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The Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Some things seem simple even when in actual sense they aren’t. One such case is the humble dartboard. When asked, most people will argue that a dart board is just a dart board. In fact, most folks are bothered more by the quality of the darts than the dart board itself. But when you grow to become a professional darts player, you’ll be amazed to realize that there’s a lot to consider when choosing a dartboard. For instance, there’s the size, the style of the spider, and the type of dart board which varies from bristle, cork, paper to electronic dart boards. In this guide, we will be focusing more on the best electronic dart boards.

Now, the electronic dart board came into existence in the mid-1970s. Due to its technological advantage, this dart board became so popular in clubs, sports pubs, homes, and amusement parks. This gave most dart players a smart way they could chill out and congregate with their friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy playing darts while having their usual casual conversations.


Best Electronic Dart Boards: Editor’s Top Picks


Types of Dart Boards

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most fundamental factors you must consider when picking a dartboard, we’ll now switch our focus to discuss the different types of dartboards that are available. Remember, a dartboard is a key consideration when you’re learning how to play darts. Without the right pick, your game might become quite disappointing. So, to avoid any of these frustrations, we’re going to discuss six types of dartboards that are available.

  • Bristle Dartboard

The bristle dartboard is considered the oldest type of board used for playing darts. Although it’s called a bristle dartboard, the material used in its construction is pure sisal imported from Africa. The construction process involves stuffing a cylinder shape with thousands of tiny sisal bristles which are then smoothed out by sanders to make the target area smooth.

Although the construction process is quite complex, bristle dartboards are considered the best and are hence considered the standard boards for use in most leagues and major tournaments. These dartboards have one huge advantage over the rest. They have a self-healing tendency which is a major plus as compared to both wooden and coiled paper dartboards.

  • Coiled Paper Dartboards

These types of dartboards are considered the cheapest and the most basic for that matter. They’re made of paper wounded inside a plastic or steel frame. These boards are seldom used by professionals and intermediaries making them the best for kids and beginners looking for a budget dartboard to use for practice purposes.

Unlike bristle dartboards, coiled paper dartboards have one major flaw—they don’t self-heal. What this means is that whenever a dart penetrates inside the paper coil, the target area is left with a permanent hole that doesn’t heal. Therefore, if the dartboard receives a lot of beating, it will get damaged forcing you to dispose of it. The best thing about these boards, however, is that they’re cheap meaning the value of a single bristle dartboard can get you a dozen of these dartboards.

  • Electronic Dartboard

Another smart addition in the dartboard world that has gained popularity in recent times is the electronic dartboard with the screen. These types of dartboards are commonly found in recreational centers, pubs, malls, sports centers, and amusement parks due to the amount of fun time they offer. The boards are fitted with inbuilt computers that automatically track the scores and display them on a wide LCD or LED screen.

Unlike bristle dartboards that have sisal fibers on the target area, electronic dartboards have tiny segment holes that deflect the darts inside them for automatic scoring. The only controversy with these dartboards over their bristle counterparts is the accuracy of the shots made as most darts fail to hit the precise marks. Also, most professionals have complained about cases of bounce-outs which aren’t the case with bristle dartboards.

  • Magnetic Dartboards

Bristle dartboards are compatible with steel tip darts while electronic boards use soft tip darts. Magnetic dartboards on the other hand are the most unique of them all as they rely on flat-tipped magnetic darts. Although they’re nowhere near to being used for professional or competitive play, they tend to offer a lot of safety since they don’t have any sharp tips that can cause injuries. Due to this reason, these dartboards are considered the best for kids or during parties as they prevent any accidental mishaps involving sharp darts.

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  • Wooden Dartboards

Wooden dartboards are considered the founding fathers of modern dartboards. They were the very first boards that came to existence before the bristle and the electronic dartboards were developed. They’re usually made out of pine or elmwood though they’ve fallen out of use due to their hefty maintenance costs. Unlike the rest of the dartboards we’ve discussed, these require the highest level of maintenance as they require regular moisturizing to prevent them from cracking. They also require regular maintenance to protect them from pest attacks making them very expensive to maintain.

  • Cork Dartboards

These types of dartboards lie somewhere in between bristle and coil paper dartboards. In fact, most people tend to mistake these dartboards for bristle dartboards. In terms of quality, cost, and durability, these dartboards are much similar to paper dartboards. Since they’re quite susceptible to regular damage, players are advised to use soft tip darts when using them. The only downside to these dartboards is that they’re less prevalent than bristle and paper dartboards making them a bit harder to find.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Dartboard

Although we’ve discussed some of the top-rated dart boards in the darts business, there are myriad factors you need to be aware of when choosing the right electronic board. Failure to understand these factors can cause you to make the wrong choice which can be costly in the end. Therefore, to avoid spending your hard-earned money on the wrong product, this guide has gone ahead to discuss some key factors you’d wish to consider.

  • 1. Dartboard Face:

The face of the dartboard is the first thing you need to check when choosing a dartboard. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the face, which is the target area, should be constructed from high-quality material to prevent rapid wear. One such material is thermoplastic material such as nylon.

Other than the material, you need to inspect the segment holes to ensure they’re concave in shape. With such a design, your darts will be easily deflected into the holes reducing chances of bounce-outs. Another area you need to focus on is the segment dividers. These spider wires should be ultra-thin to prevent the darts from hitting them.

  • 2. The Size:

Once you’ve inspected the dartboard face, the next area of interest is the diameter of the target area. If you’re looking for a dartboard that meets the regulation size of electronic boards, then a size of 15.5 inches will be ideal. Although tournament-style boards such as bristle dartboards have a regulation size of 18 inches, the 15.5-inch size of the electronic boards cannot be underestimated keeping in mind they’re mostly used for recreational or practice purposes.

Now, if you’re looking for electronic dartboards for competition purposes, then you’ll need to consider smaller sized boards especially if space is of the essence. In this case, smaller 13.5-inch dartboards will be ideal as they will provide a pro-quality setup without eating your entire space.

  • 3. Number of Players:

Another factor you might wish to consider when choosing a dartboard is the number of players you’re looking to accommodate. If you’re getting the dartboard for family use or for practice purposes, then a dartboard that accommodates up to 8 players can offer the convenience needed.

On the other hand, if the dartboard is intended to be used for competition purposes, then one that accommodates 14 to 16 players might be the best deal. However, you need to understand that for a dartboard to accommodate more players, it must have additional features that make it pricier in return.

  • 4. The Display:

This is one of the most essential features of any commercial electronic dartboard. Since these boards are designed to display the scores automatically, the display needs to be large enough to provide clear and crisp visibility of the scores when you’re right at the oche. Thankfully, most of the dartboards we’ve discussed in this guide have wide LED and LCD displays that provide much-needed convenience when it comes to reading the scores.

  • 5. Sound Effect:

Although sound effects aren’t necessary when playing darts, there are two main reasons why you should consider this additional feature. The first reason is to help you learn the rules of darts in case you’re a beginner. Eventually, you’re able to master the scoring rules and also know when you’re improving your shooting accuracy with the help of the Heckler feature.

The second reason why sound effects are so essential is to create an exciting mood when playing. With the combination of sounds and light effects, your game will be overwhelmed with lots of fun and laughter especially when the Heckler feature is scolding or praising you whenever you make accurate or terrible shots.

  • 6. Extra Accessories:

Another feature you need to consider when choosing a dartboard is the number of extra accessories available in the package. Since most of these boards are intended to be used by beginners and juniors, you need to confirm whether the package offers additional darts, tips, adapters, throw lines, and decorative cabinets. For the cabinets, you need to ensure that they offer convenient storage options for the darts and the extra tips.

  • 7. Source of Power:

Unlike traditional bristle dartboards, electronic dartboards require a steady supply of power to keep the electronic parts running. This can either be AC or DC power. In case it’s powered via AC power, you need to ensure that there’s an adapter in the package. Also, you need to ensure that the location where you’re planning to mount the dartboard has a power outlet nearby.

In the case of DC power, you need to confirm the availability of quality batteries to avoid running out of power more regularly. Lastly, there are those dartboards that provide both AC and DC power. So, depending on your budget and playing demands, you may also wish to consider this variant.

  • 8. Variety of Games:

If you inspect all the dartboards we’ve discussed in this guide, you’ll realize that all of them are preprogrammed with a specific number of games and scoring variations. This is by far the beauty of electronic dartboards as they’re designed to offer players so much fun by tabling numerous games to play. But, just like the rest of the factors we’ve just discussed, the more the games the more the money you’ll have to pay to get that particular model.

  • 9. The Weight:

The weight of your dartboard is another key factor you shouldn’t neglect. Most electronic dartboards tend to be heavier than traditional boards due to the addition of electronic parts. However, the weight of the board varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most of the models we’ve discussed in this guide are entirely made of plastic making them much lighter.

However, some models incorporate a combination of plastic, wood, rubber, and metal. Such models are considered to be heavier and quite bulky to carry around. Therefore, if you’re looking for a dartboard to use at home, then a heavier piece will be ideal as you won’t have to keep carrying it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a piece for outdoor use, then a lighter model will suffice.

Lastly, you need to consider the amount of time and effort you’ll have to take to mount your dartboard on the wall. Since no one is ready to spend an entire day just mounting a dartboard, you need to consider a model that will take the least time to mount.

  • 10. Cost:

It’s always said that you get what you pay for. This phrase makes the cost of a product a key consideration when picking it amidst other similar products. If you’re looking to get a model that offers lots of fancy features, then you’ll need to spend more. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a dartboard that will suit your tight budget, then one with basic features will be ideal.

  • 11. Warranty:

The last factor you need to keep a close eye on is the warranty. In fact, the warranty of an electronic dartboard is a clear assurance and a mark of confidence that you’re getting an authentic product. If you look at most of the best electronic dart boards we’ve discussed, you’ll notice that most of them have a warranty that doesn’t exceed one year. The reason for this is because most dartboards are expected to receive a lot of beatings when playing. This, therefore, limits their warranty to only a year. However, if you notice that a specific model doesn’t offer any warranty, then it’s better that you steer clear away from it as it’s generally an offshore product.


Top 12 Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews:

The electronic dart board is one of the best to consider if you’re a casual player or someone practicing darts. It’s used alongside soft tip darts making it the safest option for minors and it has an electronic score calculator that saves you the hassle of keeping the scores in your head. Following their rise in popularity, it has recently become extremely difficult to pick the perfect electronic board from a wide range of options. Due to that reason, this guide has come to ease your frustration by discussing twelve of the best electronic boards that will suit both professional and casual dart playing setting ups.

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with...


The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is the first electronic dart board in our discussion. The reason why this bad boy came first is due to the advanced features that make it the best for those professionals looking to have a more realistic and competitive feel. The first feature that makes this dart board the undisputed leader is its regulation size of 15 ½ inches. With such a large target area, professionals and rookies practicing how to aim will have an easy time sharpening their shooting skills and devising impressive aiming strategies that will help them win matches.

Now, one of the things that trouble most dart players is the issue to do with bounce outs. Thankfully, Arachnid has handled this issue by using micro-thin segment dividers. By combining this feature with a top-quality nylon surface, your darts will be directed precisely through the square holes to give you maximum scoring potential.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 doesn’t just stop there. It’s fitted with a wide Jumbo X/O LED display that gives you the scores when you’re nearly 8 feet away. With such an advantage, you don’t have to trouble yourself writing down the scores as everything is calculated for you. This electronic dartboard comes with two sets of colored darts. It’s also equipped with 39 high-quality games alongside a multiplayer capability of up to 8 players.


  • It comes with a Heckler feature for more interactive play.
  • The micro-thin nylon segments are thin enough to prevent bounce-outs.
  • It has a wide display for showing the scores.
  • Has a wide playing surface.
  • Offers 39 high-quality games.


  • The darts tend to break easily.

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2. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, Built In...


The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is a highly functional choice for enthusiast dart players looking for a board that’s both structurally and aesthetically appealing. This dartboard has one of the coolest designs you’ll ever find in the dartboard business. For instance, it has two LCD displays with one mounted below the dartboard and the other mounted on the inner right door of the ABS cabinet. The cabinet itself is a huge plus here as it allows you to mount this electronic dartboard on any location of your choice without worrying about safety.

Unlike the Arachnid Pro 800, the Fat Cat Mercury is equipped with a smaller target face that has a diameter of just 13.5”. Although this is a small target area, Fat Cat Mercury has corrected this flaw by adding extra wide side doors to act as potential landing zones for any missed shots. This master class creativity helps to reduce damages caused on your walls and your darts especially those with fragile plastic tips.

The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard comes with 5 skill levels that suit all types of players ranging from rookies, intermediaries to professionals. There are 34 games to play and 183 scoring options to utilize. There are built-in-slots on the inside doors that can hold a total of four sets of darts making this dartboard the best for multiple players.


  • Fitted with dual LCDs one of which is a cricket scoreboard display.
  • It has concave segment holes to prevent bounce-outs.
  • The board is housed inside a sturdy ABS cabinet.
  • Comes with extra tips, darts, and a convenient user manual.
  • Eleven buttons allow you to customize your game.


  • The scoring board is quite small.

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3. Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard...


Classic, vintage, and elegant are just some of the names one can use to describe the Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard. Mounted on a fancy, sophisticated, and attractive ABS cabinet with an oak finish, this dartboard gives your home a majestic look that resembles the vintage 1960s English clubs. Although Viper has done their homework pretty well on style, there’s a lot about this dartboard that makes it one of the best rated electronic dartboards in this business.

One of those is designing the target face with a diameter of 15.5 inches. Since this is the precise regulated size, beginners and professional dart players can use this board for practice purposes to improve their accuracy and shooting potential. For those learning how to aim, the wooden doors of the cabinets can serve as perfect catchment areas to capture stray darts.

The target face on its side is constructed from commercial-grade nylon with thin spiders to reduce cases of bounce outs. The square holes on the segments are also concave-shaped to help deflect the darts into the holes instead of reflecting them to cause annoying bounce-outs. The Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard is equipped with a bright 6 inch LCD display that offers you an explicit view of the scores when playing. It also features 57 games and 307 scoring options making it the best for pubs, recreational centers, and home use.


  • The soft tip starter darts are safe for kids.
  • Has a bright 6-inch LCD for a crisp, clear view.
  • Offers a total of 57 games with 307 scoring options.
  • It has a stylish color scheme of red, black and silver.
  • Ultra-thin spiders reduce the chances of bounce outs.


  • The adapter is susceptible to damage.
  • Quite challenging to mount.

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4. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with...


Despite being an electronic dartboard, the WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set is one of the most engaging boards you’re likely to find. This model is completely perfect for beginners and intermediaries and it has a couple of huge advantages that have propelled it to this top position. One of the features you’ll love about this dartboard is the use of an indestructible ABS cabinet to cover the board. Other than its key duty of protecting the board, the doors of the cabinet can become useful in two creative ways. The first one is providing a safe refuge for your darts via the built-in slots while the second one is providing a safe landing spot for stray darts to avoid damaging the walls.

The WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set doesn’t just stop there. In fact, everything about this dartboard is well-thought-out making it an undoubtedly top contender. There’s a huge LED display for showing the scores, an adjustable sound control, and a convenient storage space that holds up to 4 sets of darts simultaneously.

To those worried about bounce-outs and other related issues, WIN.MAX has spent a lot of their precious time designing the target area with concave segment holes and ultra-thin spiders to prevent the possibility of bounce-outs when playing. The board has 27 games and 195 scoring options making it immensely entertaining. It also has 5 skill levels making it a perfect option for rookies, juniors, intermediaries, and professionals.


  • It has an adjustable sound option.
  • Ultra-thin spiders and concave segment holes help to minimize bounce-outs.
  • Comes with 4 sets of darts and 40 extra soft tips.
  • Accommodates up to 8 players.
  • Offers 5 skill levels to enjoy.


  • Too many electrical parts lead to defect.
  • There are some cases of bounce outs.

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5. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboards

Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Set - Soft...


Another pretty face that will undoubtedly leave a loyal statement on your living room, bedroom, or office space is the Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard. From its outside appearance, this dartboard looks just like an ordinary piece. However, if you dig deep beneath its magnificent beauty, you’ll be amazed to meet an array of smart features which perhaps are the main reason why it has earned a spot on this list.

The first feature that meets the eyes of any potential shopper is the large 15.5” playing area. With such a large playing surface, this dartboard is confident enough to offer stellar playability when practicing or when playing tournaments in a pub or at home. The large size is also a huge plus for beginners as it minimizes the chances of missed shots. For those practicing how to play the various dart games, the Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard offers you a maximum of 28 programmed games and over 100 variations to select from to amp up your competitive spirit.

Like it’s not enough, Franklin Sports has equipped this board with an LED scoreboard that records your scores. It offers its diehards two sets of darts and an extra 6 replacement dart tips to boost your playing spirit. This board has a superb multi-player option and an easy navigation system that lets you maneuver through the various options with ease.


  • Can be powered using 4 x AA batteries or via an AC power outlet.
  • Has built-in storage for the darts.
  • Comes with two sets of darts and 6 extra tips.
  • 28 games and 176 variations to choose from.
  • 5” playing area offers stellar playability.


  • Batteries offer minimal playing time.
  • Quite difficult to mount.

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6. Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard, Illuminated...


Perhaps the luminous green, blue, and black segment colors of the Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard are some of the features that have made it an outstanding and appealing dartboard in this list. Now, most of the dartboards we’ve discussed here use their LED lights on the scoreboard. With the Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard, this feature has been taken to a whole new level where the LED-backlit is used on the target surface.

Now, why has Viper preferred to use LED lighting in the target area? Well, the answer is simple. To give you a better game strategy. With over 48 games and 315 variations, having illuminating segments means that rookies and beginner players can easily interact with the lights when playing tons of creative games such as the Hidden Cricket Game and the Helicopter Spinning Game. In fact, there are 17 exclusive light-based games that you can enjoy with this dartboard.

To make things even more interesting, Viper has designed the 15.5” target area using thermoplastic material to boost its durability. They’ve also divided the segments using ultra-thin spiders to minimize chances of bounce outs when playing. This dartboard is also fitted with a wide LCD display that gives you an explicit view of the scores. It also accommodates up to 8 players making it among the best electronic dart boards in the market.


  • Comes with 6 darts and extra tips.
  • Thermoplastic material boosts the longevity of the board.
  • Offers 48 competitive games and 315 variations.
  • Has LED lighting on the segments for more advanced gaming.
  • Has a beautiful mix of luminous green, blue of black segments.


  • The soft tips tend to break easily.

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7. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard Compact...


The Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard is one of those boards that make you say “Wow, what a cool dartboard I’ve got here! You see, unlike most dartboards we’ve already discussed here, this one is concealed inside an ABS cabinet to keep the target area safe and free from any damage. To make good use of the limited space available, Fat Cat has creatively mounted storage slots that allow you to store at least 4 sets of darts plus 6 spare tips to keep them safe from loss or damage.

Now, the Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard may not be the best out there due to its smaller 13.5” target area. Since the small size is likely to cause some chaos especially among rookies and beginner players, Fat Cat has attempted to correct this flaw by increasing the size of the landing zone to create more space for stray darts to land on. At least with such creativity, players practicing how to aim will not have to damage the walls or the tips of their darts.

Have you ever played darts in a mall, amusement park,or recreational center? Those cool interactive sounds you hear are exactly what you’ll hear when playing darts using this dartboard. The board is pre-programmed with 38 games and 167 scoring options providing you with endless entertainment. Whether you wish to play against the computer or your friends, this dartboard will grant you the chance to do whatever you like by accommodating up to 8 players.


  • Allows you to play with friends or with the in-built computer.
  • Comes with 4 sets of darts.
  • Wide LCD for displaying the scores.
  • Wide landing zone for capturing missed darts.
  • The board is secured inside an ABS cabinet.


  • The darts sometimes fail to stick.
  • Tends to break down quite often.

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8. Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard...


The Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Dartboard is a tournament-quality dartboard that will help you analyze and improve your game with enthusiasm. One outstanding feature that allowed this dartboard to gather so much praise is Arachnid’s decision to use a large regulation-size 15.5” target area. With such a large face, both beginners and intermediaries practicing how to aim will have an easy time as the target area is wide enough to minimize missed shots.

Other than the size, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Dartboard is flexible enough to allow both solo and multiplayer options. Players can play alone vs. the computer or challenge their skills against other players. There are 31 games and 178 preprogrammed variations that you can use to play against your friends.

On the tech department, this electronic dartboard is equipped with a 5 multi-colored backlit display that gives you an explicit view of the scores. It also has two additional X/O scoring windows for cricket games and an interactive Heckler feature that applauds or scolds you whenever you make a great or a terrible shot. This dartboard comes with two sets of soft tip darts and is backed by a 90 days limited warranty.


  • Has a regulated-sized 15.5” target area.
  • Comes with 31 games and 178 scoring variations.
  • Comes with a Multi-colored LCD backlit.
  • PVC material is used on the target area. .
  • Backed by a 90-days limited warranty.


  • The quality of the darts is quite disappointing.
  • Cases of bounce outs.

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9. Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard...


Another tournament quality dartboard that suits most serious dart players is the Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard. Although bristle dartboards are hugely preferred for professional play, this dart board electronic offers smart features that keep it in the same category as its bristle dartboard counterparts. One of those features is the regulation-sized 15.5” target area. With such a large target surface, beginners and professionals alike will have an easy time aiming as the segments are wide enough.

For those sharpening their aiming skills, this dartboard has increased the size of the landing zone to help capture stray darts before they can damage your walls. To those sharpshooters that are gifted with smart aiming power, this dartboard has used ultra-thin spiders to minimize cases of bounce-outs whenever you make close group shots.

As an electronic dartboard, you’ll generally expect it to have a digital display right? Well, with the Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard, a bright LCD display has been installed to give you a crisp, clear view of the scores. The board also comes with a bilingual voice option that dictates the scores in either English or Spanish. This dartboard is further equipped with 43 games and 320 scoring options and can support up to 8 players.


  • Made from thermal resin for improved protection.
  • Ultra-thin segment dividers reduce chances of bounce outs.
  • It has 43 preprogrammed games and 320 variations.
  • Bright LED display gives you a crisp view of the scores.
  • The target area has a regulation size of 15.5 inches.


  • You need to buy the batteries separately.
  • It’s hard to pull the darts off the target area.

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10. Miuko Electronic Dart Board, Electronic Dartboard

Electronic Dart Board, Miuko Electronic Dartboard,...


Although it appeared quite late in this guide, the Miuko Electronic Dart Board is a big step up if you’re looking for a dartboard that will accessorize your room. Although the brand isn’t that vocal, this dartboard has exclusive features that cannot be underestimated. One such feature is its construction. Since the board is expected to receive a lot of knocks, Miuko has used ABS material on the target area to improve durability. They’ve further reinforced the outer ring with mesh to help capture any stray darts to extend the life of both the darts and the walls.

When it comes to gaming, the Miuko Electronic Dart Board has promised to offer lots of fun that will leave you and your guests well entertained. There are 18 different games and 159 variations to choose from. There are also 4 sets of darts and 36 extra spare tips to use. To keep everyone on board, this dartboard allows up to 8 players to play simultaneously meaning no one will be left out.

To those professionals that are aware of the nuances of dart games, the Miuko Electronic Dart Board has designed the target area with wider segment holes to reduce chances of bounce outs. They’ve also used a wide LCD display to record the scores. Lastly, this dart board can be powered by 3 x AA batteries in case a power outlet isn’t anywhere close.


  • Can be powered by both batteries and an AC outlet.
  • Supports up to 8 multiplayers.
  • Perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Best for beginners looking to sharpen their hand-eye coordination.
  • Comes with 4 sets of darts.


  • The electronic parts can sometimes fail to work.

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11. Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard

Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard Sport Size...


The best thing about Viper dartboards is that most of them are regulation sized. The Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard isn’t an exception as it too has a regulation size of 15.5 inches. Besides its size, this dartboard is equipped with high-quality thermal resin segments and an exceptionally durable polypropylene playing surface that make it a tournament quality dartboard.

Have you been struggling with bounce-outs and other related issues? If yes, then the Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard has removed these imperfections by using ultra-thin spiders to separate the segments. They’ve also improved the quality of the target area to ensure that your board lasts for a longer time without getting damaged.

To those looking to enjoy this beautiful game with friends and family, the Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard has installed at least 32 games and 590 scoring options to give you something more exclusive to enjoy. It also accommodates a maximum of 8 players meaning everyone will have the opportunity to participate. This dartboard has a large LCD display and a stylish color scheme that showcases its majestic red, blue and black color combinations.


  • It has a majestic color combination.
  • Offers two sets of soft tip darts.
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries.
  • Has a wide 15.5-inch target area.
  • Allows you to compete with the inbuilt computer.


  • Cases of missing parts.
  • There are no batteries in the package.

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12. Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip...


I believe some of you are surprised when they learn that Hathaway makes dartboards right? In fact, not only do they produce dartboards in the electronic division but they’re also among the best in building tournament-quality bristle dartboards that are widely used in tournaments and other professional setups.

To those looking to gift their loved ones with something more exclusive, this dartboard is one hell of a choice that will leave any beginner or professional fully captivated. By the way, everything you see on this dartboard isn’t just for decoration. For instance, the beautiful target area is decorated with green, red, and yellow colors. But behind those inspiring colors, there are concave segment holes that deflect the darts inside the holes to minimize chances of bounce outs.

This battery-operated electronic dart board is further equipped with an LED display and push-button controls to give you access to the scores with less effort. This dartboard also accommodates up to 8 players who can conveniently compete against each other using the available 20 preinstalled games and 90 scoring options.


  • Offers 20 games and 90 options to choose from.
  • Powered by both electricity and batteries.
  • The board weighs less than 7 lbs making it easy to mount.
  • Comes with two sets of darts.
  • Accommodates a maximum of 8 players at a time.


  • The darts tend to break easily.
  • Sometimes the darts fail to stick to the board.

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Electronic vs. Bristle Dartboard – Which is Best?

Now, when it comes to the proposition of which dartboard is better between a bristle and an electronic board, there’s a lot of opinions you’re likely to get which melts down to personal views and demands. Some players will prefer the fancy aspect of electronic dart boards while others, especially those in the darts community, will prefer the professional appeal of the bristle dartboard.

For instance, if the size is what you’re keen on, then a bristle dartboard might be a perfect choice as it has a diameter of 18 inches which is the international standard for major darts tournaments. Although electronic dartboard tournaments are becoming increasingly popular, they can’t be compared with the dominance of the bristle dartboard.

When it comes to durability, bristle dartboards are considered the most durable thanks to the sisal fiber used which has amazing self-healing capabilities. This is quite different from electronic dartboards which most owners complain of frequent malfunctioning.

About scorekeeping and group plays, the electronic dartboard is considered the most convenient as it can record the scores for you eliminating that overwhelming paperwork. They also allow multiple players to play simultaneously and enjoy the different preinstalled games. Although bristle dartboards do allow multiple players to play at the same time, keeping the scores is quite difficult since you have to count them manually.

So, which is the better bargain between a bristle and an electronic dartboard? Well, everything melts down to personal preference. Electronic dartboards on their part are suitable for kids and beginners who need some scorekeeping assistance from the inbuilt computer. Bristle dartboards, on the other hand, are best for serious players who’re looking to enter into more competitive play such as tournaments.


How to Use Electronic Dart Board Properly

  • If you’re new to darts, always refer to the manual whenever you’re in doubt.
  • In case your model is battery operated, then it’s recommended that you pack an extra set of batteries if you’re planning to carry it for your next trip.
  • In case your full-size electronic dartboard is new, you need to be gentle when removing the darts from the target area to give the darts and the tiny segment holes enough time to adjust.
  • Before buying a dartboard, always remember to measure the size of the wall you’ll be mounting the dartboard onto. This will allow you to prepare the surrounding to protect your wall from being damaged by the darts.
  • If you’re a beginner, always consider getting a dartboard that has a bigger target area. This will offer you enough space to sharpen your aiming power and reduce the chances of missed shots.


Electronic Dart Board Maintaining Tips

Just like it’s the case with most electronic products, your best indoor dartboard will demand special care for it to last for a longer time. But, how are you supposed to maintain your investment?

First and foremost, you need to mount your dartboard in a safe place away from moisture. As you all know, water is one great enemy to any electrical component. Therefore, to protect the beauty of your electronic board, you can consider mounting it inside a cabinet where there will be fewer chances of spills.

Secondly, you need to be very keen when cleaning the dartboard. To do this, simply remove the dartboard from the wall then disconnect it from any source of power. Next, use a clean fabric and an all-purpose cleaner to spray and wipe off dirt and debris from target areas. When you’re done cleaning, flip the dartboard upside down and allow it to dry for about an hour.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q1: Can Steel Tip Darts Be Used on These Dartboards?

In most cases, the recommended darts to use on electronic dartboards are the soft tip variants. That’s because these types of darts use flexible plastic tips that stick easily inside the segment holes without damaging the surface. However, some electronic dartboards have bristle tech surfaces. Although they’re costlier, these types of boards allow players to use both soft tip and steel tip darts without getting damaged.

  • Q2: Why Consider Soft Tip Darts?

Although these darts are not the very best, they can significantly reduce the risk of injuries, especially when used by juniors and casual players enjoying several rounds of drinks. Their flexible plastic tips cannot be compared to steel tips as they’re gentler.

  • Q3: Are These Dartboards Safe for Kids?

Although the level of safety of the best electronic dart boards cannot be compared to that of magnetic boards, they’re still considered much safer when compared to steel tip dartboards. The plastic tips minimize the risk of injuries significantly making them the best for responsible kids around 7 years of age and above.

  • Q4: Can You Switch Soft Tips With Steel Tips?

Most professional dart players prefer to stick to one set of darts that offer a specific weight. Due to this reason, most darts manufacturers have come up with a new version of darts that have removable tips. With such a set, you can easily and conveniently switch your steel tips with soft tips or vice versa. With such a rare advantage, you’ll never feel too restricted to enjoy this majestic game on any dartboard of your choice.

  • Q5: How Long Do Electronic Dartboards Last?

How long your dartboard lasts will highly depend on its quality and how much you use it. In case you’re a casual darts player that plays darts at least twice or thrice a week, then your dartboard is expected to last for a couple of years usually 4 to 5 years. If you’re a regular player, then your board can last for about 2 to 3 years. If you’re using an electronic dartboard, then its longevity is likely to get lower as these dartboards have numerous electronic parts that fail more regularly.


Final Verdict

As you can see, finding the best electronic dart boards isn’t just a walk in the park. There are so many factors you need to combine together to find the right match that will suit your specific demands. Thankfully, this guide has picked and discussed some of the leading models that received a myriad of positive reviews from most online shoppers.

With that said, whether you’re looking for a dartboard model that will suit your professional needs or maybe one that will offer flashy features, this guide has got you covered with everything you’ll need.

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