can use it to keep your dart in the best condition possible.

What you want is to have a sharp enough dart. Not one that’s too sharp or too dull. This is because they can either bounce out or do some damage to wires on your dartboards. Also, when you want to take them out, they can do some damage to the fiber.

To avoid all the scenarios above, get a hold of the sharpening stone, and target the sharp point of the dart so that it comfortably penetrates the bristle fibers of your board. The tip of your dart must be pointed but rounded at the end so that there are no burrs, bluntness, or overly sharp points. This way, your board’s wires remain intact.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Darts for Beginners

  • Q1> Can I switch from steel tips to soft tips?

Short answer, yes. But the type of steel dart you buy or have in your possession is essential. For instance, if you bought a heavy dart measuring more than 40 grams, it won’t make sense to switch to plastic tips because of the sheer weight involved.

However, if the dart you want to switch to is light in weight, then it would make sense to swap them for soft tips. This is especially true for darts in the 20 grams range. Then there’s the fact that switches from steel tips to soft tips are mostly possible when the darts you buy have removable points.

If that’s not the case, it’s practically impossible to change old steel tips for new soft ones.

  • Q2> Does the weight of the dart contribute to how well you throw?

There are different weights for darts. But as a beginner, it’s best not to take on too much too soon. For instance, darts that weigh between 24 and 26 grams is ideal for beginners. Also, many intermediate level players use such weights.

The main thing is that after a while, your choice of dart won’t really matter as long as you’re comfortable with it. Heavier darts are not as easy to throw as most beginners imagine. Yes, they are heavy, and the right force will see them zip through the air, but that’s about it.

A lighter one will move faster if you throw harder. On the flip side, if your throw isn’t on the lighter side, a heavy dart will be good enough.

Furthermore, missing high is a good indicator that you need heavier darts. While missing low indicates that you need a lighter dart. So, if you’re in the beginner fold and want to find a sort of balance, go for the best soft tip darts or steel that weighs between 24 to 26 grams.

  • Q3> Is a tungsten dart superior to other dart material types?

Tungsten materials are very popular among the dart playing community. This is mostly down to their strength and long-lasting characteristics. What’s more, they form the barrels of most steep tips. Players, especially professionals, love darts with tungsten barrels.

Beginners don’t really take the make or type of dart materials into consideration. But as a beginner dart player, chances are you’re going to keep playing for a long while yet.

This is especially the case when you have friends and family who want to get in on the act. So, a material like tungsten, which can take a lot of beating and lasts long, is a better option.

  • Q4> Does the size of dart flights matter?

The flights are an awesome part of darts. The add a finish that showcases the designs, colors, styles, and thickness of darts. Then there’s the fact that they come in different shapes and sizes.

You can buy darts with kite-shaped flights, pear-shaped, and even arrowheads. What you’ll notice is that the larger ones have a great surface area and helps to keep your dart stable and balanced. This makes it the most preferred size of flight for many players, and also because it helps the dart achieve a very natural arc. Further, it’s more comfortable throwing a dart straight with a larger flight.

For smaller flights, you’ll notice they take up much less room on the board. This makes them great for high scorers, particularly those who play the game at a professional level. Most of such players have flat, even throws. So, until you reach a certain level of expertise, one of the best darts for beginners with bigger flights should do.

  • Q5> How often should I maintain or sharpen my steel tip darts?

Whether you spend the whole day trying to formulate a throwing pattern or learning how to place darts, you need to develop a maintenance culture for your dart. To keep them performing at a high level, it’s necessary to sharpen them so that they don’t lose shape.

Put down a schedule that you can easily follow. This way, you leave nothing to chance in your in a bid always to have your dart flying right.

Furthermore, the state of your dart is an indicator as to whether you need to sharpen it or not. For instance, a blunt tip will almost certainly bounce off the dartboard. Also, they won’t cut through the air in the right way.

While a steel tip akin to a ballpoint pen means it’s ready for throws. What to do? Run your finger along with the dart point. If you feel burrs on it, take out the sharpening tool in your set and get working. Otherwise, it’s good to go.


Final Verdict

Best Darts for Beginners Verdict

This guide is laden with some of the best darts for beginners. All you have to do is go through the reviews before settling on one. In addition, there’s information pertaining to other aspects of the game, and questions you might want to ask. On the whole, these are darts you wish to have so that you can up your game. Who knows? You might take on someone with vast experience and win! Of course, the game of darts is not entirely down to chance or luck.

So be relentless in your bid to make better placements with enough practice. Whether you play for fun or bragging rights, there’s always room to improve. Further, pick the right dart companion with durable materials, functional flights, and exquisite tips. Don’t forget your budget too!

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