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The Best Ductless Range Hoods in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Having one of the Best Ductless Range Hood over your stove is very important. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at cooking. The fact is these ductless hoods allow you to have nice, clean air in your kitchen. This is because they deal with a variety of issues like smoke, smells, and grease particles that all result from cooking. Further, it mostly makes use of a charcoal filter to effectively purify the atmosphere. They are much unlike their ducted counterparts that only get rid of the pollutants without doing anything to purify or recycle them.

When you prepare a meal in the kitchen, ventilation is something you definitely want to consider. The air has to remain free from pollutants that can impact your breath. Therefore, getting a ductless range hood is essential. The market is flooded with different types and the exact functions they perform. But this guide opens up the possibility of you making the best choice. Let’s get to it then!


Best Ductless Range Hoods: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Ductless Range Hood Reviews:

1. Cosmo QS75 30” Under-Cabinet Range Hood 900-CFM

COSMO COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood...


Beauty is great. So is functionality and a host of other features. But the Cosmos QS75 brings a whole lot more to the table. Whether that’s the modern or professional appeal, it does have some credibility. Further, it’s not all about space with this range hood which can go under your existing cabinet. However, its premium brushed stainless steel makes it an upgrade on other appliances, coupled with the fact that it can easily blend with them.

The Cosmos QS75 features a 900 CFM high-efficiency motor with the best stainless steel baffle filters to get a hold of grease and oil. Further, it goes about its business in a quiet and unassuming way. Not bad for a modern design under the cabinet hood that will definitely save you money. Not just when you want to buy one but also dealing with other appliances like a dishwasher in your kitchen.

Furthermore, ventilation is at the top of its agenda hence the efficiency with which it filters out your air. In terms of energy, the 5-watt LEDs do enough to ensure they don’t add to your light bills.


  • The filters are easy to clean
  • It works without much noise
  • Elegant and sophisticated construction design
  • High CFM and large ducting size
  • The filter is simple to set up


  • Plastic flab can break off

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2. Hauslane – Chef Series 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Hauslane | Chef Series 30' PS18 Under Cabinet...


Otherwise simply called Chef, this product is definitely one you want to consider. Sure, it’s relatively new, but it packs a lot of punch in terms of service delivery. For instance, it comes at a rather large size so you might need more hands-on-deck here.

Furthermore, the Chef has more CFM power delivery because of the dual motors that provide ample push. Add to that up to 6 different speed settings you can set to your convenience, and you can easily see why it made this list. When installing, go over the minimum height pegged at 30 inches above your cooktop for gas, and 24 inches for an electric stove. This way, it functions efficiently.

Whether you want to install on a certain platform or angle, it’s best to consult the instructions or brand directly. This way, there are no complaints. But with the LED lights fitted, you have won’t have much to worry about in terms of power consumption. On the noise level though, things could get a little bit high. But If you don’t mind the little noise, it’s a product you’ll enjoy having in your kitchen. What’s more, if you enjoy cooking regularly, you’ll love the fact that you don’t need to hardwire this product. Everything you need arrives in the box!


  • Powerful 860 CFM range
  • The filters are easy to clean even in dishwashers
  • Hight speed and power
  • Deals efficiently with fumes
  • Three-way venting
  • LED lamps to save energy


  • Could get a bit noisy
  • It’s heavy, so you’ll need additional help to set up

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3. Cosmo 63190 36” Wall-Mount Range Hood

COSMO 63190 36 in. Wall Mount Range Hood with...


Cooking without odors is possible only with the best range hoods. This is one of them but it goes beyond filtering your kitchen atmosphere. You can basically use it to give your kitchen a tune-up. It’s created with the best stainless steel constructed to keep extreme heat, oil, grease, and steam at bay.

Furthermore, the steel surrounds the product so that in the likelihood of an accident, bumps and dents don’t damage your range hood. Then there’s the chimney set which features on the three sides and gives the hood cleaner outlines.

Furthermore, high airflow is definitely the name of the game. This is because it quickly leaves your kitchen ventilated. More so, it goes about its business with less noise than other products like it. As such, all the harmful air pollutants causing you discomfort simply goes away. Cleaning it is every bit as effortless too. If you have a dishwasher, it’s safe to use while cleaning the body is pretty much straightforward.

Control is possible using buttons or switching to the touchscreen for convenience. Either way, you get your money’s worth using this product to filter your kitchen. Heavy usage of your kitchen is not something to keep you worried anymore.


  • Dishwasher-safe when cleaning
  • Stainless steel material for safe coating
  • The filters are extremely durable
  • Not overly loud or noisy
  • Easy to clean


  • Material seems to be too light

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4. Broan-NuTone 413004 Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood...


Broan happens to be one of the leading brands as far as range hoods are concerned. This particular product has all the qualities to purify your air effectively. It’s a 30-inch stainless steel hood that gives off the vibes of being ultimately solid. The construction design features sides that are metered, coupled with a hemmed bottom.

Further, you’ve got the control panel which is on the front and easy to operate. Whether you want to control the light or the fan, there are two switches to help with that. Straightforward right? That’s not all. It comes with a reliable rocker-type fan that blows out air and other unwanted odors at a good pace.

Any filtration system should ideally keep the air clean and safe to breathe in. The Broan-NuTone 413004 does this with a grease-charcoal filter that displays a keen functionality at dealing with every airborne cooking contaminant. As with others, this product has a bright light that illuminates your cooking area so well. Also, the lights give your kitchen an elegant look even when you’re not there to cook!

Wiring is simple, along with the whole process of installing it in your kitchen. Perhaps you might feel a little stressed. Still, this unit works a treat and is efficient in all essential aspects, including filtering your kitchen’s atmosphere.


  • The controls are easy to manage
  • An efficient and effective filtration system
  • Great lights to illuminate your cooking area
  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Charcoal filter often needs replacing every 6 months
  • Sensors aren’t automatically controlled

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5. Cosmo 63175S Wall Mount Range Hood with 760

COSMO COS-63175S Wall Mount Range Hood with Ducted...


This is the third Cosmos product on this list which says a lot about the manufacturers. More so when the unit provides an ultra-modern canopy range hood to keep your kitchen air clean. It’s definitely the right feel for the current trends of kitchen decor.

Firstly, it has a premium-brushed stainless-steel construction design that does a lot to keep grease, oil, high heat, and steam at bay. Secondly, you’ll love the seamless three-sided chimney that blends in fine with clean, elegant lines. Then there’s the powerful motor which gives off 760 CFM of airflow.

As with range hoods, you’d want to know how easy they are to set up, clean, and basically maintain. Well, the arc-flow permanent filters this unit packs are easy to clean. This includes putting them in a dishwasher for faster results. They are safe to use and don’t give off much noise because the range hood is rather quiet and energy-efficient.

The high-lumen LED lights also save you energy costs. On the whole, it’s what you’d want in your kitchen with good use of energy and clean air. Thanks to filters that offer premium quality service.


  • Elegant and modern design
  • The two filters are permanent and dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to install especially with instructions
  • Quietly goes about its job
  • The whole unit is easy to clean


  • LED light seems dim

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6. Hauslane | Chef Series Range Hood C100 30” Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor

Hauslane | Chef Series Range Hood C100 30' Under...


This unit ticks all the right boxes – affordable, under cabinet ventilation hood, stainless steel extractor fan, and much more. It’s definitely ideal if you want to give your kitchen a whole new look and perspective. As such, its power efficiency stands at a cool 700 CFM with motors built to steadily remove fumes smoke, and cooking odors. All at a convenient, low noise.

This model from Hauslane comes with an operation that you’ll find easy. What’s more, the finish suggests it will blend in nicely with the other appliances you have in the kitchen. You’ll also find that it’s straightforward to maintain, especially if you’re pressed for time. The fact is most users simply want to cook, get rid of stains, and head out. For this reason, this under cabinet electric ventilator hood has a stainless-steel oil tray and two cups. Both help you quickly clean and maintain your range hood. Also, you can adjust the three-speed fan with settings from the control panel right at the front of the hood.


  • Easy to clean with some accessories included
  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable three-speed fan with simple controls
  • Cool construction design and hygienic appeal
  • Energy-saving LED


  • Installation could be a little difficult

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7. Cosmo 63175 30” Wall-Mount Range Hood

COSMO 63175 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood with...


Like the other products before it, this Cosmos unit can stake its claim to being the Best Ductless Range Hood in the market. It features a modern wall-mount appeal coupled with a premium-brushed stainless-steel build. This steel is effective in withstanding high heat, grease, oil, and steam.

Furthermore, the steel around it protects the frames from bumps and dents. Sometimes, you might want to move, or when installing initially, it might come in heavy contact with your wall or other appliances. But the steel coating won’t budge.

Not many units come with a chimney set that’s seamless on the three sides for cleaner lines. However, this particular Cosmos unit does. What’s more, the push button controls are simple without overthinking it. Cooking usually creates smells and odors, especially when part of your meal gets burnt or overcooked. Well, this model deal with unwanted smells, odors, and other harmful pollutants that could affect members of your household.

All you have to do is set it up properly in order to experience maximum airflow. The leading 760 CFM will get rid of the smells in no time. In addition, a clean atmosphere in your kitchen is possible only with 65db maximum noise from this product. Great, right? Unlike a ducted range hood, it vents all the unwanted stuff outside and away from your home and stays that way.


  • Maximum airflow with high CFM power
  • Maximum filtration with two stainless steel permanent filters
  • Sucks up all odors and smells
  • Simple to clean
  • Easy to operate


  • Rather loud
  • Might struggle with quality

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8. Broan-NuTone 413604 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 413604 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood...


Cooking in a dim or poorly lit kitchen doesn’t sound right. Neither does having all the fumes, odors, smells, and smoke all over the place. This is why you need this unit which is stainless steel and fits well under your cabinets. In this position, it does a great job of regulating the airflow in your kitchen. Further, it installs a non-ducted range hood along with a charcoal filter to get rid of smoke and odors from your cooking space and kitchen.

At a handy 36 inches, you can have it set up above your cooking top at a respectable 18 inches. Light is a key feature with this unit, and the lamp lens makes sure every part of your cooktop is visible. Additionally, the smooth surfaces will clean easily. With filters, you’d want to know whether you can chuck them into your dishwasher. Of course, you can, and the quick-release feature helps you get right to it.

The edges of this Broan-NuTone unit aren’t sharp but give it a protective case. Then there’s the fact that it has a two-speed fan switch along with a separate light switch. In all, you’ll definitely find this unit to be a step above anything you’ve had in your kitchen before. What’s more, it’ll get along with your other kitchen appliances.


  • Non-ducted filtration to deal with all kinds of odors
  • Even distribution of light across surfaces
  • Versatile with separate switches for light and two-speed fan
  • Simple to clean
  • Replaceable charcoal filters


  • Might not last the long-term

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9. KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia 30-inch Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia 30-inch Ductless Under...


This 30-inch masterpiece is definitely worth the try in your kitchen, especially if you’ve given up on other alternatives. As such, it features a three-speed mechanical push button to help you settle on the pace you want. This is necessary because sometimes you just want enough to get the unwanted stuff out. Also, it packs dishwasher-safe baffle filters and charcoal filters. The former is easy to clean while the latter would need replacing after some months. In either case, issues cleaning them are minimal or non-existent.

The lights do a good job to illuminate your cooking top. There’s definitely no groping in dim lights or trying to identify your next ingredient. What’s more, the lights enable you to see just how effective your range hood is at getting steam, smoke, and other pollutants out of your kitchen.

In terms of CFM power, the internal blower quietly does its job, especially when it comes to recirculating. In addition to that, you’ve got a stainless-steel seamless design that protects your hood and gives off a great look.


  • A three-speed pushbutton gives you options
  • Bright light to illuminate your kitchen
  • Good construction design with rivets and welds
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Suction doesn’t have enough quality

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10. Broan-NuTone 413623 Ductless Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 413623 Broan 41000, 36-Inch, Black


Another one of the Broan-NuTone variety. They all have similarities having come from the same manufacturer but this one has a few perks to feature in this guide to the Best Ductless Range Hood. In terms of versatility, it’s one you’d bank on if you love to cook. This is because the unit has a light that illuminates your stove area, and has an exhaust fan. You can set it up underneath your cabinets for quality airflow around your kitchen.

Furthermore, it’s a non-ducted range hood with a charcoal filter to deal with the smoke, smells, and odors while you cook. Then there’s the protective lamp lens which gives off even light across the cooktop. What’s more, like some of Broan’s products before it, the sides are metered. This follows a bottom edge that’s hemmed with a notable absence of sharp edges.

It’s also two-speed enabled to switch between light and motor. All parts are basically straightforward to clean, and you can replace the charcoal filter so that your kitchen remains safe.


  • Incandescent lighting is effective
  • Easy to install
  • Non-ducting filtration system to curb smoke and odors
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Separate switches for convenience


  • Can get loud in the kitchen

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Things to Consider When Buying a Ductless Range Hood


Guide Ductless Range Hood


It’s essential to get some facts right when you want to make that big decision – getting a range hood for your kitchen. Sure, they come in different shapes, sizes, and makes, but you still want to be careful. After all, you’re about to spend your hard-earned money for a convenient time in the kitchen. Let’s get to it then.

Here are things to consider before buying a ductless range hood.

  • 1. The Size

Whether you’re searching online or stepping into a store, you should check the size of the range hood. This is because you might want to make some adjustments at a later time. Things like extensions for the hood you buy could come in handy. Further, you need to take into consideration the size of your kitchen with more focus on your cooking range. It’s probably best you measure the area ensuring the range hood covers all your burners. If they cover the burners and your cooking range, that’s a bonus.

The height also matters along with the distance of the range hood from your burners. Some come with instructions to have them placed 18 inches apart or even 16 inches apart. This ultimately depends on the brand you buy. The thing is you don’t want it impeding your cooking activities. Too high, and smoke, odors, and smells could avoid it. Too low, and you stand the risk of burning it. Get the measurements right, and you’d definitely enjoy its work in your kitchen.

  • 2. The Noise

No range hood will run quietly forever. They all give off noises. It just depends on how loud their motor and fan decide to run. But the fact is some of them are overly loud which could shatter your peace. What you want is to cook or use your kitchen without fumes, smoke, and other pollutants bordering you. So, you have to decide what level of noise won’t make you freak out. For instance, 4 sones are seen as the ideal sound level. It’s in line with the level of human conversation. As such, getting something like it or slightly above works fine. More so, many models state the level of the decibels they pack. Closely observe them.

  • 3. The Type of Filtration System You Prefer

Overall, there are three varieties of filtration systems in case you’re wondering which is ideal for the best recirculating range hood. They are:

  • Baffle filters
  • Charcoal filters, and
  • Mesh filters

Baffle Filters

This type of filter is mostly made out of aluminum or stainless steel. How do they work? Greasy air is pushed out through them sporadically with the air changing directions as it rises. But since grease is heavier than air, it won’t change direction as quickly. As such, the grease takes on the baffles which trickle down onto a tray you’ll need to clean at monthly intervals. These particular filters mean more expenses for the range hood, and they are mostly large. This means that you might use other ways to clean them without using a dishwasher.

Charcoal Filters

Fumes, smoke, and a great deal of odor get absorbed and taken out by charcoal filters. They are very important to recirculating kitchen hoods as they can’t function without them. For the other varieties of filters, you can make a choice, but charcoal filters are different. On the whole, they need replacing at least every six months, unlike others.

Mesh Filters

These are made from fine metal mesh layers which are many and placed one behind the other. A tray usually collects the grease after it passes through the mesh metal, but the grease often clogs the pores quite easily. This means you’d have to clean them at weekly intervals. However, if you don’t cook so much, monthly won’t be a bad idea. On the whole, mesh filters turn out to be cheaper.

  • 4. Your Budget

Money is important. As such, you want to spend it wisely on a product that’s going to serve you well and long. So, decide what you’re willing to pay, particularly if the range good is of high quality. Most of them will last for years. If you’ve got the money, shell out on one product featured in the ductless range hood reviews here.

  • 5. CFM Power

The Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM is the measure of power your range hood packs. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the cooking traffic you have, you might need something that works well enough to deal with smoke and other odors. This is because the CFM is largely responsible for the time it takes for all the air in your kitchen to go through the range hood. The best CFM power? Look for one around 300 and above.

  • 6. Other Features

There are additional features that you might find helpful in your range hood. They include:

  • Fan speeds – how adjustable are they? Also, you’d want one that does more than blow air but actually helps you purify your kitchen.
  • Light – most of the range hoods come with lights. Whatever they make, you want them to be bright enough to illuminate your kitchen and especially your cooking space.
  • Switches – some range hoods have automatic switches while others don’t. It’s all about convenience and what suits you best.


Installation Process of Ductless Range Hood

  • Locate the central point on the wall: You’ll need a tape measure for this to find the center on your wall. Measuring between two upper cabinets is the best option. A vertical line stretching from your cook range to your ceiling should ideally come centrally and above your cook range.
  • Measure the height above your stove or cooktop: Each model comes with its requirements for measurement. What you want is to have the distance between what’s generally acceptable – 29 to 34 inches.
  • Install the electrical box onto drywall: For this, you want to make sure the box is positioned where the wires are located. Mark all the necessary parts, including the opening to fit the box, as well as the edges. Let the electrical outlet go along the centerline. At this point, the circuit should be off before you proceed to touch any electrical wire. Make use of a drywall saw to cut the marks you made before following this up with a drywall mallet to carve it out. Pull the wires through the holes you’ve created in the electrical box, and proceed to tighten the screws to the wall with your box inserted.
  • Connect to the electric outlet: It’s time to connect to the main. A wire stripper is handy to remove half inches of insulation to gain access to the naked wire. Wrap this part of the wire into a compact ‘J’ shape.
  • Follow the mounting bracket with marked holes: Use a large sheet of tracing paper for this part. Ensure the back of the range hood syncs with the holes you’ve made on the mounting bracket. With all your measurements checking out, drill holes into the wall where you marked earlier. Now insert the screws and tighten them.
  • Attach the chimney and the chimney bracket: The wall is set so you can put up your chimney bracket and screw them. Also, the range hood comes over the mounting screws before tightening them. Ensure they’re connected to the electric outlet before attaching the vent then switch it on. If everything is working fine, place the chimney over the hood’s mounting hardware. Then use the available screws to bind the chimney to the range hood.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Are ductless range hoods effective?

If you’ve had a lot of smoke, grease, fumes, and other unwanted pollutants roaming your home and kitchen, perhaps you should get one. They are as effective as they come especially when you compare them to ducted alternatives. Yes, a ducted hood does take all the harmful air outside. However, this doesn’t often happen because they have a route that goes in and out of your home. This way, you’re open to other elements from the outside, including cold air. On the flip side, ductless hoods effectively clean your air using filters to redistribute air within your house. It’s convenient and purifies your air.

  • Q2: What’s the ideal range of CFM I need per square foot?

What you want is a highly effective range hood that ultimately meets your power needs. So, if you’re after functionality, you’ll need at least 1 CFM per square foot of the surface area. Of course, this estimate is based on the average air quality required for buildings that come with a 5-foot ceiling or more. So, higher roofs ultimately mean more CFM per square foot.

Other things you have to consider is the heat load for the range hood or one that’s required to have a cooler atmosphere in your kitchen. Also, it’s safe to assume that for each CFM per square foot required, you have proper insulation without the odd windows close by.

  • Q3: What is the ideal ductless range hood in the market?

The range hoods here are definitely not the only ones in the market. This is because there are tons of ductless hoods to choose from. But unlike other types, you don’t have to link them up to any external ventilation system in your bid to keep your air purifier. As such, the Best Ductless Range Hood unit usually has a filter attached to it. For example, a charcoal filter traps grass smells and other particles that try to flow back into your kitchen. What’s more, the best range hoods are basically straightforward to install with clear setup hints to make being inside your kitchen hassle-free.

They’ll fit right in with other appliances too, and take up only space they’re meant to occupy. Then there’s the fact that the best is often made of stainless steel. On the whole, any of the products reviewed above will make sense.

  • Q4: Are recirculating range hoods better alternatives to ducted hoods?

The thing with both range hoods is that they ultimately work according to the setup of your kitchen. But with a ducted hood, prepare to have some particles of the unwanted pollutants you wanted to get rid of in the first place. This is particularly the case with grease and other fumes that have no problem sticking to your kitchen wall. Going ductless with recirculating air is probably your best bet to get cleaner air, and still deal with the stains you hate to see. Further, ductless ranges won’t mess so much with the arrangement of your kitchen. They mostly blend in superbly with the other appliances you have on hand.

  • Q5: What is the best under cabinet hoods?

With an under cabinet range hood, what you want is a perfect fit underneath your cabinets. They mostly come in slim frames with a requirement for the smallest of spaces. Further, the best of these should probably cover all of your cooktops with some free inches for convenience. This way, you’re following the instructions, and you’ll set up your hood to perform well. What’s more, you can go ducted or ductless, although the latter is better and more effective. On the whole, you can get more information from the suppliers of such products.


Final Verdict

Getting to buy one of the best ductless hoods out there is only possible with adequate information. As such, the information provided here will guide you in your bid to make the best choice. Further, you’ve got answers to regular questions coupled with ways you can finally install your range hood.

Always consider the brand’s manual or instructions before buying and installing their products. With most products being electrical, you want to be safe in the knowledge that unwanted pollutants and particles leave your kitchen space.

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